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I'm writing this guide from a rather one-sided point of view, because I have more or less only played LSD2 (Lock+Moonkin+rShaman).

I'll try to update the guide frequently. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I. Talentbuilds

There are two talent setups.

I always use this one:
Posted Image

Most of the other Moonkins use this one:
Posted Image

I guess "the other moonkins" chose the first only against Castercleaves. Melby for example doesn't use Incarnation at all. You have to test the talents by yourself and chose what talents fit your playstyle the most.

(see RBG talent build at the end of the guide)

II. In detail

Note: I only gonna explain my thoughts about the talents below.
Check out Lazerchickes guide if you like to have a another (different) POV, too.

Posted Image
  • Displacer Beast is the best choice. It grants you great mobility.
  • Wild Charge can be good against meeles on e.g. blade's edge. You can place a mushroom on top of the bridge, jump down and jump up again if the meeles are following you:
  • Makro for this:


/target Wild Mushroom
/cast Wild Charge

Posted Image
  • Cenarion Ward is the best choice, because you can use this talent not only for yourself, but also to help your teammates. You can also use Cenarion Ward when you are (blanket) silenced.
  • Ysera's Gift's Heal is too random and not very noticeable. It only heals you for 2% due to battle fatigue, but used together with Nature's Vigil + Rejuvenation the "healing package output" is quite high.
Posted Image
  • The t4 talent choice will impact your t3 talent choice, that's why I've put it first:
Okay this might need further explaination of my thoughts: I don't like the treants, because their damage is not noticable. Their peel doesn't matter. If you have to peel your teammates, you need to cast cyclone anyway. There are so many abilities to get out of roots that make them "useless" most of the times. If you use them to peel, damage is "wasted".
During the game you might also often have only 1 charge of the treants (maybe I just waste them idk) so you have to save it for root/beam situations and can't use it for peel anyway.
The root breaks quite fast, because you + your warlock normally have dots up on everyone.
If you want to use the treantroot to peel off meeles from yourself (?), you waste damage again and it has 20 seconds cooldown (the glyphed Nature's Grasp only got 15 seconds cooldown).
That are the reasons why I prefer Incarnation over Force of Nature. As always, test the two spells by yourself and decide what you prefer most :)

Posted Image
  • If you chose Incarnation, you need Mass Entanglement to beam/root people. If you like cata gameplay you can also hardcast Entangling Roots + Solar Beam :) and chose Typhoon or Faerie Swarm.
  • If you chose Incarnation, you can chose between Faerie Swarm and Typhoon. Mass Entanglement is not recommanded, because it has the same DR as the Treant's Root.
  • Faerie Swarm is nice for kiting people. I don't like to use so many cooldowns for it.
  • Typhoon is nice to interrupt casts or knocking meeles away when they are chasing you or your healer. I would chose typhoon if I were playing with treants
Posted Image
  • I used to specc Mighty Bash, but Warlocks are able to specc Shadow Fury since last season which is the more powerful stun imo, because you can stun all enemies every 30 seconds. If you chose Bash, make sure you have a Diminishing Return tracker (e.g. activate the gladius dr tracker)
  • Disorienting Roar does not share DR with any of your Ccs in LSD2. You can interrupt casts or use it to cyclone off it. e.g Roar Warrior → Cast Cyclone
  • A problem is that your targets have dots up for most of the time, so it will only last ~1 second
  • Vortex can be used to kill healers particularly shamans. Might be good if your teammate is a warrior who can stun/slow people
Posted Image
  • I always use Nature's Vigil.
  • I guess most of the other moonkins use Heart of the Wild against any comps with a meele and Nature's Vigil against Castercleaves.
  • If you don't have the extra warlock cooldown from symbiosis, you might also go for Heart of the Wild. It is a huge defensive cooldown, if you use it together with Cenarion Ward or NS Healing Touch.
III. Glyphs

Posted Image
  • You always want to use Glyph of Barkskin and Cyclone. The third one can be rotated.
  • Using Nature's Grasp glyph against teams that contain at least one meele to root him constantly if they focus me. Don't use this glyph if you use Force of Nature.
Posted Image
  • If I fight two casters + healer I'm using Glyph of Omens, because I don't need the shorter cooldown on Nature's Grace.
Posted Image
  • Useful Glyph for RBGs (Stealth Incs etc.)
Posted Image
  • I think the main reason for this glyph (for me atleast) is to use stampeding roar without cancelling starfall while bursting when you are trying to chase someone down who's running away from you. So without the glyph it will cancel your starfall if it's active - Sanative
IV. How to gear


