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[Guide] Feral/Arms/Holy

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#1 Whoppa

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Posted 27 April 2010 - 12:01 AM

Alright, I am writing this guide mainly because of our recent success and people asking me to do so. Mewnfare should be the one writing this but hopefully he will come in and correct some of it. We are at about 2500 mmr currently and are on a hot streak. we are at around 80% win to loss at this mmr and will be rising higher, sadly we do not play that much due to rl issues with our pal.

Feral/Arms/Holy is a very viable comp but also very hard to play and you will most likely end up getting extremely frustrated and just quit the comp all together, but once you have built synergy it is extremely fun and has all the tools that a successful team needs to do well.

This is Feral PoV and does not go into full details about each class on every comp. Remember that you will most likely have to SW / Surv instincts every game, these aren't built into the strats because you should use them situationally. On rogue teams it is best to use cds such as bop and shield wall at separate times and it can be wise to SW early to stop the pressure so too many CDS aren't simultaneously used in order to keep someone alive.

RMP Difficulty 5/10

RMP can go either way depending on how you play it. RMP is a comp that Feral/Arms/Holys have different strats that work for them which mostly involve gibbing the priest. However, this would never work for us on good rmps that knew how to peel. What we do is go on the Mage, your pal should try to avoid sap but on maps like Blades Edge it can be difficult, if he cannot avoid sap you generally just play a little bit more defensive in the beginning. The rogue will almost always start on the warrior, the feral should open on the rogue and immediately cyclone him (this ruins their opener,) if we do not get an instant cyclone we often bop our warrior out of the opener (completely situational.) Your goal is to watch for blink from here on out rotating cyclones on the rogue and the priest. Once a blink happens you should immediately cc the rogue with hoj or clone and storm the mage. Once he iceblocks you should be able to bait a second iceblock with a 5 combo fero and just pressure from the war/feral. Once the second iceblock has ran out your feral should call out for a freedom after blink and should berserk... this will almost always kill the mage but if not he should die soon due to lack of cds.

We go on the mage for two reasons, he is squishy and by going on him we stop unavoidable cc / dmg which allows us to control the game which is necessary to beat rmp.

WLD Difficulty 2/10

You should not really be losing to WLD but depending on how well they can peel it can be very frustrating. Your feral should zerk before leaving stealth and open on the lock. You should be cloning the druid immediately (he probably won't trinket) and then war charge the next clone / heal and fear him. He should trinket here. Once he is out of the fear cyclone him again (remember to keep the warrior rooted whenever you have instants that aren't being used on the druid. Once the lock ports you should storm him but make sure the war is cloned or rooted so he cannot disarm it. Full bleeds should be on the lock with some sort of cc on the war. Your druid should let his bleeds to assist damage and since the lock is so low the feral should just be charging / bashing / cloning the druids heals. The longer the game lasts the less your chance of winning is.

RLS Difficulty 10/10

RLS is extremely hard and should be played very similarly to WLD/RMP. it's hard because you can get gibbed incredibly easily at any time. Zerk before leaving stealth. Pounce lock, zerg him. Pally gets grounding cyclone sham. HoJ Rogue storm lock, war gets next heal... fear. Pal gets grounding and clone sham. Lock out the shaman with bear charges and bashes when nothing else is available. Lock out shaman and kill lock. Don't bother los'ing lust.

Your druid should be getting hex / curse of tongues immediately... It's top priority.

TSG Difficulty 2/10

Good TSGS can be annoying and gib you so you want a fast win. Open on DK and cyclone pally. He will most likely trinket if not other cds will be forced because of the amount of damage. Once DK has bleeds and is about 50-60% hardswitch to war. If done correctly he will get a bop or SW. The pal will most likely bubble soon. Shatter it and clone him. Then go back on DK. Get him to 50-60% and hardswitch for a kill on the war. This is when zerk should be used. Freedom the feral when he zerks. You should be focus charging the pallys heals from here on out.

