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Neilyo 16 with Interview

Recently Neilyo released his latest movie, Neilyo 16. Neilyo was kind enough to answer some of our interview questions as well as some questions about Neilyo 16. Without further ado, here's Neilyo 16.

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In-game Nickname: Neilyo - My real name is actually Neil.
Location: SoCal
Age: 22

Neilyo 16
You're like the OG of making incredible arena videos and you've just released Neilyo 16. What's new in this one?
It's been so long since I have released arena footage that my last arena video (14) was just as I was starting to use focus for everything so that vid didn't showcase any focus-usage, and skype as well.

Any favorite moments?
My favorite moment in 16 video was a moment that I had to remove due to request. It was yog singing the double rainbow song during a match in a ridiculous manner with partially inaudible grunts and moaning sounds. Aside form that it was probably yogs flawless communication when asked "Who is off fear DR? Who can I blind?"
"Uh you can blind, nobody right now."
"What about rogue?"
"Ya, you can go rogue. Fear rogue. Blind rogue."

Of all the movies you've made, do you have a favorite?
My TBC Rogue v Rogue duel vids I thought were the most entertaining, fast paced, intense, and displayed the most skill. TBC rogue v rogue duels #1 most skilled duel in the history of WoW.

Player Introduction
How did you get into gaming?
I got into gaming starting with SNES as a kid, mario of course, super metroid and mega man (original) were also awesome. Then I played Doom in like 3rd grade, and then Starcraft in 6th grade which lead to CS 1.6 and Diablo2 and on to WoW.

Favorite game of all time?
Favorite game of all time, well of course I am still playing WoW as my primary game so even with all the things wrong with it it's still #1, other than that CS1.6 because it is so clean and simplistically skilled.

Tell us about your personal gaming rig. Type of mouse, keyboard, and headset?
My PC is nothing to brag about, it's just pretty good.
  • Mouse: Razer Deathadder
  • Keyboard: Logitech media 600
  • Headset: Plantronics .Audio 750 DSP

What do you do in your spare time, besides playing WoW?
Outside of WoW I play racquetball and badminton, work, school, hang out with friends.

When did you start playing WoW?
I started playing WoW a little bit before BWL came out (on rogue).

What classes do you play in WoW? Which are you competent with on a competitive level?
I only play rogue at a competitive level, I just started playing feral a few days ago and if I stick with it, with the right comp and good teammates I'm sure I can get it, if I go for it.

Current PvP Spec?
8/2/31, Subtlety

Why Alliance?
Tichondrius Alliance has the most known players.

What is your most important gaming accomplishment to date?
Probably my influence on rogue-play in TBC back when there were still a lot of frontiers to be explored.

Why are you a hardcore arena player and not a hardcore raider?
Raiding is too predictable, uninteresting and unsatisfying to most people who are serious about competing head to head against other thinking humans.

What goals do you have for your gaming career?
Hopefully get to go to another tournament and do well and actually fraps some of the really good games in the future.

Which other wow player(s) inspire you/do you respect?
Most of all the other tournament players and the less known players that I know who are tournament level players.

Team and E-Sport Perspective
What's the most critical aspect to any team's success?
Communication / Synergy and attitude as well as taking a loss well. The ability to analyze the match after it is over in order to theorycraft improvements.

Current ideal team composition?
Melee, Caster dps, Healer

What does the future hold for you in tournament play?
I hope to play tournaments again if more start up.

What are your thoughts on the future of arena as an e-sport?
The future of arena as an e-sport has the potential to be better than ever due to Blizzard's increased involvement in balancing.

How does a player know when they might be ready to try and go pro?
You are ready to be pro when you rarely have to ask yourself what you should be doing or what you should have done. When you can play mostly subconsciously and when you have optimized your communication to allow for better team synergy/coordination/support and team awareness of the enemies cooldown usage and the enemies potential future strategy plan. When, if you make a mistake, you immediately know what you should have done and why you should have done it, but also understand what thoughts/actions provoked you to make the mistake. And when your mistakes due to binds are reduced to the rare, random, unavoidable mistakes due the fact that you cant be perfect all the time.

As one of the best rogues in the business, what 3 pro-tips would you give a Rogue that's new to arena?
1) Binds binds binds (including macros). When you ask the question, 'what does it take to be a good player?' When you generalize and keep taking a step back further and further, the most fundamental things are Bodily Kinesthetic-Intelligence and the required mentality / frame of mind for competition, these skills can be cultivated, but most good players mostly possess them naturally. So binds come in as the next most important thing because the keyboard and mouse are the mediums through which you control everything. So, body #1 importance, extensions of body #2 (think of a racket sport).

