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They should give the Counter Spell treatment to fear.

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 10:45 PM

It got reduced from 30s cooldown with 10s lockout to 24s cooldown wtih 8s lockout. I really think Psychic Scream needs the same treatment. Bump it down to 5-6 seconds if you want and bump the cooldown to 24s. Make the Imp Psy Scream talent bring the duration back up to 8-9 seconds, knocking off more cooldown would be a little ridiculous if it was already at 24s.

Priest survival mechanics are so fucked these days. I don't really need to get into an explanation of why, you've all felt the pain if you're a healer. Unlike every other healing class with surefire survival methods, everything we have can be dispelled or trinketed. It's really getting stupid.
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