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Southshore vs Tarren Mill Event!! (Anachronos)

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Posted 27 May 2010 - 09:01 AM

Dear Members of The Alliance and the Horde on the Cruelty-Crueldad Battlegroup!!

On 11-June-2010 between 21.00 and 23.00 server time <the Stormwind Crusaders> will Organize a themed PvP OldSchool Event : Southshore vs Tarren Mill! on the Anachronos Realm!

Everyone Both Alliance and Horde from all the Realms in our Battlegroup are Invited to this Event and the purpose of this event is to once more Relive the Battles from the Old days Before Cataclysm changes the zone 4ever and flushes Southshore into the great sea..

Aim is to call some sort of Truce before 21.00 so that both sides can entrench themselves or prepare an Assault and once the server clock hits 21.00 hour that truce is over and it will be olschool Horde vs Alliance! No further Rules!

i have send an Email to Lisa Poisso of WoW.com and placed an Add on ArenaJunkies.com so that this event gets the maximum attention,i will also place a topic on the official PvP and Battlegroup forum and will send some Guildmasters i personally know an email to inform them about this event..

i really hope this Initiative will be received with open arms and a positive attitude and ofc if its a Grand succes we will plan a Big one more often and ofc together with both members of the Alliance and the Horde!

thanks for your time all and we of <the Stormwind Crusaders> really hope to you all at 11-06-2010!

Note : Not From the Anachronos Realm and Still want to come? just make a Deathknight on our realm and get him out of the starting Area or make an Realm Transfer..Greetings VivaLaDen

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