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Interview with Zetox

Hey everyone, I caught Zetox around, being one of the highest rated hunters in the world and consistently getting good results every season, I decided to throw him a interview for you guys to read.

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Hey, could you just tell us who you are?
Damon - Most people know me by Zetox or Chromex

What do you do in your spare time, besides WoW Arena?
Full-Time College Student

Do you have any special hobbies?
I've been playing piano for around 11 years now, mostly jazz and a lot of improvisation. Also, I enjoy power-lifting in the gym just to see how strong I can get

Could you perhaps tell us what is your most important accomplishment to date in terms of gaming?
Definitely getting rank 1 in almost every season, while switching classes every 2 or 3 seasons. The classes I've enjoyed playing the most out of all of the classes I've played have been: Rogue, Warrior, DK, Lock, Hunter

How would you describe your ideal team?
I've been on teams of all shapes and sizes concerning skill level, communication, personality, you name it. So I think the best combination would be that each team member has their own unique personality so that everyone can bring a different piece of the puzzle to the table.

What goals do you have in your gaming career?
I've always wanted to play at a LAN event because it seems like a lot of fun. It's just that real-life gets in the way and other commitments take priority over my WOW play.

How are you planning to achieve this goal?
(Maybe) In the near future I might get a sponsored team together and attend one

If you had to redo your WoW gaming career over again, what would you change or do differently?
Well I've played World of Warcraft since beta off and on. So like a lot of the few core veterans, we've seen and been through it all. Thankfully, I wouldn't honestly change much about my game play experience as I think I've definitely gotten my fun out of the game, I might have tried to be more involved purposefully in the community.

Being active in the community you say, which other wow player(s) inspire you/do you respect?
Well since WOW isn't exactly the most competitive game on the market, It would be unwise to say that all the top players are miles ahead of anyone else in terms of skill, that's just not how blizzard made their game. But I do have a few players that I know are top tier players, and I've certainly enjoyed playing competitively against.

What keeps you going on wow?
Currently, the only reason I am playing WOW is because of the high skill-cap of Hunters. Without the changes made in the last patch, I would probably be absent from WOW.

Team Related Questions
For a team to have success what do you reckon is the most important thing?
Understanding the Game and Good Communication.

What does all this involve?
Understanding the game are things like: Knowing each class inside and out, the abilities, rotations, cc patterns, healer movement, map advantage, and momentum of the game. Not only is it all of the knowledge, but also the ability to be able to counter the exact strategy and playstyle of your opponent in order to win a game. When you understand these ideas, your communication level with your partners should be more of an agreement, rather than a question. When your team can execute its strategy while being able to be relaxed, and concur on each other's ability and coordination all within seconds; you are doing it correctly.

What values makes you appreciate your team mates?
I appreciate people who obviously are skilful first and foremost, second I enjoy people who like to have fun and don't take the game too seriously, without compromising any competitive edge.

What is your team's greatest strength?
Well I've been on two Rank one teams this season so far ..haha. One of them being with: Getcleaved & Mouzi, and the other with: Gymped & Kollectiv. The easiest thing to realize when seeing why my teams have been so successful is that every teammate on both of the teams understands the game at an in-depth level.

What is your team's greatest weakness?
Frustration is always a team's greatest weakness. When things go right everything is fine, but it really is true that you do see the real side of someone when adversity comes their way.

A decent amount of teams tend to have a lot of drama/conflicts, do you/your team handle conflicts well and if so how?
My own personality have always tried to understand the cause-->effect problem. Which would be something, "He did this, so then you had to do that, which me made have to use X". That kind of philosophy, although probably not the most pleasant to deal with, has been successful.

If I asked one of your team mates to describe you, how would they?
I know my Rank #1 PHD team had a decent amount of drama only because I am a "perfectionist" type personality, and so I've had to learn that almost everyone doesn't want to analyze and understand the game as much as I do. A while back, my team would win a match and then I would go on for 5 minutes about what we could have done better. As you can see, that gets annoying quite easily after every game. Therefore, I've learned that I usually have to get my few words in about the match and then leave it at that.

Do you have any plans for additional goals with the team?
Get rank 1 world?!

WoW Related Off-Topic Questions
What are your thoughts on World of Warcraft Arena, in its current state?
Currently, I think the game is in a decent amount of balance excluding a few classes damage output. Other than that, I think Paladin healers desperately need to be buffed for arenas, in some way shape or form. A lot of classes have been giving a good amount of utility, which could be good or bad. Ultimately, we want to have comps diversified as much as possible so that everyone can run whatever comp they want to, and still be relatively successful at it. Although, when it all comes down to it, at the highest level: the law will always remain that Comp>Skill.

What would you change, to make World of Warcraft Arena more to your likings?
Again I could talk for days about my opinion on how the game is getting more and more homogenized every expansion, but I think the reality is this: Blizzard wants everyone to have fun, they figured out grinding isn't fun, therefore if gear is taken out of the equation, it's essentially a rock paper scissors game while adding in degree of skill. If I could change WOW, I would definitely bring it back to the vanilla state where every class was unique. When you rolled class X, you knew what you brought to the table and that was it, no questions asked. There was little to no complaining, and when things weren't going your way it was clear the only way to fix it was to get better at your class. It obviously started trending like that at the start of TBC, but has only gotten worse with each new expansion. Of course the game has been out for so many years that, at this point I know blizzard understands that their time is running out, therefore they are giving everyone, everything.

Anything you would like to add?
Shoot-outs to :
Mouzi,Kollectiv,Toez,Snutz,Ven,Drmayo,Sam,Trevor,Ryan,and Stef!
And all my fellow hunters! Cupz,Squanky,Socker,Ballplayer<inspired me, Getnerded(even though he thinks hes the best), and many more!

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lol yeah i just got home from uni
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Great interview ;D
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NickyEu best eu
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Ballplaya #1
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"hunters have such a high skill cap"

as your warrior kills a DPS in a scatter trap...
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best hunter in the world speakin tha truth
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These interviews are getting a little ridiculous.
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Good interview
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These interviews are getting a little ridiculous.

Please feel free to tell us what you find ridiculous, and what we can do to improve them more to your likings.
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who the fuck is zetox
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someone on tich is impersonating you
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"i'm the best hunter in the world and i'm always right"
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good interview, get a interview with Jigs now :D
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What's your next goal in game and life?

'World peace..!'

That's the direction we are headed for.
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haters gon hate
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Are you Zetoxful on tich I've played with him thinking it's you
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just a quick question,who is that guy?
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apparently the best hunter in the world?
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Feel free, AJ to interview some EU players aswell. Just saying.
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Feel free to nominate anyone and we can approach them and see if they are up for letting us ^^
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Feel free to nominate anyone and we can approach them and see if they are up for letting us ^^

Hydra, Khuna, Kalimist, Barburas etc.
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