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[Talents] Rogue envenom specs for 3v3 and 5v5

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Posted 14 January 2010 - 07:46 AM

Since the currently viewable specs for rogues in the talent section are pretty bad I decided to post the most commonly used ones in here.

44/2/25 (no imp. evis)
Wowhead link

Probably the most commonly used spec that's good for basically anything.

Glyphs: mutilate and 2 out of the following: sprint/vigor/prep/tricks

44/4/23 (with imp. evis, no ruthlesness)
Wowhead link

This is the spec I currently use myself. The differences to the spec above are having improved eviscerate (I don't rate ruthlesness very high) since I really like having it while going on mages and rogues because for example master poisoner makes deadly fall off during stuns on you and if mage kites you even for a little time you'd have to restack DP again. The other difference is dropping 2 points out of heightened senses into dual wield specialization to get more sustained damage.

I use 2 different offhands with this spec: a 1.4 speed one (with deadly poison on it) and a 1.8 speed one (with wound poison on it) and switch according to my target/the current situation.

Glyphs: mutilate and 2 out of the following: sprint/vigor/prep/tricks

You can make an endless amount of variations by switching the points from imp. eviscerate into ruthlesness and from heightened senses to dw. specialization but I figured I would post these two.
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