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Rogue/Lock 2v2

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#1 Aurrek

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Posted 15 August 2007 - 04:47 PM

So I got a great 2v2 partner about three days ago, last night was our first night together. We went 12-4, losing only yo 3 war/paly teams, and one was the second game we played and we were not paying attention.

Let me say we coasted to 1600. Coasted. We split dps, solo'd our own target, weren't using healthstones, etc. I think we won something like 8 in a row, only losing to a war/paly then winning a few more. Even against teams in 1600, we beat easily. Our only weakness seems to be War/Paly and when we hit one, we lose a lot of rating. Everything else while getting to 1650 was easy.

Now, we went against a lot of combinations last night.

Frost mage/rogue
Frost mage/Spriest
Fire mage/Lock
War/Resto shaman
Elem shaman/Lock

All those teams we beat, and some we beat 2 times or so. Most the time very easily.

The ONLY matchup that is giving us trouble, is War/Paly.

We went against about 5-6 of these teams (2 were Gib teams *wave 40 rating*), we lost to all but one, and that one I died and my partner made it out with 78 health finishing off the warrior. We would of won against two, (had the warrior LOS to 4%) but at the last moment he got a BOP.

I run Wound/Crip, use Garrote. Sometimes I can get a sap off on the pally, which helps, and the second it wears off I run over for the Blind. This usually forces a bubble. Problem is, by the time that bubble is over, one of us is dead, or close to it.

I never have problems 1v1 with a Warrior. Regardless of the gear. Only when they vastly outgear me (3/5+ S2, T3 BS) do they start beating me.

We have tried to dps the pally, switch to warrior, back to pally. We tried the opposite, getting on warrior trying to LOS, etc. We tried split dps. My teamate has a rough time with warriors. They usually beat him, or get him to the point it takes one instant cast from the pally to finish him.

my armory: http://armory.worldo...aghelm&n=Aurrek

His: http://armory.worldo...&n=Phoenixsmoke

Now, I am somewhat of the lesser geared, but I make up for it and am definately not a bad player. He is geared very nice, should be getting 400 resil by end of week.

Our rating we left off last night at 1650, approximtely 18-6 or something close to that from last night. We lost anywhere from 60-100 points from the 6 loses (4-5 from a war/paly). Two of the loses were gib'd 18-21 point lose, although they weren't even that geared (2-3/5 S2 each).

I won't take no for an answer against this combo, so any advice/help/insight you have will be taken to heart to study and figure out the best way to consistently beat this setup.

Sorry for the long post, and prepare to see this everywhere if you lurk a lot of forums. I want answers! :)
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#2 Iceweaver

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Posted 18 August 2007 - 04:16 AM

Pally + 1 teams can be a little tricky for you guys to beat, especially if the pally is smart and bubbles early.

You really have two options against this combo. Use your CD`s before the pally bubbles and hope to drop the warrior, or wait for pally to bubble, and after his bubble is up blow your CDs on him.

You are going to want to aim the warrior, no real point in aiming the pally.
Make sure your lock friend is chain fearing the pally as much as possible. All it should take is one spell lock and a fear for you both to be able to drop a warrior. (The spell lock needs to be mid heal of course)

If by some CRAZY chance you guys don`t drop the warrior after the pally has been spell locked and feared and he STILL hasn`t bubbled, blow your blind on him, kill the warrior.

IF the paladin gets the bubble off and the warrior is focusing on you, vanish, kite, ect.... 10 seconds, just run.

IF the paladin gets the bubble off and the warrior is on the lock... Try to have the lock drain life as much as possible, throw some crippling on the warrior and try to let the warlock kite. A Curse of Exhuastion would help in this case.

I really don`t see you guys having trouble with this team if you do the above.
This game is really in the warlocks hands, you just have to do a shit load of DPS.
Make sure the pally has a CoT at ALL TIMES.
Spell lock the pally, fear pally, drop warrior.

Good luck.
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