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Alternate Design a BG, Win SC2 Beta Thread

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#21 Amiza

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 01:04 AM

Posted Image

Battleground Name
Blackrock Forge

Battleground Size
10 Man

BG Duration
first to 3 or 25 mins (similar to WSG)

Map - Layout
Posted Image
I would like to point out that the alliance and horde based are raised off the ground with only access going up via ramp's.

Quick Game Description
This battleground is a first to 3 flag capture game, except instead of 1 flag for each team like Warsong Gaulch this battleground only has 1 flag located in the centre of the map for the teams to fight over. So when the gates open it's a race to the centre of the map and a battle to pick up the flag with a 6 second cast time. Once obtaining the flag you then have to put it in the opponents flag score point which is located on there end of the map and very close to there spawn point, if the flag is defended and returned it goe's back to it's start position.


Around the map there will be special effect on use scroll's for the following spells
* Scroll of Innervate - Regenerates xxx Mana
* Scroll of Berserking - Increases Attack Power by xxx for 45 seconds
* Scroll of Black Magic - Increases Spell Haste by xxx for 45 seconds
* Scroll of Indestructible Armor - Increases Armor By xxx for 45 seconds
* Scoll of Quick Steps - 35% Run Speed Boost for 10 Seconds
* Scroll of Lightwell - place's a lightwell down for fellow team members to gain a small heal off.

aswell as that there will be some on use items to pick up with small uses as listed below
* Goblin Rocket Launcher (x1 use) - similar to the TBC rocket launcher large cast time big damage effect.
* Goblin Throwing Net (x1 use) - instant cast undispellable 100% snare for 5 seconds to aid defending flag carrier or attacking him.
* Gnomish Healing Pulse Generator (x1 use) - place's a small radioactive shield around a small group of targets for 10 seconds, while under the affect of the GHPG(gnomish healing pulse generator) all healing is increased by 50% and all damage taken reduced by 50%.
* Gnomish Soulwell Device (x10 uses) - instantly summon's a soul well with gnomish health stone's in to heal for a small ammount.
* 3 Man Roman Shield - This item is used to help protect people in the battlefield while using the 3 man roman shield you share the damage among the 3 players and also reduce damage by a further 10% to each person at the cost of moving 50% slower has a 10 second duration, while using the 3man roman shield only the orginal person may control the movement of the group.

A write up on why i came up with this battleground
After playing battlegrounds for a long time they all come a little stale and so after my 3-4 years playing this game my favourite battlegrounds are arathi baisin + WSG. So i asked myself why are they my favourite? the answer is they are very simple and easy to pick up. Now with the understanding that all this siege engine stuff and killing pve mob's isnt my idea of PvP. I then thought how can i spice up the fun easy to play battleground without making it too complicated? so i thought well everybody loves engineering gadgets and power up's let's give these more of a influence in the game, PvP is at it's best when people have to make decision's to use cd's so i thought of a new system where power up's would be scroll's so you don't waste 30 second's of them running around instead you can use them at crucial times and also added some really unique item's which can help swing game's and make teamwork alot more important. After pretty much diciding on the game plan for my BG i then had to decide on what the location would be and for me there is only one zone i would want my battleground to be represented by and thats blackrock mountain its amazing to look at and the theme is kick ass.

Thats pretty much it for my battleground hope you enjoy the read and find it looks on paper enjoyable.


(P.S) sorry for spelling mistakes and bad grammer etc, any questions or errors shout them up and will change it.
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#22 Snuttz

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 01:40 AM

Arena Style Battleground -

10 players sign up - and its basically 1 vs 1, people are put into the matchs according to their gear rating and as u win u progress and verse the next person while their match is complete person winning the small competition, wins the most honor :)
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#23 whatitistoyou

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 02:46 AM

Name of BG: Lich King of the Hill

Player size: 15 players.

Objective: The objective is simple; to collectively (with your team) accumulate the most time standing in the 3 “hills” which are rings roughly the size of the starting rooms in WSG. Instead of there being a final quantity of points to reach, there will be a time limit of 10 minutes counting down. Once the timer is finished, whichever team has the most time spent in the “hills” will win the battleground (a timer will display each team’s cumulative time spent in the hills).

