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Resto Druid Builds

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Posted 07 February 2011 - 03:46 PM

Main Resto druid pvp build (3's, 5's, BGs)


Pretty standard build for efficiency and throughput in pvp. Notice the one point into balance of power, this allows you to be spell hit capped for pvp while being able to wear full spirit gear instead of gearing for hit and "wasting" regen.

Resto druid 2v2 pvp build


The key differences in this build are fury of the storm-rage; which allows you to spam damage without worrying about mana and can RNG you some nice burst if it procs during say a kidney or a deep freeze, and starlight wrath raises your assisted dps considerably since it allows you to spam wrath more times before someone LoS'es, a cc or silence runs out, an interrupt come off CD on the opposing team, etc...

Though the build doesn't show it depending on what type of comps your facing you could consider swapping a prime glyph for the glyph of wrath. Personally, I'd swap the rejuvenation glyph for it just because I'm partial to seeing 35k life-bloom crits, also its much more likely these days your rejuvenations are getting dispelled and the 10% from the glyph won't help in that case.

Resto Druid PvE build


This build is for pve, focused on through put and mana efficiency. It has two major glyph slots open for you to play with, I personally love the entangling roots glyph for one of those slots as it is so useful and adds to your utility as a healer quite nicely, however if you're focused on efficiency you'd want to go with Healing Touch and Innervate for those two slots. Keep in mind if you use the innervate glyph and there are two resto druids in your raid (or maybe a balance druid with the innervate glyph) you'll want to trade innervates with the other druid instead of using it on yourself, this way you both gain extra about 50% more mana from the innervates

Edit: Fixed PvE build link. Many thanks to Frozire for his help with the talent calc page/code.

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