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Alternate Design a BG, Win SC2 Beta Thread

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#41 amarathine

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 06:01 PM

BG name: The Soulgrinder.

Rated Exclusive Battleground (this battleground will only be available for rated play and skirmishes). This would be hell to play in a pug.

10 v. 10, Deathmatch with a twist. 100 reinforcements. 30 second respawn timer for players. 15 minute max time.

Each side starts out with 9 active players and 1 Shapeshift Necromancer (think pseudo vehicle). NO personal offensive abilities, but warlockish defensive abilities and the ablility to revive slain enemy players as NPC ghouls.

Necro's stats scale with gear and has a 1 minute respawn timer.

Necro abilities:

Howl of Terror: Self explanitory
Raise ghoul army (targeted AoE): Raise some friendly undead guys from some unfriendly dead guys.
Death Pact: Sacrifice a ghoul, heal some dmg.
Unholy Frenzy: WC3 style ghoul buff at the cost of ghoul health.
Cripple: Self Explanitory.

Open map, WSG sized, with some features to allow for pillar humping and strategic positioning. Themed like Nefarian's old room (lol lore).

Reinforcements are lost when your players are revived as enemy ghouls.

Gameplay: kill, resurrect ghouls, protect your necro, kill their necro. 100 reinforcements puts both teams on level ground with respect to being able to recover from an early zerg, and promoting balanced play, instead of just turtling your necro, and
by killing an enemy's necromancer, all ghouls posessed by that necromancer will change hands and rebalance the score, so recovering from an early zergdown will be possible, but not easy. Basically, it'll be a momentum game, while a momentum shift will be possible at any point, it will become more and more difficult with 70 enemy ghouls cracking your skull as you come into the proximity of the necro. The ghouls will obviously be killable, but a 1-2 man rogue ninja on even an unsupported necro won't be possible with more than 3 or 4 ghouls up with the necro's defensive abilities and ghouls there.
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#42 badgerzgowee


Posted 15 April 2010 - 06:46 PM

most of these are pretty good, i like the prison idea the most so far. sounds like a different kind of play, but honestly the NPCs sound OP right now, however im sure once everyone is sitting at 50k HP UB this wud be fine, or maybe even underpowered
good concept and ik its a rough draft, but imo work on it more, could go somewhere
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#43 Zeneroth

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 07:04 PM

Here is my attempt.
Posted Image

Yes, it is themed of a game mode in the Unreal Tournament series. If memory serves it was called onslaught.

The objective is to capture the enemy base, this is done by capping a flag inside the base (AB style). HOWEVER, the enemy base is vulnerable only when you have connected the dots(control points) between your base and theirs. Control points are captured by who has the most people in the area (EOTS style). You can only capture control points if there is another control point or base controlled by your team directly connected to it.

EXAMPLE: Horde controls the bottom left and bottom control points. They can now attempt to capture the very middle base or the top right control points.

Graveyards are located at both bases and at each control point (assuming you are in control of the points). Powerups are also located at the control points, not the main bases.

15vs15 is the numbers I had in mind. Travel distance should be around 15 seconds to get from a base to the first river control point, 25 seconds to get from a base to the first non-river control point.

The distance the slider capture bars have to move before a base is captured or lost can only be determined by testing, but I'm thinking something like this.

- = 5 seconds
       |Full Ally        |Neutral          |Full Horde
Allies<| - - - | - - - - | - - - - | - - - |>Horde
               |Ally Controlled    |Horde Controlled

This map is supposed to be fast paced with standard GY respawn time of 30 seconds. If they move on your capture point and there are no defenders, most likely it will be theirs. 20 minute time limit. How a tie is resolved is who controlled the most capture points for how long(AB resource system, but it only matters if the game reaches the time limit).
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#44 Gurkenbaum


Posted 15 April 2010 - 07:21 PM

Double Domination
Posted Image

First team holding both areas (no member of the other team in area) for 10 seconds gets 1 point.

The first team with 3 points wins.
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#45 Acu

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 08:13 PM

hey everybody, here's mine. I hope you like it! ;)


If there are any mistakes in the wording or else, i just want to say: english isn't my native language

Edit: just to be clear, the boat is no vehicle like those you can see in wintergrasp, it's more like a moving object, a moving eots-tower. I hope my point is clear enough.
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#46 vittoleon

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 08:14 PM

My BG will have 2 major parts. Each team will build on its own super siege engine. Games will be big teams together (pref 20-20+). First you will have to create the siege engine. Herefor the map will have 3 camps, lumbermill, mine, oilpump. Here vessels will appear (2-3 max, 10 sec respawn and 5 sec channel to capture one and each team will need 50 of these resources. To get one you have to get an item in your inventory and run(cant mount with it) it to your engine. The goal of this part is to force people to organize between the 3 resources and between taking resources or taking them of enemy( resourcecarrier drops resource on death).

