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Two-Handed Haste Frost

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Posted 24 March 2010 - 07:40 PM

Hi! I've been contacted by a bunch of people about this spec so I decided to upload it as well. I quoted this so you'd know what to leave out.

Here is the build: http://www.wowarmory...?c=Death Knight

This spec takes 2H over DW because it's less vulnerable to parries. Also, there's not enough room to take the new and improved Icy Talons if you take Threat of Thassarian. Furthermore, you can reach Merciless Combat, which is important for landing kills. This should be the most viable Frost variant, but keep in mind that Frost is just not as viable as Unholy in PvP.

The glyphs this build uses are as follows:

  • Frost Strike
  • Hungering Cold
  • Howling Blast/Obliterate

Howling Blast Glyph makes it very difficult to remove your diseases because of Rime. Obliterate is a viable alternative, though, depending on how you're doing against dispellers. Of course, Frost Strike and Hungering Cold are absolutely mandatory.

This build is played in Unholy Presence, both to help combat dispels and to react quickly to Killing Machine procs. Also, Unholy Presence increases the PPM of Killing Machine because of the 15% melee haste. There's also not enough globals to finish your rotation without it. Blood Presence simply isn't an option at all for this build.

The build works by generating runic power for Frost Strike. The spec also uses a priority system; you can check the flowchart for it below. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes your rotation will have to make sacrifices just as Unholy's rotation does. Instead of Icy Touch you should be using Chains of Ice. It generates more runic power because of your PvP gloves bonus and it doesn't eat Killing Machine procs.

Attack Priority: http://elitistjerks....st_priority.jpg

Burst is what makes this build shine. To burst as this build, wait for your runes to all come off cooldown with 130 runic power up. Then, cast all your Frost Strikes, and then follow up by applying diseases and using Obliterate. The 'grace period' lowers the cooldown of your runes by 2.5 seconds on your next rune rotation, so then use Frost Strike and burst again with runes followed up with Empowered Rune Weapon. Once you finish the ERW portion you should have 130 runic power again. Follow that up with another Frost Strike rotation.

Save Rime procs for Frost Strike portions of the rotation. This makes sure you don't lose diseases when you're out of runes, which will void the entire kill attempt.

Just like my last post, I'm going to use lots of lists to save room and for ease of reading.

Advantages over Unholy

  • Much more single target damage, much heavier (almost unhealable) burst damage.
  • Less reliance on cooldowns such as Summoned Gargoyle.
  • Hungering Cold is an excellent CC ability, probably one of the best in the game. This is hindered by Frost's weak mobility, though.
  • Requires only one disease to more or less do max damage: Frost Fever.
  • Howling Blast is a good way to cause AOE spell knockback/snare and catch rogues in stealth.
  • Melee haste is excellent for Rune Strikes.
  • Longer Icebound Fortitude duration.

Disadvantages to Unholy

  • Horrible vulnerability to disease dispels.
  • No pet, so you're easy to sap and you can't stop heals as well.
  • Lower survivability for you and your team without Bone Shield and AMZ.
  • Long cooldown on Death Grip causes some problems.
  • Very vulnerable to dodges and parries; however, because this isn't a dual wield build, it isn't as vulnerable as it could be.
  • Lower mobility without as many runes for casting Chains of Ice and without Desecration.
  • No ranged spell knockback without Ghoul.
  • 25% more spell damage taken through AMS.
  • Less disease damage.
  • No gargoyle.
  • Low self healing.
  • More complicated rotation.

Advantages of 2H

  • Less vulnerability to parries/dodges is the main problem with Threat of Thassarian. When you are dodged/parried with a 2H weapon your resources are restored, which isn't the case when half your strike is dodged with two weapons.
  • More consistent crits. When you crit as DW you have to hope for a double crit to do maximum damage. On the other hand, as 2H, a crit is always a 'double crit' in that sense.
  • More flood time for Taste of Blood. As Dual Wield the haste is a little too much, so you instantly gain that 30 Runic Power. Chances are you'll go over the maximum when this happens.
  • Counters talent flooding; there's simply not enough room to take all the core talents and Icy Talons if you take the DW talents.

Disadvantages of 2H

  • Slightly less damage than DW, this is unavoidable unfortunately. However, this is made up enormously by the fact that you can't get half your strikes dodged/parried.
  • On the flip side with Taste of Blood, there's no internal cooldown on the proc, so if it procs again while you're waiting to use all your swings you're losing runic power.
  • DW can use Razorice and Cinderglacier, which is a whopping increase to FS power.

Why the spec isn't so bad now:
  • Razorice now applies 10% frost vulnerability very quickly and has a 100% proc rate.
  • Icy Talons is no longer mutually exclusive with Improved Icy Talons. in other words, this patch gave the build a free 20% melee haste.
  • Weapon damage increased with this season; because Frost Strike scales off your MH weapon damage this is a pretty big deal.

What's wrong with Obliterate?
  • Doesn't scale with Razorice, which is your best single target damage enchant.
  • It's physical, so it's not any good on armored targets.
  • It's more vulnerable to dispels than Howling Blast or Frost Strike.

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