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Posted 22 August 2010 - 02:46 AM

So basically:

Bad players with rarely any achievments in arena

vs best players in the world

pmuch the discussion here, wouldn't you all say?

it's gone far beyond the point where we can take you faggots seriously, you missed the point of the movie. the whole intent was to basically make fun of wotlk (because obviously there was hardly any showcase of skill, even though they were better then their oponents). you're so fucking stupid for misunderstanding, you're all (the people that talked shit) just hung up on the fact that the team is rank one and you just can't believe it. IT'S WOTLK AND HARDLY ANYONE IS PLAYING 2S SERIOUSLY, NOT FUCKIN HARD M9S.

jesus christ, sometimes i don't even know why i bother. if you don't understand the sarcasm in the video then you're just a nobody, you can be compared to the common religious faggot while we're the intellectual atheists. fuckin nerds just gtfo

"communication is the key to victory" *types out 'im fine'*

hardest ive ever laughed at a wow video lmao

someone who understands, hats of to you m9 you must be detective koz these other bands can't figure it out
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