Once you have your resources the big siege engine will start rolling to middle (automaticly) where a building with gates that have to be destroyed stands. The vehicle moves slowly but enemies can temporarily disable it by doing a certain amount of damage to it with seaforium, rpGG's NO VEHICLES. You can also slow them down by taking one of the oil resources and deploying it in front of siege engine (5 sec deploy, 20 sec duration (to avoid massive oil in the end). The first vehicle that destroys the gate wins.

Map would be a bit like IOC. 2 starting bases, big tower in center (the goal), next to tower you have the lumbermill, left left and right of middle you have mine and oil. The aliance base will be run by gnomes (Ofcourse) and horde base by goblins.

Just a brainfart, might rethink it a bit ^^.
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#47 XxVenem94xX

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 09:02 PM

All you hear is QQ about vehicles in BG, yet so many of these BG contain vehicles. WTf? Vehicles are stupid, IMO.
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#48 Rexxz

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 09:23 PM

Island of the Forgotten Lore
Please take the time to read all before you comment
As the war between the Alliance and the Horde rages on to acquire Azeroth’s dwindling resources, Archaeologist’s have stumbled upon the recently unearthed ruins of an ancient civilization long forgotten in the pages of history. Upon further excavation of the recently discovered area the Archaeologist’s have located an unfamiliar resource. After tampering with the newly acquired resource the archaeologist’s who found it soon realized this was no ordinary mineral, If smelted with certain ores it had the brute strength to surpass that of even Saronite, Yet was easy enough to work with to be sewn into powerful vestments, And if the proper steps were taken could even be condensed into a form usable by enchanters and alchemist’s.

Word spread swiftly to the corners of Azeroth and as the world’s natural resources continue to diminish the Horde and Alliance are in an all out war in an attempt to collect this precious mineral. The Alliance forces lead by <Insert Dwarven name here> and the Horde forces lead by <Insert Orcish name here> have established strongholds, and both factions are racing to the center of the Island of the Forgotten in order to be in control of this precious resource.

Possible names for resource, Catacite, Empowered Elementium, Elementium Essence, Feel free to throw out names.
Island of the Forgotten Mechanics

-The battle for Island of the Forgotten will be fought on a circular island, Alliance starting on the East, Horde starting on the West.
-Both teams will have a stronghold that will upgrade and expand in the acquirement of resources.
-Both team bases will start out with a passive Resource gathering mechanic, Example: It would be like holding 1-2 bases in Arathi Basin constantly without threat of losing it.
-Unlike Arathi Basin or Eye of the Storm the game will not end when one faction reaches X amount of resources, Instead that faction’s base will begin to upgrade and the players will receive access to new mechanics to aid in the fight.
-There will be points of interest to capture in order to hasten resources, Obtain buffs, Vehicles, and other mechanics
-In order to win the BG players will have to destroy the opposing faction’s base, or diminish their Reinforcements to 0 (So the games don’t last to long)

More info

Objective – Destroy the opposing faction’s base or diminish reinforcements to 0
New Faction – The Archaeologist’s who found the resource have established a faction with PvP rewards. Example: You gain access to Enchants, off set gear, Trinkets, Lower Level gear/weapons, etc... That are more valuable to a PvPer opposed to a PvEer.
Idea - This BG is a mix between AB, Wintergrasp, and Isle of Conquest.
More Mechanics - Similar to Wintergrasp you will receive rankings for doing certain things in the BG, Capturing points of interest, Killing players, Destroying vehicles, Destroying buildings wich will help prevent botters and afkers from gathering honour. These rankings will also grant the player access to more mechanics to help in the fight, More below.
I will post a vehicle list and a rough drawing of what I imagine this BG would look like.

