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Arcane/Frost Mage // Resto Druid

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#1 Iradeonlolz


Posted 14 August 2007 - 04:01 PM

Hello there everyone.

Currently I am playing the 2on2 arena with an IRL mate, a resto druid.
Personally I'm playing a Arcane (PoM/AP etc etc) / Frost.

However, we're both pretty much PvE specced becouse atm we felt like raiding.

Becouse of our talents, we do not aim for a very high rating. Two weeks ago we ended up at 1603 rating. (Didn't play last week since I'm on a vocation.) That's the best rating we've ended up at so far.

This must be a very rare combo, we've only faced one Mage/Resto Druid combo before. That mage was AP, PoM / Fire though...

Anyway, do you people have any tips and tricks for us? I doubt that there is any 2k+ rating team with our setup, but do anyone have any experience on this?

I'm kind of in a hurry, so I can't write any longer, but you get the point.

Best regards: Adeon. :roll:

Ps. English is not my native languege, bla bla bla. DS.

[Answers to the replies]

First of all, belive me, I want to specc PvP, deep frost. However, right now I choose to raid since alot of IRL friends have joined the same guild as me lately.

2. I've watched The fat Cow and The Pro, I think they are really good. And the druid I play with is actually really good at CC'ing etc etc. But yes, one of our main issues is my mana. We (I) really have to bring my opponent down at the "first try", if you know what I mean.
The funny thing is, Warrior + Paladin, said to be one of the best combos there is, isn't much of a challenge for us. It's actually pretty easy, as long as the Warrior's not stuffed in arena gear and instant-kill me.

Our problem is Warlocks. I have a hard time 1vs1 to them. And the problem is that they can very easily CC the Druid. For example, one game yesterday. We choose to CC their lock. Instant Howl of terror; the Druid uses his trinket. Then, Deathcoil ---> chain-feared through the game while I have two people beating on me, and well, I'm a mage. I die. ;)

If someone could just give us a small tip what to do vs Warlocks I'd be thankfull, since we seem to loose close to 80% of our games against them.

Best regards again: Adeon. :)
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Yeah, my ratings suck. ;)

#2 Zeroeh

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 10:29 PM

Sounds like a very CC'able team.

If your druid friend can use Roots and Cylone well coordinated along with your sheeps you can easily bring that team close to 2k 2v2 rating if played correctly.

Although mana will pretty much be an issue for you later on in the arena ladder.

About your spec your best bit is go the 17/0/43(?) spec for 2v2 and use the shatter combo with ur frost pet. (watch I suck at pvp) on warcraftmovies to see how to do it.
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#3 Teirisias

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 10:51 PM

It's definitely possible to hit 2k+ with this combo, I saw quite a few teams with this combo last season when I was playing ~2200 2v2. You can watch The Fat Cow and the Pro (warcraftmovies.com for all your video needs) for some ideas on how to play the combo. Even though the druid in the video is feral, you should still be able to get some of the basic premises down. The team has a huge amount of CC. Between feral charge, bash, counterspell, cyclone, and sheep, you can keep any paladin or shaman CC'd long enough to kill their dpser (or force an early bubble in the paladin's case).

As Zeroeh said, 17/0/44 is probably a better spec because of the shatter combos and because AP is easily purged. If you insist on staying AP/PoM, though, it can still work, but not as well as the water elemental.

As soon as I get back to playing (been unable to play the last couple weeks due to some RL issues), I plan on running this combo with my alt mage. Right now he's at ~1750 with a shaman partner, I'll let you know how it goes if you're still interested.
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#4 Swift

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 11:11 PM

Feral druid would be a lot more effective because they add to the mages damage. Alone a mage will have a very difficult time killing anybody who can LoS effectively, particularly if they have HOTS. As mentioned earlier, in a mage + healer combo the mage will simply run out of mana very often.
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#5 Zeroeh

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 11:12 PM

I agree with swift. If you find a great feral druid who knows how to CC Heal and Dps at the same time (Quite hard to find :P.)
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