The idea of this battleground revolves around the same basic mechanics as King of the Hill in Halo. As seen in the diagram, each opposing faction will start in their respective starting zone. The gates will open to an area roughly the size of the courtyard in SotA. In the center will be some sort of simple structure that will offer LOS but at the same time is an open concept to allow lots of movement.

This may sound similar to the idea of standing on nodes in battlegrounds such as EotS and AB however; the nodes in this battleground are just superficial rings represented by a simple graphic that you can walk through and are opaque in appearance. They also spawn and despawn. In this sense, it would be more like “Multi King of the Hill”. Any random 3 of the squares will be active (refer to diagram) at a time and every minute, the hills switch locations. The locations are pre-determined but as for which locations the 3 hills will spawn next is unknown and random.

How does capturing and maintaining a hill work?

The only way to gain control of a hill is for a player(s) from either faction to be in the ring while no opposing faction members are in the hill. The only way to lose control of the hill is if there are no remaining players from your faction in the hill.

Example: Two horde players are standing in a hill and two alliance players approach them. The two alliance players enter the hill while the two horde players are inside and they engage in combat; the horde still controls the hill. The alliance members kill the two horde players (or the horde players exit for more than ~5 seconds [cannot be feared out of hill?]) and now the hill is homogeneous with alliance players – the alliance players now control the hill.

Power-ups: (the following abilities stack together but not individually)

Domination – If your faction obtains all three 3 hills at the same time, your team will gain a 5% damage increase. The duration of the buff is as long as you hold the three hills; once you lose one of the hills or the hills relocate, you lose the buff.

Power of the Mongoose – If your faction captures a hill within 10 seconds of the hills' regular 1 minute re-spawn, your team gains 15% movement speed until the next hill re-spawn, 50 seconds later.

Determination – If any one player from either faction acquires 5 killing blows while inside/defending a hill they control without dying, the team gains a 5% health buff until the next hill switch. If the player dies before obtaining 5 killing blows, or exits the hill, the count is reset.

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#24 Execute

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 03:03 AM

Wish I had time to actually make the picture look good, but I don't.

Size - 20vs20

Double Domination - 2 tile pressure points surrounded by LoS/Terrain/Buidlings.

Basically both sides will start on opposing sides of the field for buffing, and go into the map and head to the 2 control points. You must control both for 10 seconds to obtain a point. First team to 20 points wins (or timer expires - 20minutes)

Posted Image

(Hope its not posted already, didn't check through the pages.)
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Originally Posted by aceofblades
perhaps try a melee class they take marginally more skill than ne other class in wow.

#25 Phase92

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 03:37 AM

Posted Image

15v15 Team Death match

Each team starts with 400 reinforcements. The aim of the game is to reduce the other teams reinforcements to zero. There are two ways of doing this, either by killing enemy players, which looses the opposing team 1 reinforcement, or by destroying the opponents “ancient war artefact” (indicated by a light purple dot) which are placed in the each teams' base. The artefacts would take about 15 seconds of 5 players attacking them to die, and would start regenerating health if out of combat for more than 30 seconds. When one is destroyed, the opponents loose 40 reinforcements. The artefacts are not able to be destroyed at the start of the game, and have a 1min 30 respawn timer. The artefacts are not mobs – they don't attack you back, like target dummies. I don't like the idea of PvE geared tanks being used instead of PvP geared players.

At the start of the battleground, you are dropped out of an airship and parachute into the battlefield. You begin stripped of the ability to mount for 1 minute, or until after your first respawn. However you gain a rush of adrenaline granting a 30% movement speed, and 100% swim speed increase for the duration. The dropzone is quite close to the enemy, so you begin combat quickly. You also start with a “ration kit,” supplying you with some food-drink (like mages conjured food) and some bandages that despawn when you leave the game. The 1 minute waiting time at the start of the battleground is spent on the air ship so you can buff etc. You are forced to leave the airship at the start of the game when the bottom of the ship opens and you automatically parachute out.

There is a flag, on a platform which is about 50 yards wide, in the centre of the bridge. The team in control of the flag is granted 10% haste while in control of it. Note that the bridge is raised 40 foot in the air and is 30 foot away from the edge in the centre, and therefore (using a bit of Pythagoras) no ranged attack from below can hit anyone in the flag area. (unless it has 50yd + range).

