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[Talents] Fire 19/52/0 ** Fire 0/53/18 [Mage]

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Posted 20 January 2010 - 01:23 PM

Not gonna make much of an "OMFG THIS SPEC IS SO L33T" here, just listing my preferred fire specs and why.


This is a really neat spec if you are out for some fun, talking both arena and bgs here. (Note: If you play arena with a caster or something you might wanna take away 1 point in Spell Impact in the arcane tree and switch it for Focus Magic.)


-Increased resistance from Mage Armor

-Less mana lost from Mana Shield

-Improved Counterspell (silences target for 4 seconds.)

It doesn't sound like much, but this is pretty much the advantages of THIS particular fire spec. There is of course the advantages all fire specs have with DB etc etc, but I simply cba listing all the shit.

Disadvant- No fucking way this isn't frost gtfo weaboos. SCREW ICE BARRIER.

Do want to add one though, comparing it to 0/53/18.

-No frostbite for melees.

-No Icy Veins

-No Shatter for novas. (+50% crit)

^that was three. I suck at counting.

Now for 0/53/18.

Its an insanely awesome duelling (vs melee, sometimes casters too. Hunters gtfo. Ranged is outdated, you are now casters.) spec, and quite nice in bgs too. It isn't meant for arena, but can be used there, though you will miss that 4 second counterspell silence horribly much.


-Icy Veins (Spells do not get any pushback, and since I've added the glyph in the spec, it removes slows too.)


-Shatter (+50% crit chance on FROZEN targets.)

-Frost Warding (O hai thar, RNG mana.)

-20% cd on Frost Nova, Ice Block, Icy Veins and Cone of Cold.

-Empowered Fire (O hai thar, massive Frostfire Bolt crütz.)


-No Improved Counterspell

-No Arcane Shielding (increased Mage Armor resistance and less mana lost on Mana Shield.)

-No Focus Magic (ARENA)

-No Arcane Fortitude

The glyphs are personal choice on both specs, really. I just tend to like Icy Veins over Mana Gem for the shatter spec. And reverse with the arc fire spec (Who would want to have an Icy Veins glyph in a spec without Icy Veins anyway?)

Hope you like it, +rep if you feel like it. If not, well, keep your fingers away. From the rep.

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