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[Rogue] Talents for Rogue's 3.3

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Posted 18 August 2010 - 05:31 AM

Seeing as the current listings of Rogue talents in the Talent section are a bit lacking, here's my view ;)

For 2v2/3v3 Mutilate!


I'd say that spec has all the offensive abilities you want + the extra healing for mutilate (best spec for 2's especially when playing with a healer)
There's a couple of points you can switch out for others like Find Weakness for Focussed Attacks if you like that better and also in subtlety you can switch around Initiative for Serrated Blades.
This all depends on your personal likes/dislikes.

Glyphs: Major: Mutilate/Vigor/Preparation
Some people prefer Mutilate/Sprint/Preparation, personal like/dislike :)
Minor: Vanish, rest is up to you

Next build also for 2v2 it came up after my GM decided he wanted 2v2 achievements with 0 pvp gear and 0 pvp experience. The end result was 2050 or so. (REMEMBER 0 RESI 0 PVP EXPERIENCE)

Combatspec for 2v2 with rocking pve gear.


The spec has a couple of points that you can switch around for your own likes/dislikes or depending on your gear but not too many.
First 3 big points are the 3/3 Serrated blades (if you have arp capped there's obviously no need for them) so you can use those in either 3/3 improved Eviscerate/ 2/2 Combat Expertise or Elusiveness 2/2)

The spec involves around a simple strategy, get some1 alone (or just bladeflurry) and finish them off. We played this as moonkin/rogue me being the moonkin with resilience) but I'm sure you can find a lot more partners than just a moonkin in which this spec can be golden ^^
(trust me against rogues you'll have a LOT of fun )
Last note, our rogue had 100% arp when using this spec and full PVE gear, so don't plan on using it with pvp gear you simply won't do enough damage for it to work :P

Glyphs: Major: Cloak of Shadows/Sprint/Killing Spree
Minor: Vanish, the rest is up to you.

Last is offcourse the Dance spec for 3's/5's, I recommend dance especially in 5's because as a rogue you need mobility, fast switches and a lot of burst.


It's a simple spec, it's fun to play, but make sure you get a little experience with this spec since making a mistake with your dance(s) pretty much destroys your win chances in arena.

Glyphs > Major : Tricks of the Trade/Shadow Dance/Sprint(or Preparation)
Minor: Vanish, the rest is up to you
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