Vehicle List
Heavy Siege Vehicle – Alliance - Steam Tank, Horde – Steam Tank
Looks: Alliance: The tanks in Dun Morogh, for Horde similar looks only with more Horde attributes (Painted red maybe, Horde Logo, etc...)
Abilities: Multi-Passenger; Main Cannon, Driver, Defence Turret(s)
Driver: Control, Ram, Steam Blast (AoE knock back)
Main Cannon: High Siege Damage, Similar to the cannons in the Airship fight in ICC, Cannon Blast that generates Heat, Heat unlocks more abilities such as, Molten Blast (Heavy hitting) Fire Wave (AoE damage around vehicle) Flame Thrower (Cone style fire damage to fend off against attackers)
Defence Turret: Low Siege Damage, High Player Damage. Again like the ICC fight, Main attack generates heat wich unlocks more abilities. Missile Launch (Main attack, 4-6 second CD deals damage to players, More damage for being closer to the center of the blast, Generates Heat) Fire Missile Launch (Upgraded attack, Requires heat, No CD, Deals instant damage to players and leave a flame patch on the ground, Players that are hit by the initial damage receive a debuff and take Fire damage over time) Missile Barrage (Strongest Attack, Requires full Heat to use, 60 second CD, Unleashes a barrage of missiles at the target location that deal damage to players closer to the blast)

Can only have 1 Of these tanks in play at a time.

Medium Siege Vehicle – Demolishers, Self explanatory, Maybe have the option like in Ulduar to launch your passengers over walls and such
Can only have X amount of these in play at a time. Share amount with Catapults.

Light siege Vehicles – Catapults: Similar to the Catapults in Wintergrasp only these ones shoot Fire, Not plague. The Zergling of the battlefield
Can only have X amount of these in play at a time. Share amount with Demolishers.

Long Range Siege Vehicles – Glaive Throwers, I like the concept of Glaive Throwers so I will add these into my idea of a BG, Similar to Isle of Conquest.
Can only have 1-2 in play at a time.

“Infantry” killer Vehicles – Airplanes, Similar to the daily quests in Icecrown. Also works as a Transport Ship this vehicle has 2 Vehicle slots, As well as 5? Transport spots. This vehicle has a small amount of HP and is very fast.
Pilot: Controls movement, Fires Rockets that deal slight damage to players, and minimal damage to buildings.
Bomber: Has no movement control, Can drop 3 types of bombs. The Pilot has the most control over aiming the bombs. Bomb types are; Blast Bomb (Deals heavy damage to Players and Buildings, 30s CD) Fire Bomb (Deals moderate damage to players and buildings leaving a flame patch that deals massive damage overtime to buildings, and moderate damage to players, Long CD 2-3 minutes) Plague Bomb (Deals moderate damage to players and buildings, Leaves a gas cloud where it lands that deals massive damage over time to players but does not effect buildings, 30s CD)
Transported: Has no control or abilities, Can jump out of the aircraft at anytime that opens a parachute to land safely.
Can only have 1 in play at a time, If the ship dies all players aboard die

Jet Pack: Self explanatory, Inspired by the ICC Airship battle this vehicle lets you take to the skies and make it to points of interest swiftly. You pick this vehicle up and it acts as a mount, When the player dies there is a 60 second CD before another pack spawns in the base.
Only 5-10? Can be out at a time

Can only have 1 in play at a time

Additional Info
I will post a rough drawing of what I expect this BG to look like.
My ideas for this BG are simple. A big BG with lots of warfare going on in accordance to the recent Lore where the Horde and Alliance are in a all out war, I think this BG would signify the all out war aspect between the Alliance and the Horde in the future state of WoW. Although this may seem very big to people reading it, It can be trimmed down to be a shorter BG, although with the new Faction aspect longer games = more reputation and honour.
Players will also have access to RPG (as in WG), Mines, and Bombs to help Attack and Defend if they are not in vehicles. This BG is not meant to show wich player knows his class better it would be wich faction can work together to obliterate the opposing faction and I think that speaks more to the PvP aspect hinted in the lore of Cataclysm.

I also drew some ideas from the original idea of Warcraft such as building your base, but simplified, I think a lot of players enjoyed that aspect of Warcraft. There will be set locations for upgrades, each base will have a type of workshop to send out vehicles, and various other buildings to aid in the BG.

Once your faction reaches a certain amount of resources it will automatically upgrade your faction’s base. You must have the appropriate rank in order to pilot these powerful machines, This will help with the amount of active players in a BG.

Once all the buildings are destroyed the destroying faction wins, Or if one faction runs out of reinforcements the other faction will win. This will prevent very long games.

Different Vehicles will spawn at different buildings, Buildings include: Airstrip, Keep, Barracks, Workshop, and Engineering Bay, Each with there own unique attributes, If you lose one of these buildings they are destroyed for good.

