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Class Tuning Changes
  • Please note, the following class tuning changes are still undergoing testing and will be implemented as soon as possible.
  • Hunter :hunter:
    • Beast Mastery
      • Improved Focus Fire now grants a 5% increase (up from 2%) to attack power for every stack of Frenzy that had been consumed.
    • Survival
      • Serpent Sting's damage has increased by 60%.
  • Monk :club:
    • General
      • Stance of the Fierce Tiger now increases all damage dealt by 5% (down from 10%).
  • Rogue :rogue:
    • Assassination
      • Venomous Wounds' damage has increased by 20%.
    • Combat
      • Blade Flurry now also strikes up to 4 additional nearby opponents for 35% of normal damage (up from 30%).
    • Subtlety
      • Backstab's damage has increased by 20%.
      • Hemorrhage's damage has increased by 30%.
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We wanted to take a moment to update everyone on some of the latest PvP related hotfixes that are incoming which will affect the following specs and classes:

Balance Druid
  • Starfall damage against players is now reduced by 33%.
  • PvP set bonus that grants a charge of Starsurge when Entangling Roots breaks now has a 15 second cooldown.
Discipline Priest
  • Silence now has a 2 second duration (Shadow Silence is unaffected).
Retribution Paladin and Enhancement Shaman
  • The PvP 2 set piece bonus now grants 25% reduction in crowd control effects (down from 50%).
  • Glyph of Shield Slam now requires defensive stance.

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Arena Junkies Battle.net Account Link Update

Arena Junkies will be deploying an update soon where you can link your battle.net account directly to the website. It is expected to happen on 12/10 10:30 CST. This is a non-service interrupting change. Linking your account is extremely simple and can be done in a few steps!

1.) Click on "Manage Characters" under your name on the top right.

Posted Image

2.) Click on "Click here to authorize your Battle.net account with Arena Junkies and import your World of Warcraft characters".

Posted Image

3.) Hit accept after you're redirected to the battle.net page. You're done!

This update will allow you to link all your high level characters to Arena Junkies without having to manually do it yourself. Back to Top