Order to buy gear: 1. Shoulders 2. ProccTrinket 3. Weaopon 4. Offhand 5. Head 6. Chest 7. 8. Free for all

V. Reforging, Geming, Enchanting
  • I'm using askmrrobot.com to get the best performance out of my gear
  • First: Edit your Weights. Second: press „Optimized“ and do what the robot suggests
  • If you don't have full gear yet change the „HASTE SOFT CAP“ manually to 6637
Posted Image

Haste Cap Discussion
  • 6% Hit > 10289 Haste > Crit > Mastery > (Haste above the cap)
  • 6% Hit > 5273 Haste > Crit > Mastery > (Haste above the cap)
  • 6% Hit > 6637 Haste > Crit > Mastery > (Haste above the cap)
I decided to go for the 10289 haste cap. Gameplay feels way smoother.
Take a look at http://www.arenajunk...-moonkin-stats/ for further discussion.


Shoulders: 200 Intellect and 100 Critical Strike
Cloak: 180 Intellect
Chest: 200 Resilience / 200 Spirit / 80 Stats
Bracers: 180 Intellect
Gloves: 170 Haste / 170 Mastery
Legs: 285 Intellect and 165 Crit
Boots: 140 Mastery & Minor Speed Increase
Weapon: Jade Spirit
Off-hand: 165 Intellect

Way to gem

Blue = 160 Crit + 80 PvP Power / 160 Haste + 80 PvP Power / 320 Crit
Yellow = 320 Crit
Red/Orange = 80 Int + 160 Crit
Belt Bucket = 320 Crit

Way to gem 2

If you prefer Heart of the Wild over Nature's Vigil you might also gem Intellect. You trade ~ 3% Crit for ~ 1200 spellpower. I prefer to have 3% more crit.

Blue = 80 Int + 80 PvP Power
Red = 160 Int
Yellow = 80 Int + 160 Crit
Belt Bucket = 160 Int

Use ask Mr Robot for geming/enchanting :P

The best professions for moonkin are tailoring and engineering.

You can do random 120k starsurge crits if e.g. trinket procc and tailoring procc is up.
Heavy burst at the beginning of a game 200k Starsurge possible.

VI. Symbiosis

Posted Image

Usage of Symbiosis cooldowns:
  • Unending Resolve: Just use it as a normal defensive cooldown. Sometimes I'm using it to be able to hardcast starfire during my cooldowns, but this might be really risky if your enemies haven't used any cooldowns yet.
  • Cloak of Shadows: You can use it to avoid being countered or as a defensive cooldowns e.g. to cleanse dots / avoid magic damage
  • Anti-Magic-Shell: I used it to avoid being CCed during my cooldowns and to eat traps or avoid magic damage of course
VII. Viable Comps
  • Moonkin + Rogue + Healer
  • Moonkin + Warlock + rShaman
  • Moonkin + Deathknight + rShaman
  • Moonkin + Warrior + rShaman
  • Moonkin + Mage + Priest
  • Moonkin + WW Monk + rShaman
Shaman is the most powerful healer, because of tremor totem and the passive, unpurgable mastery and spellpower buff. It's hard to land a kill on anyone without tremor totem. In the crucial moments you''ll need tremor. Other healers like priests are not able to heal very long games. You might also feel pretty dead all the time because their healingoutput can't be compared to the shaman ones.

VIII. Damage Spells

It's hard to give any tips by just writing. I recommend to watch moonkin streams and to look exactly what they are doing, when they are doing something and how their positioning is.

Posted Image
This is our main nuke spell. Try to use them on your focus target, too. Most likely in situations where pressure is spread across at least one opponent. It will burn a lot of the healer's mana, because he has to „burstheal“ two targets. It’s also important to use focus starsurges during your cooldowns to spread damage on the whole team.

Posted Image
Try to put dots on at least your „focus“ target (the one you are dpsing) and the enemies’ healer.
In most cases you''ll try to put dots on everyone, especially during Celestial Alignment.
RBGS: I'm only spreading the eclipsed dot among the enemy team, but make sure to have one of the non eclipsed dot up. You dot like this in PVE. Have only tested it in 2 RBGs yet. But you'll have more time to nuke targets if you dont waste too many globals in spaming 4k damaging dots.
Posted Image
In this season you are gonna be more often able to cast one of these spells. Try to cast them as often as possible. Be aware that you cast Wrath during your „Sloar Eclipse“ (brown) and Starfire during your „Lunar Eclipse“.

Posted Image
Use your first starfall before you are using Celestial Alignment, because the cooldown will be resetted. Try to use it in situations where everyone has your dots up.