Possible Points of Interest: As you can see there are 9 points of interest 6 Of these (3 closest to each factions base) Will hasten your Resource gathering. The 2 on the north and south will apply buffs, Similar to Quarry and Refinery in Isle of Conquest. The middle is one of the more important nodes. Once captured it offers a Teleportation pad that will also appear in your faction’s base, You will drive a vehicle onto the pad and it will teleport you to the middle of the map for faster access to the enemy base. This is a very strategical node and will play a big role in how the game is won. So expect massive fights at this node.

In order to combat the Airships because they may seem a bit overpowered. Each base will have towers with turrets similar to Isle of Conquest, Each turret will have 2 abilities, Cannon, and Missile, If a airship is targeted the Turret can shoot a homing missile at the ship, Same as the Defence Turret on the Steam Tanks. They are also target able by players if the plane flies to low.

Sorry for the long post but I have A LOT of ideas for new battlegrounds this is just one of them as summed up as I could put it, I could go on forever with multiple battleground ideas.

Picture of layout for Island of the Forgotten is below, Please enjoy.

Posted Image
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#49 Tiranus-Maelstom

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 09:25 PM

I posted this last week on the wow sugestions forum and I found funny to see that there is an actual contest here. I'll repost my idea here, who know, mave I get lucky :]

Again, please scuse my egnlish it aint my mother lenguage.

Death match Battleground

A battleground on wich objective it’s killing more of the oposite team players.

Sugested sice of the BG:
10-15 players. Having more tan 10-15 players may make it dificult for players to cause an individual impact and hence not enjoy the experience a lot. In the end the goal is to have fun.

Imagine WSG withount flags.

Plain simple killing, the one that kills more players wins, it may be measured in tags or time (or both):

#1 Tags: The first team that manages to kill 60 players of the opsite team wins.

#2 Time: The team that manages to kill the most players of the oposing team in a time period (Let’s say 10-15 minutes) wins.

#3 Tags/Time: A combination of boths, if you kill 60 players in less tan 10-15 minutes the bg ends sooner.

Why do you think this BG cold work?:
I base all of this on plain experience. Honestly, this is what most players in bgs want (Not all of them but a big mayority).

On every WSG, AV, EoE, SoA, etc. that I join there is allways this group of people that just dont care about the BG objective, they arent even interested on winning, all they want to do is to charge into enemy players and kill kill kill.

I used to be furious with this players, but to all honestly “why is it their fault?”, all they want to do it’s to have fun their way and that is the only way to do it.

If they try world pvp #1 if they die coming back is a pain, #2 they would have to move aaall around to try to find a player to kill and BEG that player wants to actualy fight them. That sucks.

If they try arenas it is just not the same, arenas are waaay too millimetric and you MUST have an arena team to do it, what if you are just bored and want to have some fun but your arena team mates are not online?. Besides is a more relaxed not so serious kind of deathmatch.

And those are their only 2 options, the third one wich sucks because they afect other players is just Queing for a Random BG and once incide just do what they want to do, kill kill kill.

Players will have what they really want, some quick go nutz BG.

The other BGs more objective oriented will be free of people who doesnt care about the objectives.

It’s really easy for Blizz to program… really.

You could set it on Azshara and players will stop #*!%@ing about why isnt there any BG.

We will feel like the cinematic on WC3 (Thrall’s dream).

Just keep it simple, no vehicles or moving plataforms or crazy stuff like that, just kill and mave a few buffs here and there.

FPS have had this from day one, and it’s the most played mode ever, why cant wow have one?

It's like birnging Thrall's dream into the game (you know, from Warcraft III)

Posted Image

The setting could be:

Posted Image


Posted Image

Easiest BG setting ever.
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#50 majorpain

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 09:32 PM

my ideas....
bombs falling from the sky
poison gas grenades
booby traps and
ramps and jumps for some kinda race or track
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#51 Cauze

