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[Warrior] Warrior questions

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#1 Worgenfreeman

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Posted 29 December 2010 - 07:26 PM


It's been 3rd season that i have missed glad and i'v started to redesign my gameplay etc. So anyways i have few warrior questions:

1. Targeting on arena: do you think it's better/more comfortable to use arena1-3 macros for targetting and focusing? Can't decide to pull it off, but i have freed some bindings for that purpose.

2. What dimnishing returns with what stun wide?

3. Opener struggle, should i open with charge hamstring mortal rend, or charge hamstring rend mortal (because of bleed+dmg when i crit with mortal but i'm not sure if this is beteter), or maybe should i use diffrent rotations for diffrent purposes?

4. Heroic Strike: I find it really annoying to use this, to be more precised i have some kind of pve habbit of tunneling my rage, so i can use heroic strike when im like 60 rage + always and i think it losses my overal game focus. Maybe im using it too often? How do you control rage?

5. Collossus smash proc: should i use it as priority every time it procs straight on? (despite fact like beeing in immobilize etc.

6. Mastering interrupts?: how do u gladiator find use of focus charge intercepts just to interupt healer, any specific tricks for that, should i only intercept when i want to charge back to target etc? Do you use heroic leap to chase target or rather not.

7. (point 4+) Rend: As i'v said i'm often losing focus due to like timer stuff, atm im using basicaly default ui, it's not bad but i feel like having troubles when for example: I'm on a priest while i watch mage that's going to cc, dps me etc. and by that sometimes i just forget my ,,dps rotation'' especialy rend ( again pve habbiy mindfak that makes me want to refresh it perfectly).

8. Battleshout: new mechanics, how and when ?;/

I know it's a bit huge ammount of questions, but if this is why i pointed it out, so if you can't answer all, you can answer the ones you like.

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#2 Vexxius

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Posted 30 December 2010 - 01:58 AM

1) I simply use nameplates + tab target. It's pretty efficient and works fine. I have separate keybinds to /focus arena1, /focus arena2, and /focus arena3 (change your focus as the battle changes; ie: if you start with the healer on focus, and then switch to him, there's no reason that he should still be your focus. At that point, it would be a good idea to switch your focus to say, the mage or lock, to interrupt incoming CC).

2) Throwdown shares diminishing returns with Intercept, Kidney Shot, Cheap Shot, HoJ, Maim, etc.

3) Charge --> Hamstring --> Rend --> MS is my general "starting" rotation; if you're making a swap, it might be more beneficial to MS before applying rend, especially if the target is sub ~50% HP (you might have a rend on another target as well, feeding you your TfB procs). It's somewhat situational, but the former rotation is the general "opener."

4) Use HS wisely (helps your burst immensely). For example, during Colossus Smash you should definitely use HS if you have 60+ rage. Don't just necessarily use HS on CD, as you will likely be raged starved and unable to apply MS/keep hamstring up, etc.

5) During CS, your damage will be at its highest. If you think you can stay on your target, definitely utilize the proc and CS -> MS/HS -> OP to sustain high pressure. Obviously, if you're rooted or something of that sort, don't use it.

6) How not to use focus charge/intercept: don't blindly focus charge or intercept (ie: don't focus charge/intercept a healer if your kill target is at 100% HP; you need to establish good pressure before making good use of focus charge/intercept). If your kill target is at ~50-70% HP, your partner is helping you burst, and perhaps a CC just ended on the healer, that would be an excellent time to use focus charge/intercept. Another good use of focus charge/intercept would be to interrupt an incoming CC, perhaps on your healer, especially when one of your partners is in trouble. Regarding Heroic Leap: I use this ability mainly to escape; however, it has its uses when trying to stay on top of a target (such as a hunter or mage, who use disengage/blink to kite you). I generally think of it as an excellent escape tool, however.

7) It's situational - but perhaps stopping a polymorph on your healer is much more beneficial that rend falling off. Rend falling off your target isn't the end of the world, as TfB procs instantly upon applying rend.

8) Battle shout in the starting zone of the arena - then, use when you need rage (just like old blood rage, except triggers GCD). I generally like to use Deadly Calm -> burst -> (Deadly Calm wears out) -> dump rage through CS -> MS/HS -> pop battle shout to maintain my rage level.
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