2) Scientific Mentality - Experiment, Analyze/Observe results and reactions, make connections, understand the reason something is effective or ineffective (what causes someone to react in a certain way to a certain action?) so that you can conceptualize and apply specific effective strategies to similar situations where the same concept applies. Thinking like this increases your ability to anticipate and builds up your intuition. The typical good player has good anticipation and intuition subconsciously but do not take the next step, which is consciously analyzing their enemies actions/thoughts and their own thoughts to gain a stronger understanding.

3) Communication / Awareness / Practice - Most top players are playing subconsciously close to the same level with their respected class' rotations, so this leaves what each player does in the extra time they get for thinking because they do not have to think about their most common actions/rotations. So that extra time is spent on being aware, more awareness should give you more to anticipate.

General Wrap-up Questions
What do you enjoy MOST about WoW?
What I enjoy most about wow would be the competition, drive to improve, and talking with friends.

What are your thoughts on World of Warcraft Arena and where it is going?
I am more hopeful now than ever because of blizzards effort in balancing.

If you could change one thing about World of Warcraft Arena, what would it be?
If I could change one thing it would be removing Miss and Resist from PVP. I remember seeing an ability tweak in notes where they specified in PvP combat it does x but in PvE it remained the unchanged or something. I have been saying they should split things like this since TBC, it would be much easier to tweak / fine tune PvP balance if they didn't have to worry about repercussions in PvE.

Are you happy with the state of rogues currently?
I am very happy with rogues at the moment because shadowdance is finally the main PvP spec, that is how it should be.

If you were in charge, what changes would you make to the class?
There aren't many changes I can think of besides what I said about Miss and Resist, but I do think with the cheat death nerf it should be reduced to a 2 point talent. That way we can finally get waylay and cheat death without making huge sacrifices. Also, although positional requirements are really annoying I do like that it forces you to have good footwork so better players will be set apart more, but perhaps with lag/delay they should increase their backs from 180 degrees to 230 degrees, sometimes you cant land a backstab/ambush or garrote for a long time even if they aren't facing you perfectly due to delay. For the record I think rogues are pretty balanced, not OP, not underpowered, damage is not great but good enough.

What song are you listening to right now?
Det Gamla Landet - Tolv Under

Many thanks Neilyo for the videos and the interview.
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very good interview ty neil and rapture!
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n1 ;]
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great :D moar please hehe
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lol swedish song
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I like how in the first part of the interview, Neilo is only giving adequate answers. And then comes the pro tips and he goes all scientific on us. :lol:

Well done, good interview.
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#Q. Why are you a hardcore arena player and not a hardcore raider?
#A. Raiding is too predictable, uninteresting and unsatisfying to most people who are serious about competing head to head against other thinking humans.

I liked that answer the most =) Also amazing pro tips, totally different from early answers to such question.
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I like how in the first part of the interview, Neilo is only giving adequate answers. And then comes the pro tips and he goes all scientific on us. :lol:

Well done, good interview.

yeah - that was great! The man doesn't mess around!
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neilyo #1
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I love these interviews, keep it up AJ.
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Instructional video being released today or the next day probably.
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So for the protip section I can pretty much assume he's high while typing that right? Not saying he's wrong or anything, just his wording seems very stoned.
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keep them interviews coming! B)
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Anyone know why Neilyo doesn't use slice and dice in the entire video?
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I use slice and dice almost every match.. But a lot of the matches are vs mages and when you are on a mage snd usually isnt very useful b/c you get kited so much so it's hard just to keep recup up all the time so you only snd to not waste cp's.
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Nice article :) Interview Pookz or some other pro mage next!
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thanks neilyo, just watching your instructional video and it's going to be invaluable, i'm just making the switch from pve. some tips on bindings would be good, for focusing i'm using F1/F2/F3 but i've never had to use those keys in any other game so at the moment it's slow and clunky, if anyone knows a more efficient way of focusing it could be useful.
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i use shift scroll up, shift scroll down and shift middle mouse for focus 123 respectively.

profillur you just need to make sure that all of the important abilities that you need to use in a sequence are easily executed keystroke sequences. Like trinket->vanish, vanish step cheap shot, step dismantle/sap/shiv/ks/kick/hemo/backstab/ambush, trinket step x, step dance x etc.

i have all my binds and macros listed in a txt file here http://www.sk-gaming...44458052cd5f510
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that's awesome thanks! will definitely check them out...the shift mouse wheel idea is something i'll try as well, i'm already using mouse wheel down for kick and mouse wheel up for focus kick (my own innovation), so using a modifier for these actions seems a logical extension. thinking about combinations of keys is very interesting too
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Neilyo you a swelol?:D
sorry, SWELOL?
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Really cool to here from such a skilled and responsible player.
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