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[Starcraft] [SC2] How to Zerg

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#1 jiwooni


Posted 13 March 2010 - 12:10 PM

sup guys,
i got sc2 beta yesterday and just hit gold league r1 with zerg and wanted to share some strats and bo's cause no one knows how to play this game (plus the fact that im korean and b+ in sc iccup).

i pretty much use the same bo vs most races except maybe vs zerg when the land rush distance is short. keep in mind that i havent played it for a long time and ive had maybe like 1 or 2 sources for introductory information (playxp.com and ygclan.com) but mostly this bo is from my experience so not everything might be optimized.

(drone) 10/10 overlord - (drone) - 15/18 spawning pool - 14/18 hatchery @ natural expo - drone til 16/18 - 18/18 queen when spawning pool hatches - 17/18 extractor and build a zergling to make 18/18 - 18/18 overlord - 17/18 second extractor - 18/18 second zergling - spine crawler at natural expo and drone until 24/26 and then lair + overlord

from this point on, you want to minimize the amount of resources you spend on zerglings, spine crawlers, and maximize the number of drones, without making urself vulnerable.

what zerg is all about hasnt changed since sc1. its all about balancing production of drones and non-drones. u want to use queen's larvae hatch ability on every cd and run it back and forth between ur main and natural expo. ideally u want to be keep making drones until 34-38, after when u can concentrate on massing ur units.

what alot of ppl try to do as zerg right now is to build a roach warren right after spawning pool and start building roaches. i think its absolutely retarded because u could be using those resources for drones for late game power.

i typically build my roach warren during lair upgrade (which is relatively quick with my bo) and build a hydralisk den as soon as lair pops (and overlord speed upgrade).

getting as much information about what the opponent is doing is the most important for zerg because like i mentioned u want to maximize drone production. also i prioritize hydras with fast lair over tier1 roach massing strat because alot of gay kids pull shit like "block ramp and void rays/phoenix" or "block ramp and viking harrass" and i do sometimes delay my lair tech and get 2 queens to defend vs that but 2-3 hydras rape these air units so i like to go hydra fast.

also if u like land power battles u will find urself going roach+hydras because it is the most powerful comp for zerg on land atm. roaches are easy to mass once u get ur economy going so u want to minimize any potential damg from gay air harrasses so rushing hydra u will find useful in many situations.

a few things about each race:

vs zerg:
zvz is very simple. its all about ROACHES (and mid-late game hydras). doesnt matter who says what, if ur not massing roaches u lose. if u get cocky because u wont a roach-roach battle and start teching to hive or smth, u will lose. ultimately u want to maintain roach+hydras where u have enough roaches to build a wall for hydras to shoot behind from. but beware if u start geting hydras too early, u will get owned by roach-only rush. if its been less than 1.5-2 min since ur lair hatched and u scout and enemy has 4-5 hydras but all u have is roaches, RUSH them. attack ground and he will get absolutely raped. its all about earning that perfect timing to make the transition from roach -> roach+hydra. dont think about getting mutas. hydras will eat them, really really hard.

vs terran:
i find terrans pretty easy to beat. there has to be a slight change in bo to beat them in my opinion, however. instead of a roach warren while ur lair is teching, u want to build a baneling nest. as soon as lair hatches, upgrade burrow and u have to plant ur banelings in front of ur base. my bo is a very rich bo whose economy will be unsurpassable late game, but marine+marauders do have a timing that can beat u with, unless u blow up 10 marines with those burrowed banelings. if he used his scan on ur base, then ur fine, because he will get raped. if hes actually good and anticipates this and scans before coming in, then u need to use some roaches and lings to tank their damg once scan goes off because if those banelings die without doing any damg, ur base might be done for. but this is the only rush u should be careful for. if u took care of that without much damage to ur economy, the game's pretty much over. u will find that u'll have plenty of minerals left over always for u to easily figure out a timing for ur 2nd expansion, and just mix roaches and hydras in a good ratio and u will rape his marine+marauder+medivac rush. nydus worm is amazing. use it.

vs protoss:
protoss is by far the hardest matchup for zerg in my opinion. well.. it depends. mostly for me, because i think too much sometimes and get gayed by things like phoenix and voidrays. like i explained above, if u play right, they shouldnt be problems. with protoss, they can do many different things. right now its really popular for them to go 1gate+core (warp gate upgrade) and put up 4 gateways (warp) and do kind of an all-in rush with a few zealots, 1-2 stalkers and sentries (+immportals sometimes). if the protoss is good, this is a VERY difficult rush to defend against, especially with my "wanna get rich" bo. only experience and plenty of scouts and game sense will let u defend this. another type of protoss is one that does the original sc's forge-first double nexus, or 2gate +zealot push and double nexus. these guys try to turtle. they may have 3-4 phoenixes going around the map hunting overlords or smth, and mass a very expensive army (i.e. stalkers+immortals+colossus+high templar)

late game (120 food and beyond). that army will be very very very hard to beat. unless u get them walk over 50 banelings or smth or get a really good flank on them. when it goes to late game like that, u want to drag the game into small skirmishes and avoid thsoe battles. use mutalisks, nydus worms and etc to create harrassments and grind out broodlords. nothing can stop the broodlords. its a retardedly rigged unit (guardian on steroids). if u use terrains and harrasses (2, or 3 way harrasses using nydus worms) along with adrenaline zerglings and op-regen roaches and broodlords, u cant lose. obviously the hard part is managing all this effectively.

o i forgot to mention how strong mutas are vs protoss. muta+corruptors is a really really good comp vs protoss but its also very expensive. u cant rush them. u gotta earn the time and get some advantage through roaches. force immortals and secretly gather up some mutas and u will be able to dominate the game throughout. i used to like this alot but good protosses started using sentries and started raping my mutas so i grew to bet my money on land battles.

*a few tips:

zerg is ridiculously strong because of 2 reasons:
1) roaches (a 75/25 t1 unit with 2 armor)
2) nydus worm (fucking rigged, enough said)

u want to build a nydus worm right after hydra den when lair hatches. open one up in ur base, and keep overlords or overseers around enemy's bases so u can use it well. alot of ppl expect it now so u want to distract them thru a direct attack or smth. u want to have it up on every expansion that u get as well.. USE IT. it might get nerfed..!!

most important thing is to learn which unit is strong or weak vs another and knowing as much about the enemy as possible. sc is ALL ABOUT SCOUTING. for those of u who dont play sc, at high level sc, ur chance of winning a game is greatly and i mean REALLY proportional to the amount of time for which ur first scout worker stays alive in enemy base.

so far im having alot of fun with starcraft2 and i hope everyone else is too!
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#2 OceanMan

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Posted 13 March 2010 - 04:18 PM

A lot of good tips in there, some of it I would not agree on, especially your BO, its a very macro intensive eco build, which isn't bad but a fast zealot only rush or a fast MM rush will take you down fast.

Also, Hydras + banelings against toss = rape with 6 or 7 mutas harrasing there worker lines.
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#3 Canas!

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Posted 13 March 2010 - 06:25 PM

Nydus worm already did get nerfed if you read the patch notes
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3.2 Warriors are worst class in the game for 3v3.

#4 gagegg

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Posted 14 March 2010 - 12:08 AM

queen is more ridiculous than both roaches and nydus worm btw
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