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Druid/Warlock 2v2 Questions

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#1 tarutaru


Posted 17 August 2007 - 07:25 PM

Hello there. I've recently gotten heavy into PvP since the unfourtunate demise of the Hyjal/BT Raiding guild I was a member of. I'm currently a Resto Druid doing 2v2 with a RL friend playing a Soul Link Warlock.

Desipte the fact that I have pretty shabby gear (only 150ish Resilience and 900 or so +Healing) and the Lock being decked in 5-man blues (only PvP gear he has is the Insignia), we've managed to climb to about 1800 rating. Of course it's around this point where we're starting to feel the gear wall, and that should be worked out in time now that we're both constantly honor grinding.

We're pretty devoted to PvP now. We both researched a ton of gameplay styles and have done extensive testing. We feel we have a solid grasp on the more advanced arena tactics. For example, as a Druid I know the successful way to kite any melee around an arena indefinately, all while HoTing my partner and the occasional CC on the FF. I have all of the LoS "tricks" in each of the 3 arenas memorized by heart. We've faced nearly every team matrix and have strategies drawn-up beforehand for how to play the fight out. We both are pretty adept at playing the war of attrition (LoS'ing even more, knowing how and when to steal a few seconds to drink, etc). Granted, we do still make plenty of mistakes, and we believe we have alot to learn.

However, the reason I'm here is that there are a few things we can't seem to solve on our own, and I was wondering if you could maybe shed some good ole' Gladiator advice :)

vs. Paladin/Hunter - Yes, it's pretty uncommon. However, we can't seem to decide on a strategy to work. Should we go for wearing out the paly's mana pool, or just concentrate on draining the Hunter's mana, killing the pet, then playing war of attrition? (Also, even rarer, the Warlock/Hunter combo, how should they be handled).

vs. Paladin/Warrior - 9/10 times we win. Frankly, whenever I see a warrior on the other team I laugh a little inside (being a knowledgable resto druid). However, there is the occasional time (esp. vs Orc Warriors) where we can't seem to win. Specifically, the Paladin is a very good player, and just dispel-bots himself while throwing BoF on the Warrior every chance he gets while kiting the lock around the arena. Between BoF spam, and Orc racial if applicable, we can't seem to survive. So, vs. a team such as that how should we handle it?

vs. ShadowPriest/Warlock - 50/50 for us at the moment. I'm pretty sure it's just due to gear and my lock parter not being able to withstand the initial onslaught. However, how should we spread out the cc's? (It always resorts to a chaotic mixture of cc all over the place, never with any direction or focus).

vs. Dual DPS Teams - Pretty much the same as above. I usually get pretty nervous and just resort to spam-healing the lock to try and franticly survive. I know there's a better way, any suggestions? (Team usually consists of any combination of Warrior, Druid, and/or Rogue)

Thanks in advance, I might have more to add through edits later on. And I hopefully look forward to being able to post here soon...
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#2 kyoshi

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Posted 18 August 2007 - 12:32 AM

you and your partner need to break 10k health, and at least 300 if not 400 resi.
i guess the 27/34 spec is ok, but i do like 23/38 better. anyway, once that is out of the way, the warlock should youtube some vids on warlock/druid teams.
my suggestions
Paladin/hunter- if he is Beast mastery, then as soon as he goes red, LOS him, you and the warlock. when its over, start dotting stuff up. if the pally is dispell crazy, then so be it, let him be, thats him losing mana. DOT up the hunter, and paladin, keep the pet on the paladin, and dot up the hunter pet too! thats huge. mana drain the paladin. pretty much, ignore the hunter after BM, and drain the pally down. if you are getting danced, dot the hunter. try to be in the deadzone of the hunter as much as possible.

paladin/warrior. if they stack shadow resist, just be careful! we would lose because of alot of resists...its nuts. learn to control the field with cyclones. if the warrior is at 50%, and the paladin is about to heal, cyclone the warrior. he can't get healed. meanwhile, the lock can fear the pally, and drain him.

shadowpriest/warlock- heal through the initial burst, put the felhunter on the shadowpriest, full dots, and mana drain. a shadowpriest's mana pool SUCKS. in less then 2 minutes he will have nothing. equip spellstones to piss them off. if he is UA specced, DO NOT USE IT, unless UA is not on you. curse of tounges on the SP, and just drain him. he will pop his little shadowfiend, drain him down again. then he is useless. keep the demon on him so he can't drink, DOT him up. you control the warlock with cyclones/roots while your lock partner destroys the priest.

Dual DPS-
rogue/warlock, hard as shit. if the rogue see's you, tell the lock to burn his deathcoil early to get him off you. and chain fear, force the rogue to use COS, and he will early to try to kill you. the warlock will try to fear you, so have your partner spell lock him. dot up the rogue, and put exhaustion on him.

mage/rogue is easy for you. warlock destroys mage, you deal with rogue. not hard at all.

usually in all these fights, you control 1, while your partner slowly burns the other. good luck
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