IX. Tricks and Hints

Download http://www.curse.com.../gladiatorlossa
People will get annoyed if you cc them instantly during their cooldowns or when they try to setup sth. e.g. http://www.twitch.tv...nk1/b/506014289 (sorry for using you as an example) ~ 5h 56 min

General Things
  • Don't try to heal all the time. More healsupport is needed if your healer is low on mana
  • Try to CC enemies who have their 3 minute cooldowns up
  • Try to pressure the enemies’ healer as often as possible (switch on him / use focus starsurges)
  • Try to get as many Starfires/Wraths off as possible
  • Always rebuff Mark of the Wild!
  • Don't let healer go for a drink! Use your mushrooms to stop them
  • Try to use innervate on your healer as often as possible
against Mages:
  • Try to interrupt their goes on your healer. I'm always trying to instant clone or beamroot the mage when he deepfreezes/uses orb on someone
  • Do the same if he uses alter time
  • That said try to always use your beam defensively
  • Put dots on their elemental
against Warlocks:
  • No easy kill targets. You can maybe land a kill if dampening is up
  • Kill his pet if he has one
  • CC them during their Dark Soul → Clone / Solar Beam
against Hunters:
  • Good kill targets
  • Put dots on their pet
  • Put a Faerie Fire on them so they can't use Camouflage
  • Try to eat their traps
against Warriors:
  • Not the best targets to kill
  • Im using Nature's Grasp (+ Glyph) as often as possible to avoid at least some damage
against Deathknights:
  • You have to support your healer asap if you are playing with a shaman and the dk uses asphyxiate. Cyclone / Beamroot the DK and heal your healer until he tells you that he's safe again
  • Good killtargets in 2v2, maybe not the best ones in 3v3
  • If they use their first grip on you, try to get away by using travel form. In most cases they will use their second grip. Now use Displacer Beast to get away again
  • Kill the Gargoyle
against Rogues:
  • Always put a Faerie Fire on them
  • Try to stop them from restealthing → use your mushrooms
  • Instant CC them during Shadow Dance
  • Use Disorienting Roar when they use Cloak of Shadows; if they open on your mates
against Shamans:
  • ALWAYS kill their Healing Stream Totems and Mana/Healingtide Totems
  • Elemental and Enhancement Shamans are good kill targets
  • Try to destroy their Healing Stream Totem before using Beam/Root
against Druids:
  • Kill their Mushroom by meele hitting it
  • Try to interrupt Tranquility
  • Ferals are „okayish“ targets. Moonkins are nice ones. Restodruids take a lot of damage when you switch on them from time to time
against Paladins:
  • Retribution: Instantly CC them during their Wings. I NS Clone them → they will trinket in most cases → recyclone them / Bash them.
    You just have to survive their cooldowns, otherwise they are not a great danger; good kill targets
  • Holypaladins won't die if you don't oneshot them. That said most switches on a holypaladin are a waste of time. Just put them into a long CC chain
against Monks:
  • Dot their Xuen (the „white tiger“)
  • Put Healmonks into a long CC chain. Really hard to kill. Maybe you can oneshot them during cooldowns via focus starsurge spam :P
against Priests:
  • Holy+Shadow: Faerie Fire them so they can't use Spectral Guise; good kill targets
  • Holy: Go oom pretty fast; if you are not able to land a kill you should destroy the new Lightwell, but in most cases I don't try to kill it with LSD2. It has too much hp.
    Use focus starsurges on them (you might be able to oneshot them during your cooldowns, at least force cooldowns
X. Macros

1. Focus Starsurge

/cast [@focus] Starsurge

Important to nuke healers, allows you to dps two targets more easily

2. (Focus) Beamroot

#showtooltip Solar Beam
/cast [@focus] Mass Entanglement
/cast [@focus] Solar Beam

Important for fast CC on the enemies’ healer. Buggy like Warrior Charge used to be

(Focus) Beam"treant"root

#showtooltip Solar Beam
/castsequence [@focus] reset=2 Force of Nature, Solarbeam
/cast [@focus] Solar Beam; Solar Beam

thx to Neoh (also check out his vid in the comments below)

3. Focus Cyclone

/cast [@focus] Cyclone

4. Dispels for your Team

/cast [@“YourDPSMate“] Remove Corruption

/cast [@“YourHealerMate“] Remove Corruption

5. Mark of the Wild Rebuff Macro

/cast [@Player] Mark of the Wild

You are always able to rebuff. No problems with someone being LOS or anything similar

6. Instant Heal

/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast Healing Touch

7. Innervate for your healer

/cast [target=“YourHealerMate“] Innervate

8. Roar Cancelaura Macro

/cancelaura Displacer Beast
/cast Stampeding Roar
/cancelaura Bear Form

Useful if you don't have the Stampede (?) Glyph "equiped".