When the opposing team drops to certain key reinforcement numbers, you gain rewards:

350 – 5% damage increase for your team
300 - Opponents artefact becomes destroyable
200 – Unlock the underground tunnels*.

These underground tunnels are about the sizes of the ones in warsong gulch. The entrances / exits are shown on the drawing as the darker purple circles. They span from a point in line with your base, to the opponents base. They are meant for surprise attacks on the opponents artefact. There is also a wider tunnel linking each teams tunnel perpendicularly.

Posted Image

If the game lasts for over 25 minutes, the reinforcements will drop at a constant rate over 5 minutes, so a game can never last for more than 30 minutes. The highest of the two reinforcement numbers will be chosen, and divided by 30, and each team will loose that many reinforcements per 10 seconds. So if there are 300 reinforcements left, a team will loose 10 reinforcements every 10 seconds, taking a total of 300 seconds or 5 minutes to end the game, if no other changes in the reinforcements occur.

The terrain is comparable to Nagrand – sunny and grassy. Battlegrounds like Sota are very dull and boring in my opinion.

In terms of dimensions, the bases are meant to be slightly bigger than the warsong gulch ones, and the map is meant to be shorter than arathi basin, while longer than warsong gulch, relatively speaking.

I didn't like the idea of vehicles, I think there enough battlegrounds with siege warfare in them, and I haven't yet met a player who thinks vehicles in battlegrounds was a good idea. I also considered the idea of individual kill streak rewards but it seemed a bit too rng, depending on who got killing blows etc.

That's basically it, hope you like it ;)
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#26 Denethar

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 03:58 AM

As the horde and alliance make their push on the Firelands, both seek to set up a base camp in the Hyjal Foothills. Stories and legends surrounding the ancient secrets contained within a narrow Valley within the foothills have interested both Garrosh Hellscream and King Varian Wrynn. Now their armies will fight for control of the Towers and structures within the foothills and try to unlock the powers they hold.

15 vs 15

Domination, time limit 20 minutes.

5 control points spread throughout the map. Once tagged (7 sec channel), cps take 30 seconds to be controlled fully.

The goal is to cap all 5 cp's and then hold them ALL for 2 minutes. Losing a cp during this time causes the timer to reset.

Should the time limit be reached, which ever team holds the most cp's wins.

Any cp held by one team for more than 5 minutes will give a team wide buff. An NPC will spawn and begin to channel a spell. Killing the NPC (relatively low hp and somewhat easily soloable) will remove the buff. If however the control point remains in the possession of the enemy for a further minute the NPC will respawn and re apply the buff. Should the NPC be alive when the control point is lost they will immediately despawn. the buffs differ depending on what cp you control:

The Forge: Increases physical damage done by 10%.
Tower of the Ancients: Reduces all damage taken by 10%
The Arcanum: Increases magic damage done by 10%
Temple Ruins: Increases Healing done by 10%
The Tower of kings: Increase melee/spell haste by 10%

To counter balance these buffs, when 1 team controls all 5 cps, the other team will gain a buff reducing the time taken to tag a flag by 30% (channel now takes 5 secs).

Tower of the Ancients & The Tower of Kings are designed to be easier to defend than attack, the flags are situated on the roof and the npc's they spawn reside within the towers. The towers will have 3 floors (ground, middle, roof) and only 1 entrance.

However the other 3 cps are designed to be harder to defend than attack, the flags are situated on the ground beside the building to which they correspond.

This difference in defensive ease is to make for more interesting game play, while it may only take 1 or 2 good players to defend the towers, it will likely take 3 or 4 to comfortably defend the other cps. This will also mean that once your team control 3 control points you will have perhaps 8-10 players tied up on defense leaving only 5 to attack the remaining cps.

Unlike in AB, there are rewards for controlling the same CP for a long time, instead of just moving around from one to the next leaving flags relatively undefended for periods because if you lose it then you have just gained another cp and are still winning on resources. Also because the aim is to control all 5, tactics and team play become a more integral part of the game, you don't want to be the player who leaves the forge undefended when you had 4 cps and your team are about to cap the 5th. One of the enemy wanders up and caps the Forge and everyone screams at you!

