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Warlock / Pally advice

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#1 Skyhigh

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 04:05 AM

So recently me (26-35-0 lock) and my paladin have gotten our 2v2 rating up to 2080 in around 5 days of playing together and we've started encountering some things which we have absolutely no idea how to play against and could use some pro advice.

Basically what's wrong is that versus warrior teams, my pet (the felhunter) gets targeted and owned very quickly. Obviously I can resummon, and I always do when the pet dies with Fel Domination - however - at times I feel like there is literally nothing I can do in some scenarios to keep my pet alive AND to keep the opposing team's healer in combat.

We lost 4 back to back games versus a Shaman/Warrior combo in the Nagrand Arena. I kept my pet with me and first, and found their healer going around pillars to LoS us and drink up even 1 tick (which is a considerable amount) every single time he could. My pet COULD have kept him in combat, but then he would have been out of line of sight of my pallies heals. SO What I did was put my pet on the shaman. They quickly owned my pet again and again and we ultimately lost the game because we were unable to keep the shaman in combat.

So my question is : On these arenas versus warrior / healer teams with lock/ pally, how do you keep your pet alive while still keeping the opposing healer in combat?

My thoughts were to have our pally follow him aruond at all times to keep him in combat, but that didnt' seem to work because he was having to heal me constantly in order to keep me alive.
Should my kiting somehow be better? It seems like I was trying to kite and every time I tried it would be like ; Intercept, Hamstring, Fear, anything that kept me close to the warrior even with exhaustion on him.

Some advice is appreciated thanks guys! ^^

wow dude thank you so much for the voidwalker advice i literally never even thought of that...nice stuff dude :)! and it makes so much sense because i'm not going to be counterspelling - i'm going to just be keeping him in combat the entire game
thanks a ton bro ^^
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#2 Toroko

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 04:15 AM

I always pop a voidwalker if they take out my felhunter. As you know, if you're SL and they kill your pet twice its gameover. I know some locks who use a void full time against melee classes just because of the 10% damage physical damage reduction. Having your pally put Blessing of Light instead of kings helps pets stay alive longer at a better mana efficiency as well.
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#3 Forensic

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 07:15 PM

Void would prob be a good idea..lots more armor too. Also don't forget if the warrior is going to go kill the void or whatever pet you have, then it is going to take probably more than 10 seconds to kill it. Have alot of shards. Remember you can summon and near the end sacrifice the void before it dies, or just let it die if the felhunter is out. Point being, if they are going to kill the pet, as soon as they are away and you know your pally isn't going to keep that pet alive, then sit back and do a regular summon of the pet. As soon as they kill that one, you probably already have another one out. And to kill your pet, they are going to have to be away from you. So you have the time to summon another one and lifetap and have the pally heal you because he was drinking also while they killed your pet. Long and painful process, but I doubt the shaman will keep up the mana all the fight, or they will just get really frustrated and try something new.

edit: also try to get a 2-piece T5 set bonus with that spec.
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