9. Celestial Allignment + "Instant" Moonfire

/use Grievous Gladiator's Wyrmhide Gloves
/cast Berserking
/cast Celestial Alignment
/cast Moonfire

You'll instantly apply a moonfire to the target, because CA is not on the global cooldown

10. Incarnation + Nature's Vigil (saves one button)


/cast Incarnation: Chosen of Elune
/cast Nature's Vigil

11. Queue Leave Macro to drop 2s Rating

/click ConquestJoinButton
/click PVPReadyDialogLeaveQueueButton
/click LFDRoleCheckPopupAcceptButton

This is the talent setup I use for RBGs
Posted Image
  • Heart of the Wild to support the healers if one of them died
  • Vortex for Root/Beam/Vortex
  • Force of Nature to defend bases.
  • Typhoon to knock ppl from edges / into ring of frosts / interrupt casts / stop tapping
  • Use Glyph of Prowl to be able to attack enemy bases faster than normal

How to defend a base:
First of all I don't have that much RBG experience, but this strategy worked out quite fine for me:
  • Place Mushrooms around the flag
  • Stay on "maximum" range
  • if someone starts tapping your base. Use two treants and then press moonfire.
  • (Save your mushrooms for smokebomb!)
  • Why two treants? A rogue might be able to idk stun you and blind one treant, but if you use 2 you should be 100% fine.
  • I use my symbiosis on a Deathknight / Rogue to be able to avoid being CCed.
  • If two people attack your base, I instantly use my cloak / AMS after trinketing. And then cast moonfire / treants on both.

If you don't have to defend a base and are allowed to zerg:
  • I'm only spreading the eclipsed dot. But make sure to have 1 non-eclipsed dot up
  • ALWAYS Cyclone the healer that is not your focus target. You might not be able to to that much damage, but it helps your team a lot more if you keep CCing the other healers.

XII. Streams
I love to watch other players playing the game. Look at the positioning and what they are doing being under pressure etc.
Try to remember what those guys were doing when you are in the same situation, maybe it will help you to survive / kill something.

You should check out Lazerchicken's (aka Ayrese) Guide, too. Won't hurt to read things written from a different POV and maybe a more experienced POV :)



#1 Contrololold

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 06:56 PM

Thanks for writing this, will read later and hopefully learn a few things :)

edit: pretty solid guide.

Adding my favorite tip: For those of you that run heart, spam rejuv on the same person instead of trying to healing touch.

Twitch.tv/xrags for decent boomy PoV in mage/boom/x and dk/boom/x, eventually some rogue/boom/rsham when my rogue plays this game
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#2 panoochx

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 09:22 PM

literally most detailed guide iv ever seen,points for effort,good guide too
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#3 Supatease

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 10:24 PM

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#4 Korrosiv

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 10:58 PM

that is one large post my friend.. bery informative though
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#5 Nadagast

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 12:32 AM

This is fantastic, thanks :D
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#6 forumsloveme

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 01:33 AM

Great guide, thanks for the effort :) Some macros that I'm using on my boomkin, that might be useful for others:

MF/Rejuv & SF/HT combined:

/cast [harm] Moonfire; [help] Rejuvenation;

/cast [harm] Starfire; [help] Healing Touch;

Basically saves you bar space and keybinds, will cast the according spell depending on if your target is friendly or an enemy.

Cat Macro:

#showtooltip Prowl
/cancelform [nostance:3]
/cast [nostance] Cat Form; [stance:3, nocombat, nostealth] Prowl; [stance:3, stealth] Pounce;

Saves bar space and keybinds, puts you into cat form, stealths when out of combat and not stealthed, pounces target when stealthed.

Big Defensive Macro:

/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [target=player] Healing Touch
/cast Ursoc's Might
/use Healthstone

It's most definitely always better to NOT macro all of your def cds into one macro like this, but instead stagger them, but this macro can help newer players that can't yet manage their CDs good (enough), also frees up bar space.

NS Clone & NS Hibernate:

/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast Cyclone

/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast Hibernate

Useful for clutch situations when there's an open kill window, to CC healers, NS hibernate is incredibly strong vs resto druids and shamans, be careful though, since it breaks from damage.