The start points are located to give both teams an equal chance to control the 3 central cp's and one corner cp easily cappable for each team and are random each game. Which of the 3 central cps you go for is up to you, perhaps your team will attempt to get all 3 right off the bat! It is certainly possible with good coordination!

The terrain is obviously hilly and what not, couldn't be bothered to map that out lol. The river is only crossable at the bridges, and a few select other places where the terrain allows..... don't get knocked in.... it might be quite a swim to get back out!

Posted Image
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#27 oolai

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 04:45 AM

Undermine Sabotage

Undermine caverns, two rival goblin corporations have finally gone to war and in true goblin spirit, they try to blow each other up. Scenery will have the infrastructure of a larger Booty Bay with the look of a gobliney Ironforge. There will be a main winding route the battleground takes with an offense and defense team with smaller roundabout ways to go with varying terrain heights near the main route. This will allow for defense to be able to attack offense while having an easy escape route, while the offense is more or less forced to push forward with the bomb.

Here's a basic picture to help you get an idea in your head. No it wouldn't be at all linear like in the picture.


Main Objective:
Offense: The offensive team will have been hired by the Quikcleave Corporation. Their main goal is to escort a bomb through enemy infested cavern structure into the heart of Fizzgrimble Corporation's headquarters. The more people in close proximity to the bomb the faster it will move. Players won't all be able to stack on the bomb due to defender's targetable AoE and defensive terrain. This will encourage some attackers to escort the bomb while others roam attempting to take out defenders.

Defense: Keep the attackers from escorting the bomb to it's final destination.

Secondary Objectives:
Capture points: Capture points will be located along the main route which will speed up or slow down the rate at which the cart moves depending on whether offense or defense owns it. They will be positioned so that offense can reach them faster than defense to compensate for easier defense. It should be hard for a team to not eventually get the bomb to it's destination. Defense shouldn't win by keeping the bomb in one place. Imagine these placed in smaller rooms off to the side of the main route. This will give players on both offense and defense something else to worry about rather than just focusing solely on the bomb. They wouldn't be strictly necessary but they would provide a bonus to either team.

Graveyards: Offense and defense will both start off with one graveyard, however there will be 4 placed throughout the route. Defense won't be able to control which graveyard they spawn at, it will always be one further back than the contested graveyard unless they are already at the last graveyard. A graveyard won't be capturable (contested) until the bomb has reached a certain distance. Consider the following situations for a better idea of the graveyard control where H is horde, C is contested, A is alliance.

Situation 1--------Situation 2
1 - 2 - 3 - 4-------1 - 2 - 3 - 4
H - C - A - A-----H - H - C - A

Other things to note:
Teams will start randomly in the same way that SotA does
Offense will have a starting gate right at their spawn
Defense will have a starting gate about 50% of the way across the map
Flags won't be capturable (by defense) before the match starts
Ressurection timers for defense may need to be longer than offense to give offense a better chance of pushing when they manage to kill a few defenders. The increased timer will mean less as the bomb gets closer to the end, as there will be less and less travel time for defense (eventually 0 travel time as the bomb will be right outside their GY).
The initial clash should be at or around capture point 2, meaning that if D is good, O will be pushed back to their first GY and lose control of both points, slowing the bomb down a lot. If O is good, they should be able to push to control point 3 while the bomb catches up to the front lines.
Capture points would have a cumulative effect like in Arathi Basin, if all 4 flags belong to one team the bomb will move really fast/completely stop. (The bomb's movement however isn't dependant only on flags, there must be a teammate near the bomb to have it start moving. More teammates means faster movement, more flags means even faster movement).

Visualize it!
Imagine a building infrastructure like Booty Bay but larger (not necessarily more, but larger houses/rooms/walkways etc). Replace the thatch roofing and wood walls with stone (since it is in a cavern). The main route would be a winding rail, giving the bomb a longer route while confining it to a smaller area, letting players get around faster. Certain areas would be above or below the main path, allowing easy one way access from certain directions.

