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Arcane Mage PvP Spec

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Posted 09 August 2010 - 05:29 PM

This is the spec that I use for arenas


My spec is slightly different from the cookie cutter spec that your normally see.

I am not a big fan of RNG and/or crits, and my build reflects that.

I drop the 10% clearcasting for a straight 15% intelect(with this spec, intelect adds mana, armor, and spell power, so it is a very desireable talent). I did this because the clearcasting can only proc off of damaging spells, aka slow, spellsteal, and polymorph cannot proc nor benefit from it, which seems to be where most of my mana goes to. Also, when you evocate, it regens based on your maximum mana pool, and with a 2 minute evo you will see your mana going much further.

Since i have removed the clearcasting talent and i dont enjoy crit, i have removed arcane potency and incanters absorbtion and moved the 3 points into arcane fortitude.

Not only do i not like crit, i find most of my PoM's being used for sheeps. I also find incanters absorbtion to be counter-productive. If I am using shields such as mana shield, frost ward, or fire ward, i am most likely in trouble and not trying to kill some1, so having extra spellpower seems silly and useless.

The extra armor may seem like a waste, but when you are getting traind by almost every melee class in every arena you enter, having around 28% phys damage reduction as a clothy will make your healer love you.

The rest of my spec is pretty basic so i dont feel a need to elaborate on it.
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