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:01 PM

Posted Image

WoW BG Idea - Prospector Rescue 15 v15
Background: A neutral group of prospectors whose sole purpose is to collect artifacts and relics, which are now resurfacing due to the cataclysm, is in terrible jeopardy. While digging for relics in their mine one day a terrible mine explosion occurred. As the archaeologists tried to flee for safety, the source of the explosion became known as fire elementals sent by Ragnaros trying to free themselves from their elemental imprisonment.
The first to escape from the mine have sent reports of valuable information contained deep in the mine. Soldiers are needed to rescue and escort as many archaeologists as possible to contain this valuable information as an asset for The (Horde or Alliance)!
Goal: Escort more Archaeologists safely to base than the opposite faction
Map Legend:
• Starting areas for Alliance are in the top blue square and for the Horde in the bottom red square
• Two purple lines represent motorcycles with passenger seating
• Star represents capture point of graveyard- works like Arathi Basin flag capture
• Crosses represent graveyards
• Green areas represent land
• Brown areas represent player and motorcycle accessible bridges
• Pink areas represent player accessible bridges
• Thick blue lines represent airstrips
• Black border with red area represent erupting magma
• Yellow dots represent bridge weak points
• Grey box represents mine shaft with two exits
• Three black parallel lines represent stairs
How To Play:
Game starts with factions in their starting zones. The goal is to bring as many archaeologists back to base before the other team. Archaeologists will follow either faction. Archaeologists follows as pets would follow you at 100% walking speed after being right clicked. If the player escorting the archaeologist is killed any nearby players can immediately pick up the archaeologist. To gain a speed advantage motorcycles with passenger seats will be able to carry archaeologists back to base at 180% speed at the cost of being able to attack. While in the motorcycle you are immune to all root, snare, and control losing abilities. Vechiles do not regenerate health and are set at 25,000. Once destroyed a 2minute respawn timer will be set.
Two Archaeologists will be spawned every ~30seconds ( may vary depending on how far spawn is from base) on opposite sides of the mine. In order to slow the other teams progression the airstrip must be employed. They are also captured and taken over in the same manner as Arathi Basin flags. At the airstrip rest two player controlled aircraft. One aircraft is a bomber which can be used to temporarily destroy the opposing teams bridge or bomb players anywhere within fly zones (fly zones are anywhere without magma as land, because magma is extremely hot and causes updrafts) The other aircraft is a fighter which can be used to destroy enemy bombers, enemy fighters, or single target players on the ground. Each aircraft has a specific flight timer (or ammunition supply) before it must refuel. When players land to refuel they will gain a debuff called:
Sharing is Caring: You can no longer fly for 3minutes
Once a bridge is destroyed it will be down for two minutes or until 4 members of the faction can simultaneously channel click it long enough to repair it. If the bridge is down, players will need to escort archaeologists by foot the long way either through the side graveyard or through the airstrip.

The game is won when 50 archaeologists are brought back to base.
2 spawns x 30 seconds = 4 spawns per minute
50 required / 4per minute = 12.5 minutes

In the case of skilled premades the game can be won as fast as 12 and a half minutes. If only 2 spawns are retrieved per minute 25minute games would ensue(i.e. both teams are gathering at an equal pace the entire game).
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#52 ph10m

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:06 PM

Posted Image

15v15 Team Death match

Each team starts with 400 reinforcements. The aim of the game is to reduce the other teams reinforcements to zero. There are two ways of doing this, either by killing enemy players, which looses the opposing team 1 reinforcement, or by destroying the opponents “ancient war artefact” (indicated by a light purple dot) which are placed in the each teams' base. The artefacts would take about 15 seconds of 5 players attacking them to die, and would start regenerating health if out of combat for more than 30 seconds. When one is destroyed, the opponents loose 40 reinforcements. The artefacts are not able to be destroyed at the start of the game, and have a 1min 30 respawn timer. The artefacts are not mobs – they don't attack you back, like target dummies. I don't like the idea of PvE geared tanks being used instead of PvP geared players.

At the start of the battleground, you are dropped out of an airship and parachute into the battlefield. You begin stripped of the ability to mount for 1 minute, or until after your first respawn. However you gain a rush of adrenaline granting a 30% movement speed, and 100% swim speed increase for the duration. The dropzone is quite close to the enemy, so you begin combat quickly. You also start with a “ration kit,” supplying you with some food-drink (like mages conjured food) and some bandages that despawn when you leave the game. The 1 minute waiting time at the start of the battleground is spent on the air ship so you can buff etc. You are forced to leave the airship at the start of the game when the bottom of the ship opens and you automatically parachute out.

There is a flag, on a platform which is about 50 yards wide, in the centre of the bridge. The team in control of the flag is granted 10% haste while in control of it. Note that the bridge is raised 40 foot in the air and is 30 foot away from the edge in the centre, and therefore (using a bit of Pythagoras) no ranged attack from below can hit anyone in the flag area. (unless it has 50yd + range).

When the opposing team drops to certain key reinforcement numbers, you gain rewards:

350 – 5% damage increase for your team
300 - Opponents artefact becomes destroyable
200 – Unlock the underground tunnels*.

