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Resizing Dynamic Target Buff/Debuff Frame

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#1 Worgenfreeman

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Posted 27 February 2011 - 02:58 PM


I'm kinda sure (correct me pls :P) that this is the frame that's responsible for dynamic swaping position of buff/debuffs on target depending on if he has debuffs or not.

Anyways when i try to scale buffs/debuffs in move anything they lose ability to dynamicly swap this position, any way to avoid this ?

One more question: Is there any way to avoid scaling unit frames without losing quality (apparently when i scale them with MoveAnything, they drop quality, i can see pixels of portraits etc)?

edit: corrected ty :P

#2 lucielle

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Posted 27 February 2011 - 07:31 PM

1) no, it's for weapon enchants

2) the buffs/debuffs on the target frame are positioned dynamically through a bitchy function. you have to hook it

3) did you try /script PlayerFrame:SetScale(2.0)? the portrait is 3d rendered and should look as good as your character (turn on anti aliasing). the texture gets blurry when you scale too much because there's only one and it get's stretched when you scale the frame

e: for buffs/debuffs try thekUnitframesBuffs
thekUnitframes can resize as well

#3 jelqonyoface

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Posted 03 March 2011 - 07:39 AM

Make a folder named Buffsizer

friend made this addon for me a while back should do what ur looking for

Here is the Buffsizer.lua

function targetUpdateAuraPositions(self, auraName, numAuras, numOppositeAuras, largeAuraList, updateFunc, maxRowWidth, offsetX)
   -- aura positioning constants
   local AURA_OFFSET_Y = 2;
   local LARGE_AURA_SIZE = 24*1.5;
   local SMALL_AURA_SIZE = 14*1.7;
   maxRowWidth = LARGE_AURA_SIZE * 5
   local size;
   local offsetY = AURA_OFFSET_Y;
   local rowWidth = 0;
   local firstBuffOnRow = 1;
   for i=1, numAuras do
	  if ( largeAuraList[i] ) then
		 size = LARGE_AURA_SIZE;
		 size = SMALL_AURA_SIZE;
	  if ( i == 1 ) then
		 rowWidth = size;
		 self.auraRows = self.auraRows + 1;
		 rowWidth = rowWidth + size + offsetX;
	  if ( rowWidth > maxRowWidth ) then
		 updateFunc(self, auraName, i, numOppositeAuras, firstBuffOnRow, size, offsetX, offsetY);
		 rowWidth = size;
		 self.auraRows = self.auraRows + 1;
		 firstBuffOnRow = i;
		 offsetY = AURA_OFFSET_Y;
		 updateFunc(self, auraName, i, numOppositeAuras, i - 1, size, offsetX, offsetY);
hooksecurefunc("TargetFrame_UpdateAuraPositions", targetUpdateAuraPositions)

Here is the Buffsizer.toc

## Interface: 40300
## Title: buffsizer
## Notes: resizes target buffs
## Author: vel
## Version: 1.0


to edit buffs etc use
local LARGE_AURA_SIZE = 24*1.5;
   local SMALL_AURA_SIZE = 14*1.7;
   maxRowWidth = LARGE_AURA_SIZE * 5

find those in the LUA and change the Large_AURA_SIZE = #*1.5 to make them bigger or smaller the large ones which are usually your buffs/debuffs
do the same for SMALL_AURA_SIZE to resize those as well which are the other ones, as well as maxRowWidth, can change the # to change how many large icons per row.

put the lua, and toc into the folder and treat it like a normal addon

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#4 Sekenah

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Posted 02 October 2013 - 01:45 PM

Is there a way to make this work with the buffs on top of the frame?
*Only to be used during a game changing events in a match*

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