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#1 GrassHopper

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 11:34 AM

I....am a clicker. After playing for over a year I finally see the error of my ways. I will be playing a Warrior, and I need to switch from clicking to keybindings. Also, I hear that it helps to have weapon switch/spell macros for casters.

First, are there any 2k+ gladiators who are clickers? Key binding is the way to go, right?

Secondly, is there a standard warrior key binding settup and button layout? Or does everyone have their own system? I would prefer to keep all my movement keys, I like the forward/back/turning/and mostly the strafing. Does anyone keep all the movement keys as default and still use keybindings for all their attacks? If so, do you have a link for that settup?

Thirdly, when you use a macro to pull out a shield and spell reflect, does it take two clicks and two seconds? Or does it all happen instantly with one macro click? What is this macro?

Lastly, in accordance with the above question, can you do the same thing with Shield Bash? Seems like it would be nice against a healer if your pummel is cooling. If so, what is this macro?

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#2 cauch

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 12:08 PM

First: not a clicker.

I do use all movement keys though (esp. the strafing Q and E) :)

None of the combat abilities are bound to the keyboard. Some are bound to mouse keys, those that you need to be able to independently use on top of everything else (ex: heroic strike and cleave, 2ndary target hamstring etc...).

I put abilities on the action bars. Row 1 to row 6 and shift through all 6 rows, reaching the first 6 keys of each row. (7th and beyond would be things like disenchant, cooking etc..)

I *click* shieldwall and laststand when tanking (simply because when I need those things I still have to do the rest of my job). I'd imagine my performance would suffer tremendously if I have to click mortal strike or click to switchstance.

Second: I'd like to know what other do also. Again I do keep all the movement keys the same. All the letters on my keyboard have their default function (like R would reply, T toggle autoattack, G last target, F assist etc..). This doesn't mean I don't bind, for example Ctrl-R to use a trinket, or Ctrl-T to fear+bandage macro.

Third: Macro will equip both shield and weapon instantly.

Try this:

/cast Spell Reflection;
/equipslot 16 Malet of the Tides
/equipslot 17 Aldori Legacy Defender

(when making macro shift-click your items to paste the name correctly).

I put /stopcating there to make sure macro won't get my weapon+shield stuck (requires a relog to be able to use shield or 1h again). If you don't have /stopcasting it will most likely work unless you spam your macros like mad (like I do). When you call /equipslot 16 uber 1hander it will pick your uber 1hander up from your bag, if somehow /equipslot 17 uber shield is called before the first equipslot 16 is finish both your uber 1hander and shield will be stuck (greyed out) until you relog.

It takes more than 1 "click," but it will do it instantly depending on how fast you can spam 2 clicks.

NOTE: Macros with more than 1 casts or actions won't do all the actions with just 1 "click" you normally have to spam the button til everything registers.

Example: If you look at your MS cooldown ticking and wait until it finishes and THEN press Mortal Strike you're behind. You gotta be spamming MS about 1s before the cd finishes to ensure you're doing everything as fast as you can. This applies for every other warrior abilities.

What I type is by no mean a standard, just sharing what I do. There are still plenty of things I'm trying to optimize.
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#3 cauch

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 12:18 PM

If your pummel is on cooldown you won't have shield bash (their cds overlaps, 8 and 10s)

Spell reflect is not restricted by gcd (thanks god) but others abilities do. Weapon swapping triggers global cooldown meaning it'd be 1.5s after pulling out a shield before you can shield bash.

Pummel perhaps requires you to switch stance, BUT stance cooldown is not global cooldown!

I introduce you to "stance cooldown" which is 1s. (i.e. when you switch stance you won't trigger the 1.5s global cooldown on your abilities etc). This is there to make sure you can't switch stance more than once every 1second. This allows you to Pummel as soon as the server receives the signal that you have switched stance! If you're spamming your buttons good enough you'd be pummeling 0.1s after you switch stance (assuming ~100ms latency).

Alright, in short:

Always pummel, only time you would want to shield bash is:

When you have a 1h+shield out **AND** is NOT in zerker stance.

(if you have 1h+sheild and in zerker, lol just pummel)
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#4 Arashikage


Posted 16 August 2007 - 12:26 PM

I`m half clicker.

As a shaman I simply do not have enough buttons on keyboard (in finger`s rich) to bind all that totems and skills. :)

Yet I force myself to bind one more button each week. It helps. :)

(yeah, and 6 buttons binded on mouse)
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#5 cauch

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 12:32 PM

vote to move this thread to warrior forum
and delete this post (requesting thread to be moved).

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#6 Forensic

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 07:28 PM

Logitech G15 Keyboard. Buy it. And don't use buttons to move. I'll just keep running around you in circles and you will never do a thing.
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#7 Final


Posted 16 August 2007 - 08:46 PM

The easiest macro for shields is just get item rack set your defensive stance event to equip weapon and shield and presto, you have a sword and board everytime you switch to defensive.

For keybinding, I have a logitech G7 mouse. All the buttons are bound including a few ctrl+the butttons. Then 1-4 and 6 are bound with ctrl-3 and 4 as well as Shift 1-3. The only thing I click are healthstones and shadowfiend.

Keybinding is the way to go once you get used to it, clicking just takes you out of the fight too much and hard to see your surroundings.
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