These underground tunnels are about the sizes of the ones in warsong gulch. The entrances / exits are shown on the drawing as the darker purple circles. They span from a point in line with your base, to the opponents base. They are meant for surprise attacks on the opponents artefact. There is also a wider tunnel linking each teams tunnel perpendicularly.

Posted Image

If the game lasts for over 25 minutes, the reinforcements will drop at a constant rate over 5 minutes, so a game can never last for more than 30 minutes. The highest of the two reinforcement numbers will be chosen, and divided by 30, and each team will loose that many reinforcements per 10 seconds. So if there are 300 reinforcements left, a team will loose 10 reinforcements every 10 seconds, taking a total of 300 seconds or 5 minutes to end the game, if no other changes in the reinforcements occur.

The terrain is comparable to Nagrand – sunny and grassy. Battlegrounds like Sota are very dull and boring in my opinion.

In terms of dimensions, the bases are meant to be slightly bigger than the warsong gulch ones, and the map is meant to be shorter than arathi basin, while longer than warsong gulch, relatively speaking.

I didn't like the idea of vehicles, I think there enough battlegrounds with siege warfare in them, and I haven't yet met a player who thinks vehicles in battlegrounds was a good idea. I also considered the idea of individual kill streak rewards but it seemed a bit too rng, depending on who got killing blows etc.

That's basically it, hope you like it ;)

Great one!
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#53 Slaysterlol


Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:36 PM

Posted Image

Its a simple idea

15v15 battleground
each side has 2 turrets and 2 demolishers
The demolishers are "Optional" They can make it faster to get to the throne and you can bypass the NPC's, The objective of the game is to kill the other teams leader (Like AV) in the fastest way possible. The way it is setup is so you cant run out alone, otherwise you will run right into the other teams base (Which has NPC's that could easily kill a person that is alone) You have to go in as a group, the whole BG is about teamwork. If your team doesn't stick together you will be running right into the other teams NPC's. The game has a 20 minute time limit and if you don't kill their leader the team that has done the most damage to the other wind. IE; Walls destroyed, NPC's/Players killed. I think this would be a good thing to implement going into cataclysm with the new rated BG system and working together.
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#54 Thespion

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:43 PM

Death match
The objective is to score the most killing blows to win the battleground, whichever team has the most killing blows in 15 minutes wins. The battleground is designed with the future rated battlegrounds in mind, where players will be organised.
Power ups:
Killing rampage
• Players can collect a buff that spawns every 2 minutes, when this buff is active the player with it receives double the points per killing blow dealt.
• The buff comes in the shape of a flag that once returned to your capture point grants the Killing rampage buff for 1 minute 30 seconds. The capture point for the rampage buff is your factions fort.
The standard healing buff currently in all battlegrounds picked up on the side hills next to the killing rampage flag.
Guardian power up:
This power up is intended for healers to collect and increases the effect of all healing spells and absorption effects by 25%, this effect lasts for 45 seconds.

Battleground specs:
• 10 versus 10
• If one team reaches 75 killing blows before the 15 minutes are up they win prematurely and are credited with additional honour.
• At the start of the battleground each faction spawns in their own respective fort.
• The graveyards are located in the teams fort so no graveyard camping can take place.
• Entry to each fort is gained through a faction teleport at the front of fort. You may only use this teleport every minute to gain re-entry to the fort.
• If the player with the killing rampage buff is killed the team who had the buff looses two kill worth of points and the other team gains three kills worth of points.
• For every 15 seconds you spend inside the fort you gain a stack of the coward debuff. The coward debuff reduces damage done by 15% and reduces honour receive by 15%. This is to prevent camping in your own base.

Posted Image
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#55 Slaysterlol


Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:45 PM

Posted Image

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#56 Denzil

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:51 PM

Well I've always wanted a Storm the House kind of BG but Im not sure if I've done it any justice here - Not very creative in the designing department x).

Posted Image

Storm the House

This is a 15 - 15 Offense Defense game wherethe attackers try to cap one of four annouced power ups to deliver an affliction onto the other teams turrets, once their turrets are destroyed players are let through 2 entrances into a WSG style tunnel to the enemy Gryphon / Wyvern master where a battle that can only be summarised as the pinnicle of awesome takes place where players try to take down the "Flight Master" In true piss the other faction off style style.

The attacking players begin in stealth hidden before the enemy to give this Battleground a bit of fresh flavour and to attempt to suit playstyles. You can ditch stealth and smash whatever face is close, or you can play it sneaky and move to objectives or take out key defending players or bide your time for a chance at making a contribution to the team.