Maximum time limit 9 minutes per round, 2 rounds. Or perhaps 4 minutes to get past the second graveyard, once you do it adds 3 minutes, repeat for reaching the 3rd graveyard for a total of 10 minutes max per round, 4 minutes minimum if one side is getting steamrolled. (Anyone else not like those SotA matches where your team realizes it's lost after the first 2 minutes but you still have to wait through another 7 minutes of getting stomped before the round is over?)
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#28 cwj

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 04:58 AM

Posted Image


So you got 60 people duking it out in a massive gladatorial arena, no kill limit (Think of the honor) alliance and horde spectators to throw stuff at people standing to the edges away from the DANGERZONE! where shit gets rowdy and everyone has +30% chance to crit. Spectators throwing stuff interrupts casts or maybe stuns them.

Lions protect awesome powerups like zerker or HP buff or regen or some crap, rhino drawn chariots (2 each side), some tiny pillars for healers to LoS now and again. Teams start in the caged start areas and spawn there when they die too. If you start to spawn rape you get a stacking debuff where you take a little more damage but also do a little more damage.

How big is it? Is massive. Like the size of Gurubashi or that other arena place outside that place nobody ever goes where the ogres live in vanilla.

I dunno maybe some other cool stuff could happen too.
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2700 rated s8 Gladiator

#29 Robmage

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 06:17 AM

New Battle Ground: Dire Maul Arena

Posted Image
(I choose this area as I miss that the area is no longer gone to really, and that this area has been in the WoW Comics and wanted to revisit it.)


Defeat the other side – performed by reducing the reinforcements to zero or Holding flag objective for 5 minutes.

Environmental Objectives:

Flag in center of arena – Allows faction Buff that gives one reinforcement / 20 seconds.

At 2 minutes 31 seconds, flag carrier debuff - takes +30% Damage.
Flag is unable to leave main arena area, if carrier goes into tunnel flag drops at edge.


Normal Southern Entrance to Dire Maul
Normal Nothern Entrance into Dire Maul North


Dire Maul Tunnels - add entrances near graveyards, takes longer to get into arena but no fall damage. Locations for Damage buffs/Healing buffs/Speed buffs.


Both Spirit Shaman’s for Resurrection’s are behind open able doors from the inside. Also at Each side of door some guard’s that would make camping the Graveyard not strategically possible


Each side starts with reinforcement’s probably around 75, Holding the flag would be faction specific but if other side is able to obtain the flag resets 5 minute timer.

Players Allowed:

Suggest to be a 10 vs 10, possible 15 vs 15.
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#30 samuraicow

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 07:08 AM

(First off: Sorry for my bad English :\ not my native nor even second language but I do my best and try use spell checking when possible, so again, sorry for the bad English and I hope you enjoy the read!)

DoTA style BG for WOW.
Posted Image
map img mirror: http://i44.tinypic.com/1zqugz6.png

Objective: Destroy enemy castle to win.
There are tirs of defense which are immune to dmg, until they are the front line, so you cant skip a tir.
The castle is guarded by two towers, to destroy them one of the outer towers must be destroyed, meaning: you don't have to "clean" the map to get to them, if you focus on just one road you could win, it is for the players to chose which way to take and how many of the 3.

there's 3 main roads, one river of shallow water that slice the map in half (think undercity arena style but without the toxic trash in it) and 4 parts of forest with paths to go from one road to anther.
Bush: in the forest, and at some locations on the roads you will find bush\plants, no one from whiten out side of this bush can see inside, so enemies could hide there or brake LOS by entering it, note that you can attack from there any one inside or out side of the bush, but, if you attack some one that is out side of the bush you will be shown to all until you drop combat.

Guards: every X second a wave of Y (to be balanced and tested) guards of player level cap (70 tbc, 80 wotlk, 85 cata etc) will be sent to fight the other side, this identical wave that comes from both ends of the map will destroy one anther if players don't interfere, player can take advantage of this waves by killing the enemy waves (assisting there side's wave) to later let the wave of guards "tank" the tower.

the tower shoot priority system ignores threat or proximity and will first shoot creeps and later shoot players, if a player is to attack enemy player (horde attack ally, for example) and the attacker is in range of the tower the tower will start attacking the player instead of the guards, to stop the tower player must get out of range of the tower, once the player returns to range of the tower the player will not be attacked by the tower untill said player shell reengage an enemy player.

