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1600 = full season3 teams

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#41 Vampiric

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Posted 05 May 2008 - 06:59 PM

S4 will fix this, not as many noobs with full arena gear anymore, only the great players will have shoulders and even weapon. I'm excited =D
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#42 Apocolypso

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Posted 06 May 2008 - 12:04 AM

Perhaps my issue might be that enhance does suck in 2v2? In order to get anywhere you need an exceptional arena partner, one I have yet to locate. As for season4, there are other good players in similar situations to me who are going to get stuck at low ratings because gear>skill nowadays. Anyone who got to a high rating in s1 /2 has 2 things in common, luck and a horrible battlegroup. Perhaps luck isn't with me and I just keep getting stuck against full season3 teams as soon as I reach 1600. Enhance shaman /w any other class isn't going to have any chance at a full season3 cookie cutter class unless him and his partner are full season3.

The nonstop spree of point sellers also doesn't help matters.

And perhaps every single other pvp spec then enhance has a 2v2 cookie cutter setup. Prot and fury warriors btw are pve spec. Enhance is a pvp spec and always has been. You guys suggest doing arena with mages or ret paladins, but the fact is, no matter what you arena with in 2v2 as an enhance shaman you are always susceptable to cc teams, drain teams, and good healer/dps teams. Enhance/xxx is a double dps team which is lacking in utility. Ya enhance can toss 3-4 heals before they OOM but it rarely makes any difference. Totems are too fragile and easy to get rid of. Several classes can get rid of bloodlust so you have to hold it back for oppertune moments. Perhaps what I'm missing is a partner who is capable of cc'ing the one of the opponents, however; I have tried playing with teamates who had cc and they never use it. So I am back to the same problems, double dps with no utility and lacking partners who take full advantage of their classes' abilities.
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#43 Kadrix

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Posted 06 May 2008 - 12:18 AM

Thread over, all this has been is the op complaining about enhancement shamans in 2v2. Find some people and run trifecta in 5's or 2 physical in 3's if you want a good rating.
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