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[Hunter] Standard popular Marks Hunter spec (vs spell cleave) 0/53/18

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#1 Zephron

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 06:54 PM

Pretty bored atm so ill write some spec related thing.

0/53/18 is the overall best dmg/survival marksmanship spec out there.

You have 2/5 in Efficiency so your not ooming to fast. 5/5 in Survivalist, which i think is a must for those of you using some pve gear and just to keep your health pool high vs spell cleaves. A lot of people debate this, but 1/3 points in Piercing Shots is the most you need. The ultimate use of it is to keep a rogue out of stealth by keeping that bleed on him. Not to do lets say 50 more dmg over time that is useless vs good teams with successful healers. Overall this is the best marks spec for doing any bracket. As of this season you need to have your health pool semi high up there. Keeping it around 27k hp is a bit low with massive amounts of pve gear, and you never know the amount of dmg you will take in a match even if your rocking a ton of pve gear and your comp is based toward being offensive.
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#2 Stealthlink

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Posted 20 August 2010 - 05:20 AM

So basicly you're saying you'll rather have 4% extra stamina than 20% extra damage on every aimed/steady/chimera shot crit you do.

I know that
is the popular spec, but with good reason.
If, as a hunter, there is ever a need for more hp. You're obviously doing something terribly wrong because you have a HUGE control factor + an incredible amount of burst damage to win games.
Not saying hunters should have a 100% win ratio but you have such a big amount of short cooldown abilities to use, you should never be in a position where 4% stamina is a good thing ;)
If you are however rocking the pve gear, you made the choice to do MORE damage rather than having more survivability. I don't see where changing your gear to damage and then respeccing for more survivability actually makes sense :P
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