NOTE: Taunt finally has a use ingame! if you taunt enemy player it counts as if enemy player attacked you, even when your combat log shows "immune" and therefor the tower attacks that player (can be combined with a stun given by a friend to max the dmg, example: enemy mage is attacking creeps near your tower, a death knight comes and death grip said mage to the tower range, rog stun, a warrior trows taunt, and goo game, tower now bashing said player as he is stunned he couldn't get away for a while and there for will try to do something like IB>blink+trinket possibly, maybe even trow mana shield, etc)

at the main base there is also a potion vendor, players gain special corency from killing enemy guards of creeps that roam the 4 forests\jungles, (that's the skull reference for), and then using siad corency (auto gain on kill blow, no need to loot) they can buy difference types of consumables to be used in the bg, this consumables only function in this bg and will vanish once you leave the bg (think encounter related legendary in [email protected]) types of potion:
1 sec duration drop tower aggro
5 sec sprint
10min +armor
10min +crit
10min +haste
two types: short and long duration, player can only cary 2 short duration and can only use 2 long duration at any given time, do note that the long duration potions can stack with themselves up to X times (so you could get 5 +haste potions) but if player is killed or don't "refresh" it on time its lost.

about the guards, every 3rd wave a guard mounted on a tank will be lunched in addition to this interval's wave to spicy things up)
after the last 3 towers in a base there's spacial building, if destroyed it will make the other side have a commander sent with each wave, commander is twice as strong as normal guard, also rewords twice as much gold when killed.
all players gain spacial ability to teleport back to there sid's base, once they enter the bg, this is with no cd, 8 sec cast, interrupted on dmg\movement.

no air mounts allowed.
possibly not even ground mounts, not sure about it.

SIZE: 5v5 format could work, depending on the size of the map, possibly extended to 10v10.

well rounded team is impotent, you want to be able to last in your road so you don't leave the tower unguarded, you also don't want to get out potioned by your enemy so if they bully you off there sid's guards your in bad position.

additional: there's a special reputation available whiten the BG, the rep starts at frindly status, and you can reach up to exalted, once the bg is over and you leave the rep resets back to friendly.
you get rep by being in the close area to enemy guard or a creep that gets killed, you use said rep and the currency given by kill blows to buy a passive bonous giving item with crazy attributes like life steal, haste dmg, chance to knock back, chance to daze and so on, said items got upgrades per reputation level.

do note that killing a player gives bigger amount of rep\currency then killing guards.

also the longer the game last the longer the respown time, due to potion\items scaling in the game it is possible, for example, that one side will have advantage (tower killing wise) the entire game, and then in one major team battles they will all get annihilated and as its late in the game (20min, possibly 40) they will have to face a 1min res timer, meaning enemy team just scored full min to do as they wish, at which time they could "flip the table" and destroy everything up to the last castle and win, so:

meta game is something like: erly game: harras enemys to bully them far of range from rep\ability to get gold, last long in your road
later on its about communicating and coordinating ganks\team fights

and last part is about big battles.

rng? none! only player made action such as position and whether to stick to the road or go "jungling" matter, no hazard fire or tide waves, rejoice!

map is symmetrical, both sides are mirrors of ecahder, so top left forest = bottom right forest, and top right forest = bottom left forest. (As shown in picture)

the raver also allows access to 2 creeps\mobs which cant be found any ware else in the map: one is a dragon the other is a snake, the dragon is far harder to kill then typical jungle creep, but killing it will reword rep\corency to all your team, the snake is the hardest creep in the map, will require fully buffed team (almost all the team is needed) and will provide good buff to your team (even out of range people).

there's also 5 types of creeps that can be found in the jungle,
1) easy to kill wolf pac
2) a hard to kill goblin and 2 guards (this goblin provides a buff when killed (offensive buff))
3) a hard to kill rock giant +3 guards (this rock giant provides buff when killed(defensive buff))
4) a moderated difficult to kill group of nega queen + 3 of her servants
5) easy to kill lion pac
the harder to kill the more exp\corency rule applys

player cant trade the corency (its bop) that is given on kill blows, this is done to prevent one team converting one of said team's member to super member by feeding him with corency for potions.