Double Healer Warrior Difficulty 5/10

We almost never lose to double healer. Whether it be with a Pally or a Druid you must start war cyclone him to a switch on the priest. There isn't much of a strat here other than cc pal the entire game and coordinate burst for cds. You will pretty much tunnel the priest with switches to the war / pal depending on their positioning.

Beastcleave Difficulty 1/10

Beastcleave is retardedly easy for us. They will most likely be on your Feral and you should just run with your paladin. Your war will be on the shaman. If they are on your war your feral is free to peel like crazy. Once lust is down pop all cds and nuke the shaman. He should die. If he's bopped then shatter it and kill him.

PHD Difficulty 8/10

We don't lose to PHD but it can be incredibly healing intensive. Start DK and pulling a shitton of switches between hunt / dk / pal. Cyclone the hunt / pally the entire game. You should get a kill on the dk eventually. If they are dragging you from your paladin or into the open you should pullback since they are more cooldown reliant than you are (defensively.)

Wizardcleave Difficulty 20/10

Wizardcleave of any caliber is the most retarded shit you'll ever face. You have to los lust like fucking bosses or you lose. We lost to every wiz cleave up until a couple nights ago when we started winning nearly every game. You have to turtle. If you are more than 10 yds from LOS you should run the fuck back. Wizcleaves with mages are nice because you can easily rape mages and bait iceblocks when they blink.

But because wizcleave is so stupid I'll go into more detail.

Let them get shadow sight, it doesn't matter. Your opener doesn't mean shit. You can't run in for anything... they have to come to you. Your warrior can't let a lock aoe fear you all. He should charge it, this is when you pump some damage into someone. Both casters should never be casting at the same time... EVER. Shamans should always be focused and you should focus moonfire him and cyclone a dps. Games are won at length to wiz cleaves. The more CDS you bait and the longer you turtle the more likely they will make mistakes. You'll most likely have to pop cds to avoid being gibbed at some point during the game. Wizcleave is hard to explain though. Since there is so much you must do. One mistake can cost you the game. Sometimes you will play a wizcleave perfectly and still lose due to the balance that is burst. Ele shamans on Dal sewers will make you angry. On blades edge it isnt that bad because you should be near your starting side of the bridge at all times so knockback is annoying as fuck but does not entirely lose you the game on Blades Edge.

If you are interested I can make a video (mainly on showing how to beat wizcleaves.)

If you think I shouldn't write this because we are only 2400 kudos to you. our mmr is only 2500 but we have been beating 2700 teams recently with these strats. We will continue to rise in rating as we keep finding strats to beat teams that give us trouble currently.
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#2 Valmior

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Posted 27 April 2010 - 12:04 AM

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#3 Whoppa

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Posted 27 April 2010 - 12:07 AM


I'd go there as well to read his responses and strats. Some are outdated however.

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#4 Kawtgee

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Posted 12 June 2010 - 06:06 AM

good stuff
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#5 Velanciia

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Posted 12 June 2010 - 10:24 AM

Nice Guide, but I really don't agree with the LOS Wizard Cleaves, I mean yea when someone is getting low but the whole team shouldn't be and also pally should not be CCed if he's good. Pally should only come out to HolyShock/Flash of Light Proc. You want them to be pressured 24/7 and Force their cooldowns.. It shouldn't be a battle for you to survive. With my KittyCleave we raped almost every Wizard Cleave. My warrior got a freedom, We'd POP Bladestorm and Zerking Together and just 5 point FB straight away and make them pop a major Survivability CD then recover get a restealth come back in.

but yes I do agree Ele/Lock/Hpally is hard so is Lock/Druid/Ele - If your pally is good and has engineering for rocket gloves to knock those groundings even easier then you should be okay. but if shaman does not trinket at all that game you lose pretty much, We usually go on the Warlock pop everything I Cylone Ele hopefully he trinkets if he doesnt then he can trinket at a good time to be honest, I just find it hard to win when the shaman doesn't trinket.
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