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Welcome back to yet another week of Arena action! It's hard to believe that we have been hosting these Tournaments fourteen weeks in a row and we would not be here without the support from you all. Every week we dive head first into these events running into a different challenge every week, though with every challenge springs a new opportunity for us to improve. We read and listen to all feedback thrown our way.

Each week our prize pools grow and with it so does our hype! A huge goal we have been working very hard on is to create a league where the the teams that compete in our weekly arena Tournaments will start collecting points. The teams that collect the most points after a certain period of time will be invited to compete in an epic event. I'll keep you all updated on the progress of our league via twitter.

This week we ran into an issue within our rules when Dota on team "Magik Men" wanted to play Demo instead of Affliction, but only signed up for Affliction. In our rules it stated that players cannot swap Classes / Specialization that they didn't originally sign up with. We changed the rules to prevent this situation from happening:

After the brackets have been released sub-ins must share the class/role (Dps or Healer) of the replaced player instead of sharing the same Class/Specialization


Tournament #13 Results:

Team "for mecah" placed 1st

  • Xaryu
  • mageiden
  • felorea
  • asbur
Team "Season 8" placed 2nd
  • Nahj
  • Icicle
  • Gekz

Twitch.tv/GCDTV - Follow to be notified when we go LIVE

A goal of ours is to provide quality gameplay that anyone can enjoy watching. If you have any suggestions or feedback to give to help us improve please feel free to tweet us @GCDTV_


Tournament #14 will start:
Friday 5/8 @ 9:00 P.M. Eastern time 6:00 pm PST
Day 2 /  Finals will start:
Saturday 5/9 @ 9:00 P.M. Eastern time 6:00 pm PST

EU Tournament #3 will start:

Saturday 5/9 @ 8:00 P.M. CET / 3:00 P.M. EST

Day 2 /  Finals will start:

Sunday 5/10 @ 8:00 P.M. CET / 3:00 P.M. EST



1st Place - 300 USD

2nd Place - 100 USD


1st Place - 210 USD

2nd Place - 90 USD

Click here to To Sign up for US #14

Sign up's for US #14 end Wed - Max of 8 Teams.
8 Teams with the lowest Average CR will have the opportunity to compete in a qualifier on Thursday 9PM EST for TWO spots in the main tournament on Fri/Sat. These 8 teams will be announced on WED with the Team List bracket.
Qualifiers will be single elimination, best of 3, Semi finals and finals will be best of 5.

Click here To Sign up for EU #3

Sign up's for EU #3 end Wed - Max of 8 Teams.

Special thanks to @VadrakAL (Harald Böhm) for creating Arena Live 3 - the spectating addon we will be using.

All Vods will uploaded to my youtube. (youtube.com/Dmachine52)

VoDs are no longer Subscriber only. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
We assumed uploading all VoDs to youtube would eliminate the need for Twitch Vods, but we were wrong.

We offer SOCKS5 proxies to players competing in our tournaments to prevent DDoS.
If you have any questions on DDoS Protection or need a proxy please get in contact with an Admin via email ( Globalcdtv @ Gmail.com or twitter (@GCDTV_)

All games will be live streamed at www.Twitch.tv/GCDTV with live commentary from Supatease and Venruki.

Team List and Bracket will be Announced on Wed / Thur at the latest via Twitter.
The fastest way to have a question answered would be to Tweet us @GCDTV_

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Registration for the second tournament is over.

Tournament begins on the 2nd May 19.00 CEST / 14.00 EDT.

Updates, teams and stream here.

ProGameX announces the third tournament of this year!

Tournament begins on 13th June, 2015 19.00 CEST / 14.00 EDT.

Register for the tournament now

About tournament

Up to 16 teams will get a chance to participate (can be increased).
Organizers will do their best to give a chance to every completely registered team to participate.

Commentators: Sid Compston (@Supatease) & co.

ProGameX team will invite at least 8 registered teams to the tourney!

Follow Twitter @ProGameXcom for updates.

The fastest way to have a question answered would be to use the board at ProGameX.com

Tournament will be live streamed at http://www.Twitch.tv/progamexcom
Subscribe, get features and support the tourneys!

Join the team! Looking for volunteers
Do you believe in eSports? Want to be a cameraman, commentator or journalist? Want to help with video production or graphics? Contact us!

See results and videos of the latest tournaments.

The tournament will take place on EU server. US teams can participate, but it's your responsibility to have an account (character) to play on. Back to Top

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Patch 6.2 - Mail PvP Armor

The mail Season 17 PvP set shown on MMO-Champion. Colors are not finalized and is currently used on the green and blue set.

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