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So alot people struggle with key binds, what should be bound where, and how to adjust from clicking to key binds. Some people even find clicking to be better, and don't see how key binding can be beneficial for arena play.

The reasons for key binding are simple, It's much faster than clicking, using the mouse to turn is much faster than keyboard turning, It's a stepping stone to becoming a much better player.


Movement keys, the default keys are WASD, with the addition of the Q & E strafe keys, when keybinding, you can choose to unbind Q & E, and rebind A & D to strafe. Or unbind A & D, personally i like all my movement keys to be on one line. Eg:


Green keys being movement keys.

You could also use ESF or WER to move, but this is only for players with larger hands as you are further away from the modifiers.

Cooldowns & Rotation:


You want you major cooldowns and Rotation to be bound near your movement keys. Personally i find 1 2 3 4 are perfect for my main rotation, with ASDF good for cooldowns. XCVB i use for defensive, disarms, Thunderclap and excess abilities you don't need to be hitting unless certain situations arise. I.e disarming a warrior with Reck up. Or stuns,


The Red keys i use for normal binds. Black keys have a normal bind, and a modifier bind. I.E Shift D, Shift T. Green keys are for movement.

Binding with your mouse:

If you have a buttonless mouse like the majority of players, i recommend using the mousewheel to target enemy arena players, I.e

Mousewheel scroll up - Arena 1
Mousewheel button down - Arena 2
Mousewheel scroll down - Arena 3

Focus Macros + Modifiers:

Modifiers are perfect for Focus macros, ie V might be storm bolt, and Shift V might be focus storm bolt. Or if you run low on binds, like disarm might be on Shift 1, as it's easy to hit, and frees up a bind on the ZXCVBN line.

Getting used to Keybinds, and Addons to help:

Don't worry if you struggle to get used to them, it takes time. Melee a target dummy or Queue some random battlegrounds, and after a while they become second nature.
And remember alot of keybinding is prefrence, my binds probably wont suit you!

Easy to use keys, harder to use keys, and keys i don't advise you use:

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If you're struggling in the keybindings page and want a good bar addon to make binding easier, i recommend:


All criticism on the guide is appreciated, and any tips and tricks would be great in reply. Thanks for reading!

Edit: Adding this very useful guide from Skillcapped



#1 forumsloveme

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 05:59 PM

Some additions:

- Always try binding abilities with a cast time to keys that can't be pressed simultaneously with your movement keys (since in 90% of the cases, you have to stop moving to use this abilities anyways)

- Unbind stuff like turn right/left, backpedal, etc., so you don't even have the temptation to use them

- If you just started using keybinds, get an addon that you can create boxes with, and make them unable to be clicked through, and just make clear boxes over your action bars, so even if you try, you can't click them anymore then.

- Bind similar spells to similar keybinds, example: If you're playing a lock and use arena123 macros for fear, don't bind Fear arenatarget1 on Q and Fear arenatarget2 on 5 for example, but use Shift+Q for Fear arenatarget2 instead, just as an example.

- Small examples for different default macros that are useful for every class and every spec, with explanations:

[quote]/target player [/quote]

Targets yourself, without accidentally targeting your pet if you double press the button (if you bind the key normally in the keybinding menu, without this macro)

[quote]/target party1[/quote]


[quote]/target nameofyourmate[/quote]

Targets your mates, replace 1 with 2, 3, 4 depending on who you want to target. Same benefits as the above macro. If you play with the same players everytime, using your mates names instead of party1 is more reliable, since the spot where your mates will be in your group change depending on the order in which they join the arena.

[quote]/target arena1[/quote]

Fastest targeting ever. Faster than clicking, faster than tabbing. Also more reliable. Have the same macros for arena2, 3 and 4, depending on your requirements/the brackets that you play.

[quote]/focus arena1[/quote]

Same concept as above, fastest and most reliable way of changing focus, saves you the time to switch targets and focusing them afterwards. Have the same for arena2 etc.

[quote]/cast [target=arena1] spellname[/quote]

Same concept as above, fastest and most reliable way of using important spells on the target you want. Would be overkill to use this on all of your spells, use it on important stuff like CC or ranged interrupts instead.

- Small examples of how to use modifier macros in your gameplay:

[quote]/cast [mod:shift, target=player] Spellname; [nomod] Spellname;[/quote]

Uses the spell on yourself if you hold shift+keybind, spell on your target if you hold the keybind only.

[quote]/cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Spellname; [nomod] Spellname;[/quote]

Uses the spell on your focus if you hold alt+keybind, spell on your target if you hold the keybind only.

Those can also be combined to something like this:

[quote]/cast [mod:shift, target=player] Spellname; [mod:alt, target=focus] Spellname; [nomod] Spellname;[/quote]

Shift spell on you, alt spell on focus, no modifier spell on target.

The modifiers themselves can be interchanged, shift, alt and ctrl work. Just make sure you use the same modifiers for the same targets in all of your macros. For example, always use alt for focus and shift for yourself, and not shift for yourself in one macro and then on focus in another macro, or you'll confuse them eventually.

Hope I was able to add some help

#2 Darkrizen

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Posted 30 March 2014 - 01:19 PM

One thing that I've found incredibly useful is to consider instant spells versus cast time spells. I.E. Since I just boosted a warlock and had to go through all the spells I sorted them into two categories (Instant, and Cast time). By doing this, I was able to optimize my movement. For example, I use W, A, D, for movement. Whereas A and D are strafe left and right, W is forward. If you take a deeper look into your keybinds, it would make sense to be able to continue to have full access to both A and D 100% of the time (When you aren't casting). Therefore, I keybinded all of the instant spells to binds that don't restrict my access to A and D. And for the casting time spells, it would only make sense to bind them to keys that do restrict the access to hitting both A and D at the same time. Likewise, also remember that you can keybind multiple modifiers, I.E. Shift+Ctrl+Q.

EDIT- Also, I found it extremely useful to remap Caps-Lock to Control within my system preferences, as it is much easier to press.

#3 Van0s

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Posted 13 November 2014 - 12:41 PM

Thank you very much! This helped me alot. :)

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Posted 16 January 2015 - 11:19 PM

Thank you (L)