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How should a Rogue/Spriest combo roll? Part2

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#1 herreth

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Posted 15 August 2007 - 11:45 AM

First off, thanks alot for helping me understand the basic strategy of the Rogue/Spriest. Sadly i couldnt reply in my own topic in this forum (please fix that?)? So in order to understand your answers better and discuss i had to made a new post

What we do is:

Rogue tries to get a sap off at the start...sometimes works sumtimes doest.
next he gets on the main target with me, and imediatly blinds the other
the split second the blind is done i fear
second that is over silence(if caster).
and if theres a pally be ready to mass dispel.
thats just a basic idea of the CC you have to do, not getting into individual combos.

This was exactly the kind of thing i wanted to find out about, ty.

My question though is! What about those fights were i do not get Sap off? (A map such as Nagrand's blade arena, or whatever the one with the bridge is named) How should we do then?

If i throw Blind on the opponent, he will have his trinket to bust out of it, should my teammate go for an early AoE fear then? And just pray its not an undead player were up against.

Oh yes we had alot of difficulty figuring out how to handle Paladins at first, since they are a wierd target - They are a healer, but we cant really nuke them due to the bubble. Later on we just started using mass dispell and focus fire heavily on the pally.

Last question is - How does a Rogue/Spriest combo handle a Beastmastery hunter/Spriest combo? Because the beastmastery hunter can just spam flare with his Spriest and wait for the rogue to come out of hiding and then he goes into Bestial wrath mode (The thing where he and his pet becomes red) and they just nuked the living shit outta my Spriest.

Thanks alot for the help!

And please fix the no replies in this forum
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Playing a Rogue+Disc/Holy Priest combo. And im playing the rogue.

#2 Iceweaver

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Posted 18 August 2007 - 04:22 AM

Ok, well to your first quesiton.

Dont be alarmed when you cant get a sap off. It will happen often.
The best thing to do is just start focusing on your target but NEVER use an early blind. Save it for when it matters. When that healer is in mid cast, or your focus target is around 50-70 percent, i would use it then. I would even Silence (if caster) FIRST, then blind. Also, be sure to take advantage of gouge and mind numbing poison while hopefully your Spriest can drop your target.

Second question. BM and Spriest.

This is going to be a tough matchup for you two but if you use your CC wisely I think you can do it.
I would focus hunter. The priest can be blinded, feared, silenced, ect, all of this while you are taking down the hunter. If worse comes to worst have the Spriest drop out and start healing.

Good luck!
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