The Turrets are not targetable. The Ramp to either side is a 40 yard drop onto a cushioned surface to avoid ARP Monsters charging up and DKs gripping people down.
*It should also be more symertrical. :3
The Power ups spawn once every 30 seconds. Taking 5 seconds to cap the power up (Much like an AB flag). The game has a 15 minute timer on it. You don't switch sides when the timer ends.

Big Green star - The Wyvern / Gryphon master they send out a player on the green circle connecting to it to search out for stealthed players and drop the Frost Bombs onto said players.
After returning back to the Gryphon master the player is given a 15 second debuff (Which is how long the actual flight path takes). Meaning a well organised 2 people can continuously fly.
The mounted player throws out a Frost Bomb which does a 15 yard radius Frost Nova that is stronger than usual and breaks on more damage than your average Frost Nova.

Blue Dot + Arrow - This is the defending players spawn point where a 1 way ramp will take them into their defending building.

Red X - These are the turrets they must be destroyed before Players can storm the building beat the Gryphon master and win the game, The Turrets hit for 10% of the players health making the stealth element somewhat important
in this game. The Triangles are the shooting range creating purpose deadspots where the Power up spawns.

Red Dots - These are the spawn points for 5 players each (5 per spawn), from here attacking players are put into stealth and after the game begins are released to go cap the power up that has spawned,

The Smaller Stars - These are the power ups players will have to get to destroy the turrets and proceed to storm the house. By capping one of these power ups players place one of the afflictions onto the defending team
*-1% Health for every second the enemy player remains in the turret.*
*-10% Turret health*
*Disabled Gryphon / Wyvern master for 20 / 30 seconds*
*Increases group cast + attack + movement speed by 20%*
*Freezes enemy turrets causing -2% Turret health per second for 5 seconds*

Tubey looking things to the side - They are the ramps the way out for the defending players to defend the power up. "The ramp to either side is a 40 yard drop onto a cushioned surface to avoid ARP Monsters charging up and DKs gripping people down."

Beginning the game
- Players are rooted or unable to move in place but their buffs get an unlimited range to people within the raid. The attacking players are in a phased moment to help give them the stealthing advantage.
The Defending players are given free roam except to the ramps where they must wait until the game begins before dropping out of. The Turrets + Gryphon master become unuseable until the battle begins

Personally I always imagined this on a surface half the size of WSG however Im sure theres more creative surfaces that could be imagined.
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#57 Volbian

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:53 PM

Posted Image

King of The Hill

10 v 10, 15 v 15, 20 v 20

Score can go up to 1000 1500 2000 respectively

For every person on the hill you get one point every 2 seconds

basically u have to just stop each other from getting on the hill both teams can gain points at the same time the GYs are flagged capped so each team could control both GY's catapults can be used to mow down players, they would bee respectively the same as the ones in WG maybe with a couple of upgrades.

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#58 Warloque

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Posted 16 April 2010 - 12:18 AM

Introducing: Juggernaut Isles

So basically any siege stuff sucks, and there really aren't any just LOL KILL PEOPLE BGs. That seems to be what everyone in the BGs want to do anyways, so this gametype would have a simple objective that revolves around just killing other people.

It's King of the Hill and Juggernaut combined, and pretty simple I think. Heres the rough idea of the map I made (PAINT YEAH!)

Posted Image

Ok, so from the start: The initial objective is to obtain the control points, they're captured in the same way that the areas in Eye of the Storm are captured. The idea behind the control point's is that they determine how many Juggernauts you can have active in the battleground, one per control point you own. Once you capture a control point, an item basically just like the Berseker buff will spawn at that control point, and one person can pick it up.

This is where the main objective of the game begins: Each team accumulates points for each person a Juggernaut kills (killing blow only). The first to 50 points wins.

Now, some notes about the Juggernaut buff:
1. It acts exactly like the Berserker buff, 30% increased damage done and 10% increased damage taken, lasts for one minute.
2. After the initial spawn, they respawn every minute that you own a control point.

Thats pretty much it though. The spawn points on the map obviously act as graveyards if you don't own any control points.
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#59 Chiasi

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Posted 16 April 2010 - 12:19 AM

10v10 Capture the flag. IMHO the underlying mechanic of WSG is solid, it's just the board that's kinda stale.


Click For Full Size
Posted Image

Looting enemy corpses awards players credits which can be redeemed to either: (1) change the topology of the map or (2) purchase potion-like powerups (that are gone when the bg ends).

