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2600 Representation Percentages for those curious. Current R1 cut is ~2650.

Resto Druids: 16.89
Arms Warriors: 10.5
Frost Mages: 7.76
Aff Locks: 7.31
Resto Shamans: 6.85
Frost DK: 5.94
BM Hunter: 5.02
Holy Paladin: 5.02
MW Monk: 4.57
SV Hunter:4.57
Feral Druid: 4.11
Ret Pal: 3.65
Shadow Priest: 3.2
Combat Rogue: 3.2
Sub Rogue: 2.74
Enhance Sham: 2.74
Fury Warrior: 2.74
Disc Priest: 1.37
MM Hunter: 0.46
BM Monk: 0.46
Prot Warrior 0.46
UH DK: 0.46

Druids: 16.89
Shamans: 6.85
Paladin: 5.02
Monk: 4.57
Priest: 1.37

DPS Combined:
Warriors: 13.7
Hunters: 10.05
Mages: 7.76
Warlock: 7.31
DK: 6.4
Rogue: 5.94
Druid: 4.11
Paladin: 3.65
Priest: 3.2
Shaman: 2.74
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ArenaLive version 3.0.0b is finally finished and can be downloaded at curse.

It is the first time ever that players will be able to queue arena wargames directly as a spectator. It includes a lot of new features such as:
  • Talent and Glyph Aware Cooldown Tracker.
  • Main Target Indicator.
  • Dampening Tracker.
  • Thrid Person Player Camera.
With its fully functional spectator interface and with a WoD ready version, it enables players to run their own arena tournaments again.

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Battle.net Account Link Now Required to Create Threads

An update to Arena Junkies will be deployed roughly at 11AM PST where only members with a valid linked battle.net account and at least 1000 rating achieved will be able to create and reply to threads.

This change is temporary in order to deal with the influx of spammers lately.

Linking your battle.net account can be done in 3 simple steps:


1.) Click on Manage Characters; under your name on the top right.

Posted Image

2.) Click on "Click here to authorize your Battle.net account with Arena Junkies and import your World of Warcraft characters"

Posted Image

3.) Hit accept after you're redirected to the battle.net page. You'e done!
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