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Looking for paladin's perspective on mana fights.

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#1 Annihilate

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 09:31 PM

I play a warrior, I'm mainly looking for some paladin advice from a healers perspective so I can tell my paladin (new paladin) how to deal with some situations.

I used to play with a very experienced paladin so I didn't need to know as much about paladins I just worried more about my role / the overall objectives rather than little things like, what buffs / auras blah blah.

Anyways, I'm rolling with a paladin that has some sh!tty gear and goes OOM especially fast, I taught him the art of LoS kiting melee so we basically never lose to melee, infact 95% of the fights we lose come down to mana.

Some of the most common setups we fight are

Warlock / Paladin
Warlock / Druid

Obviously I go for the warlock more times than not to try and put some more pressure on him and make it harder to dps and such.

Anyways for mana fights what are some of the things you do to help substain yourselves longer, like what auras, what buffs, what ranks of heals w/e. I just want to know as much about mana conservation as possible.

ex. If you have a warlock pet on you and you're LoSing the warlock to avoid mana drains do you throw up a seal / judge of widsom on the pet and hit it with your one hander while you're LoS kiting? Do you keep Blessing of Wisdom up? Do you use shadow aura instead of conc since you don't usually need to worry about dying from spell lock since it's mana fight?
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#2 Ayas

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Posted 17 August 2007 - 12:47 AM

!! I played against you in 3s a few times I think with my for fun 3s of a double warrior shaman :D

Anyways, against warlocks you would want SR aura up and make sure hes in range to give you the aura. Once you build up enough pressure I highly reccomend trying to kill the pet by the means of having near full rage, then having the pally run up and stand on you, sweeping strikes and burn down the pet. Their healer can only heal one of them and more often than not it is the warlock that is getting the heals. Once the pet is dead (both if you can) it should be smooth sailing. No more soul link = more damage done, and the healer having to heal a lot more often. This allows your paladin to drink in a few ticks between heals.

Blessings on the paladin is pretty much pointless because it will just get dispelled. The seal/judge of wisdom thing would work but it doesn't really help all that much. They would want to use flash of light as much as possible and not have to be forced to use holy light, so they should top you off as often as they can. It is preferable to go out and heal while you are being drained life, either he cancels his drain on you and trys to drain mana the paladin, or the paladin can freely heal, either way its better for you than it is for them since even though warlocks have infinite mana, their life taps are taken our of their healer's mana.
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