Map changes are purchased with “map credits” from a neutral map controller NPC in a hard-to-reach tower in the middle of the board. Each side also has a (Galvangar toughness) powerup vendor NPC on their side of the board.

Looting a corpse gives you one map credit + any map credits that player had + any unused items the user bought from a powerup vendor. You lose your credits when you die regardless of if your corpse is looted or not.

Map Controller Menu
  • Program Teleporter: Allows you to activate a teleporter (none are active at the start of the bg) and set it's destination. Bi-directionality is an option but is more expensive. Already activated teleporters can have their properties changed (e.g. you can screw over enemies by routing all their teleporters to the slag pit destination). Prices vary but strategic teleportation routes (flagroom-to-flagroom) are very very expensive.
  • Drain Pool / Fill Pool: Allows you to control the pool in the basement of the map. Moderately expensive.
  • Augment Jumppad: Jumppads start out relatively weak. This allows you to incrementally increase the power of any jumppad on the board. However, jumppads that are too powerful can became lethal to players without slowfall abilities. Inexpensive.
  • Heat / Cool Slag: This allows you to heat or cool either of the slag pits. Hotter slag pits cause more damage. If you spend enough on cooling the slag pit will harden (making flagroom access easier). Medium Price.
  • Purchase Key: Keys allow you to lock or unlock either of the two doors in the basement. Keys are single use and you can only carry one.

Powerup Vendor Menu (All powerup items are single-use and on a 3 minute cooldown).
  • Pain Suppression (Moderate)
  • Summon Doomguard (Expensive)
  • Earth Shield (Inexpensive)
  • Hysteria (Inexpensive)
  • Hand of Protection (Moderate)
  • Disarm (Inexpensive)
  • Tranquility (Expensive)
  • Track Humanoids (Moderate)
  • Invisibility (Moderate)

Design Notes / Little Things:
  • This design gives teams a chance to shine that are: (a) good at killing other players as well as good at avoiding being killed (B) can strategically coordinate map changes to make flag caps easier © can predict, communicate and react quickly to enemy initiated map changes and (d) can creatively use vendor powerups offensively and defensively
  • The jumppads and teleporters are straight from Quake (where my level design roots are froom). IMHO, both make gameplay more interesting. Teleporters because they add a lot of depth to route decision making (especially if teleport routes are dynamic). Jumppads because there is nothing more satisfying than killing players midair … and they also give players with good footwork an advantage.
  • The respawn point's elevation prevents it from being close-camped. You can jump down from it but there is now way to get up to it. Players can jumppad off it far downfield or jump from the side ledge to the roof of the powerhut to deal with people trying to camp the area directly below it.
  • The central tower (with the map controller) is an interesting strategic point. You need to be able to get to it with enough credits to do something interesting but if you die at the hands of an enemy guarding it, you're doubly screwed because they'll get your credits and have that much more ammo to change the map to your team's disadvantage.

Edit on Sun April 18th
I don't think my original 2D design really conveyed well the verticality (i.e. multi-floor design) of the map I had in mind. IMHO, verticality is a great ingredient for interesting gameplay and is one area where the existing WSG map is strong. I'm no 3D expert but here's my crack at mocking up a sketch of the area surrounding the flagroom atrium (minus the basement level).

Posted Image
Looking kinda from the front. Pink stuff is hot slag.

Posted Image
Looking down into the flagroom.
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#60 aureon

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Posted 16 April 2010 - 12:36 AM

Posted Image

Rules: Grab the bomb and blow up the enemies base, depending on actual playtesting 1, 2 or 3 times. The bomb inhibits move speed. 10v10.

Map features: catapaults to launch right into the action, there will be very little time where a person is doing nothing.

This is a classic FPS game type, there's a bomb in the middle and the team tries to get the bomb and blow up the other's base. This is an objective based team fighting where you'll constantly be with all of your teammates fighting over control of one area. It's perfect for a game like WoW because attacking in large groups is always more fun than a situation like AB where you do nothing for a long portion of the game, or even WSG where its not always based on who is actually better at team fights, but rather oftentimes who has more druid flag runners for example.

This particular map makes the team have to work together keeping everyone alive, because if you lose 5 people while fighting for the bomb in the middle, you will be unable to push against the enemies base because they'll have 10 people alive again. The idea also is that the bomb inhibits movement speed, so there's more to it than who can push a druid bomb runner to the node.

The simplicity of this idea really makes it as close to objective based Arena as possible.
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