Arena123 CC:

/cast [target=arena1] Cyclone

/cast [target=arena1] Entangling Roots

/cast [target=arena1] Hibernate

Using those macros for each of our spammable cc spells, for each arena target (replace the 1 with 2 and 3 accordingly). This is similar to the focus macros siou posted, but faster and more reliably because you don't have to swap your focus (I use them coupled with /target arena123 and /focus arena123 macros). Takes some practise to get used to, but when you do, it's unrivaled the fastest way to cast important spells.



This should be mandatory for every druid. As you know, shapeshifting breaks roots/snares, but instead of shifting to another form, if you use this macro and shift to another form AFTERWARDS, you break 2 roots/snares instead of 1, for the same mana cost, and still in only 1 GCD. (Since canceling your form doesn't trigger a GCD).

Hope, I was able to add some help :)
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#7 Quelemeu

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 01:33 AM

Awesome post from awesome player.

I wonder how the russians can use Wild Charge, it's so clunky. Especially the Аскич guy, I did never see him changing this talent.
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#8 Contrololold

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 01:56 AM

Great guide, thanks for the effort :) Some macros that I'm using on my boomkin, that might be useful for others:

MF/Rejuv & SF/HT combined:

Basically saves you bar space, will cast the according spell depending on if your target is friendly or an enemy.

on this note, I have big ones :3

/cast [stance:0/4/5/6,harm]starfire; [stance:0/4/5/6,help]Healing Touch
/cast [stance:1,harm]Mangle; [stance:1,help]Healing Touch
/cast [stance:3,harm]Ferocious Bite; [stance:3,help]Healing Touch

/cast [stance:0/4/5/6,harm]Moonfire; [stance:0/4/5/6,help]Regrowth
/cast [stance:1,harm]Lacerate; [stance:1,help]Regrowth
/cast [stance:3,harm]Rake; [stance:3,help]Regrowth
/cancelaura ice block

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#9 forumsloveme

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 02:14 AM

on this note, I have big ones :3

Thanks for the addition, and thanks for the reminder, added my catform macro too
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#10 Flavours

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 02:18 AM

oh my god, i see why it requires a phd to play this, ill keep to my warrior

+rep for amazing detail
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#11 Prodigylawl

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 10:29 AM

ya im going boomy this season

beyond useful

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#12 Sanaative

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 03:58 PM

Great post Siuo, hopefully it will motivate more people to play moonkin so we can get more chickens in arena and/or improve some players in general.

  • Ya.... I'm just using this macro instead of the Glyph:
/cancelaura Displacer Beast
/cast Stampeding Roar

/cancelaura Bear Form

I think the main reason for this glyph (for me atleast) is to use stampeding roar without cancelling starfall while bursting when you are trying to chase someone down who's running away from you. So without the glyph it will cancel your starfall if it's active.

VII. Viable Moonkincombs

  • Moonkin + Rogue + Healer
  • Moonkin + Warlock + rShaman
  • Moonkin + Deathknight + rShaman
  • Moonkin + Warrior + rShaman

Add Moonkin + Frostmage + Hpriest to that list, i've played it to glad last season and i'm sure it's still viable. (it's probably better with full prideful gear though)

  • Always rebuff Heart of the Wild!!!

I wish that was ''rebuffable'' more than every 6 minutes haha, i am assuming you mean Mark of the wild. ^_^

Twitch.tv/sanative for mage/moonkin/priest or any other viable comb for moonkins, will definitely try out multiple combs this season.
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#13 hekumzx

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 04:58 PM

I'm writing this guide from a rather one-sided point of view. I have more or less only played LSD2 (Lock+Moonkin+RShaman)


Enhance Bumking Priest or not a really bro.
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Posted 28 February 2014 - 05:33 PM

what the fuck has happened
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#15 Zerud

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 06:19 PM

Awesome post from awesome player.

I wonder how the russians can use Wild Charge, it's so clunky. Especially the Аскич guy, I did never see him changing this talent.

Its way better than displacer on any Z-axis, but its hard to get used to. That being said, that russian moonkin is a fking boss
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#16 Sanaative

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 06:26 PM

woot your whole post Siuo o__O
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Posted 28 February 2014 - 06:31 PM

edited your twitch link and then I got weired
<p><span rel="lightbox"><im etc :D
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Posted 28 February 2014 - 06:36 PM

Ah i see, that's unfortunate = /
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#19 Supatease

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Posted 01 March 2014 - 10:44 PM

I cant wait until dot snap shotting is gone in WOD
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#20 Cyous

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Posted 02 March 2014 - 12:16 AM

I cant wait until dot snap shotting is gone in WOD

DOTs and Eclipse will still snapshot at this rate. :)
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