only problem i see is healer and killing blows, but i turst blizzard to find a fix for it =p

bg theme\style:
When you enter the bg the loading screen is the same every time but the actual BG might look different:
Could be in a STV style, could be Night Elf forest style, could be desert or snowy, supports whether aswell!

it is possibly preferred to be able to queue with role like tank dmg healer etc, to be considered

so thats around it, yeah its prety much Leagues of Legend\DoTA converted to wow BG, but I think it will work. and most impotent, it is down right pure fun!
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#31 Pockifier

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 10:06 AM

Dangit, someone did boats on the other thread already, but I might as well just go out and say my idea anyways (one I've had for awhile).

The main objective of this sea based BG inside of my head will be to farm random spawning capture points. There will be two separate kinds of ships:

Gathering ships: These large but weaponless boats will be used for sitting on the capture point and raising your score, the more you have and the less of the opposite factions' there are around, the more points you will get (capture points will have a set amount of resource available in them). Of course this means they are pretty much useless against attackers and will need battleships to protect them.

Battleships: These tanks will be a bit large and have 2 cannons mounted on each side, used to shoot at other boats to sink them. The most interesting mechanic of these boats is that they will have a 3rd gun mounted on each side that can be latched to enemy (or friendly) boats to be used to board the latched ship by clicking on the rope (Of course this will only work one way, so people don't reverse hijack and it requires someone to stay on the gun for people to continue boarding).

The passengers who aren't driving or on mounted weapons will be able to move freely on the boats, fending off attackers or going to board the other boats (or ports, which I'll get into in a bit).

Hijacking: If you kill everyone on an opposite faction's boat, the pilots of one of your faction's boats will be able to salvage it to gain health (to prevent people from just taking all of the boats.) Of course to prevent a bunch of people from flying into the ocean from thunderstorms or any other knockback attack and not being able to get back up, you can also board ships from the ocean.

Ports: Ports will be captured in the same sense as Arathi Basin. The purpose they serve however will be spawn points and extra firepower, each port will spawn 1 battleship and 2 gathering ships, and there will be 3 of them in a triangle formation throughout the map, one closer to the Horde base, one closer to the Allies, and one far up in the middle. Another fact is that you can not be on a ship while capping, making for some nice land battles to take place as well.

Spawning: The primary bases will carry 2 battleships and 4 gathering ships, and have some sort of force field to stop the other faction from spawn camping and immediately blowing up your ships.

This is all I can think of for now, if I come up with anything else I'll make a new post or just edit this one, please PM or reply telling me what you think, even if you don't like it, I love hearing opinions!
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#32 Fazzmania

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 12:16 PM

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#33 plop1920_4906955

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 01:59 PM

For whatever reason, the horde and the alliance have to go into the caverns of time again to fight over hillsbrad foothills.

15 v 15 deathmatch

Alliance would start at southshore, horde at tarren mill with graveyards in both towns and a neutral graveyard at the broken down tower by the crossroad.

Score would start at 0 and look like this:

Horde 100 ------------|------------ Alliance 100

A kill scored by a player would bring the bar closer to their faction side by 1. If one faction is already pass the middle, the oppossing factions kills would bring the other side's number down by 1, moving it closer to the middle. Sort of like tug of war.

First faction to 100 would win, or the team with the bar closest to their side after 10 minutes would win.

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#34 Antibiotics

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 02:10 PM

So here iz mai idea.

25 v 25 bg - Not large, but not small. Large enough to have at least 3 healers per team, but small enough to make things easy to organize.

It's like an escort quest through a valley/mountain pass. You basically have to get the client (some hero of the faction) to the center of the map where some powerful artifact lies before the opposing faction does to set up a base to repel the invaders, and thus, win the match. There is no set time limit.

If either faction's hero dies, that team has 5 minutes to kill the other faction's hero in order to even the match. If both heroes die within 5 minutes of eachother, the match is a draw and each team receives the same amount of bonus honor.

Each faction will have 2 supply houses that grant damage, health, and healing increases to that faction that are set up at the artifact's chamber. These can be destroyed via siege engines/seaforium bombs.

