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RBG Tournament: Battle of the Atlantic Worlds Reveal Show


Eight World of Warcraft Rated Battleground teams have been chosen to test their skills in battle at the first ever Gamer’s League RBG tournament: “The Battle of the Atlantic.” This tournament will be used to celebrate the official launch of the Gamer’s League website.

The event will be occurring live on Friday February 13th, Saturday February 14th, and Sunday February 15th.

The Battle of the Atlantic has gathered the top four US teams and the top four EU teams to go head to head with each fighting for a prize pool of $3,000 and the chance to be declared the best RBG team in the world. Join us throughout the stream for multiple giveaways and an expert analysis of each match. Two teams will advance to the grand finals to face off in a best of 8 championship match you won’t want to miss! Casters Desecration and Reinhart will be here to bring you all of action as it happens.

Join us on Friday, February 6th, 7 PM PST at www.gamers-league.com and Twitch.tv/GamersLeagueLive for the Battle of the Atlantic Worlds Reveal Show when we reveal and break down the 8 teams competing in the tournament.
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2600 Representation Percentages for those curious. Current R1 cut is ~2650.

Resto Druids: 16.89
Arms Warriors: 10.5
Frost Mages: 7.76
Aff Locks: 7.31
Resto Shamans: 6.85
Frost DK: 5.94
BM Hunter: 5.02
Holy Paladin: 5.02
MW Monk: 4.57
SV Hunter:4.57
Feral Druid: 4.11
Ret Pal: 3.65
Shadow Priest: 3.2
Combat Rogue: 3.2
Sub Rogue: 2.74
Enhance Sham: 2.74
Fury Warrior: 2.74
Disc Priest: 1.37
MM Hunter: 0.46
BM Monk: 0.46
Prot Warrior 0.46
UH DK: 0.46

Druids: 16.89
Shamans: 6.85
Paladin: 5.02
Monk: 4.57
Priest: 1.37

DPS Combined:
Warriors: 13.7
Hunters: 10.05
Mages: 7.76
Warlock: 7.31
DK: 6.4
Rogue: 5.94
Druid: 4.11
Paladin: 3.65
Priest: 3.2
Shaman: 2.74
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ArenaLive version 3.0.0b is finally finished and can be downloaded at curse.

It is the first time ever that players will be able to queue arena wargames directly as a spectator. It includes a lot of new features such as:
  • Talent and Glyph Aware Cooldown Tracker.
  • Main Target Indicator.
  • Dampening Tracker.
  • Thrid Person Player Camera.
With its fully functional spectator interface and with a WoD ready version, it enables players to run their own arena tournaments again.

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