There will be different points of interest along the way that one might seek to control.

The Military Ward - Grants siege engines, turrets with which to bomb the opposing faction, and oil slicks that can be fired down to slow the opposing faction's hero and team.

The Air Strip - Allows the faction in control of the air strip to send in paratroopers to infiltrate the other team's defenses and mount an offensive upon their faction hero.

The Boat Docks - These will be available to either faction. 3 Ferries will ship passengers across the body of water that separates the valley and the mountain pass.
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#35 Antibiotics

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 02:12 PM

For whatever reason, the horde and the alliance have to go into the caverns of time again to fight over hillsbrad foothills.

15 v 15 deathmatch

Alliance would start at southshore, horde at tarren mill with graveyards in both towns and a neutral graveyard at the broken down tower by the crossroad.

Score would start at 0 and look like this:

Horde 100 ------------|------------ Alliance 100

A kill scored by a player would bring the bar closer to their faction side by 1. If one faction is already pass the middle, the oppossing factions kills would bring the other side's number down by 1, moving it closer to the middle. Sort of like tug of war.

First faction to 100 would win, or the team with the bar closest to their side after 10 minutes would win.

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Rofl, Southshore and Tauren Mill, I like it ^>^
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#36 zorszaul

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 03:28 PM

I have 2 BG ideas.

King of the Hill: 10v10. Spawn at the bottom of a multi-level ziggurat, last team holding the flag at the end of the 15 minute timer wins. Really simple.

Last Man Standing style: 5v5 or 10v10. Spawn in an oversized, multi-level arena, everyone is red, no teams. 30 second respawn timer. First person to 20 KBs or the 12 minute timer runs out wins. Honor bonuses based on KBs (dps specs) and least amount of deaths (prot specs, healers).
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#37 Praiz

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 03:34 PM

I fucking love this man's idea ^ (The tug of war one)

Tarren Mill / Southshore - nuff said...

- Praiz <3
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#38 Zeezrom

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 04:30 PM

I'd like to see battlegrounds wherein noobs should learn to play. From all those times sitting watching hack and slash in midst AV facepalming and yelling at my screen, I wanna see something different. I'd like a battleground 15v15-20v20 to even out combos of the teams.
Imagine buffs floating around like the balls in the Valkyr fight in ToC. Picking those up and returning them to a base from a midfield scores a point or so. If ppl CC eachothers they can take the buffs back and score instead of going PVE ZERG. This might end up leaving dispellers no choise but to actually dispel ppl, since ppl now know why and how to CC stuff, and if the respawn timer is long, some noobs might begin to think it's a good idea to run off and help it's friends instead of going solo lazer zerg mode like always. Ofcourse you will drop the orb buff if u die, so not dying, CCing, dispelling, will occur in this simple balanced battleground.
It might teach some noobs to play aswell. :>
Only prob, haven't figured out how to not just run in 1 big immortal bunch, perhaps spreading orbs far apart or keeping respawns steady slow.
Mounts permitted, after tests i guess.
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#39 Haides

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 05:22 PM


Don't have a clue why two opposing prisons would be so close, but who cares really. Maybe the whole Southshore thing would work.

1. 10v10
2. Match lasts 10 minutes
3. Respawning Horde & Alliance NPC prisoners in 2 separate rooms on opposing sides.
4. Players can rescue prisoners of their faction by clicking on a cage to open it and actually carrying the prisoner on their back similar to the mechanic for carrying a flag<----lol awesome :D
5. An NPC prisoner is considered rescued when a player takes them all the way back to their base.
6. Each team can carry a maximum of 3 prisoners at a time, meaning only 3 players on each team can be carrying a prisoner at any given time.
7. The "barbed-wire fences" in mid field are purposely curved for LoS purposes, are relatively small, and have "flood lights" on top of them which reveal any stealthed players within the half-circle inside the fence (the stealth detection is very short range and will not break stealth, but any player within the short range will not be able to use abilities that require stealth... sorry rogues:()
8. Each game lasts exactly 10 minutes. When time runs out, the team with the higher number of rescued prisoners will win the match.
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#40 Royalo

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 05:34 PM

Please no more veichle games , they have destroyed the game :P They are crap
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