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Arena Rankings - http://www.arenajunkies.com/rankings/
This is step one of having the most comprehensive rankings comparison tools available. Basically it lets you browse top teams from across all regions and see their comps, who the active players are, etc. Now this exists on plenty of sites before, but we have made it even better.

1) Sort by class composition. Curious what the top Warrior/Druid teams are? How about what are the popular 3v3 teams that have both a mage and a druid on them. You can sort by classes and see what teams come up.
2) We also do real time talent spec display. Always wondered what the top warlocks run on a mage/lock/rogue 3v3 team? We will show you the specs based on whatever filter you have chosen.

Now, as always, the armory is still bugging a little bit, so we will be working on fixing things up as we can. Expect things to stabilize a bit and get working better as we finally get it tested. If you have any feedback on the tool, please let us know in the Site Feedback Forum..

Happy Holidays,
The Arena Junkies Team Back to Top

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We changed the way threads are marked as being read to hopefully be more accurate so that you don't miss out on any new posts if you come to the site and leave. This should be better than the current cookie/inactivity thread marking system.

What this means for you: Your first visit back to the site a lot of threads may display as unread even though you have already read them. To mark all threads as read, go to "Quick Links -> Mark Forums Read." Hopefully this slight inconvenience is outweighed by the benefit of the new thread marking system. Back to Top

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You all probably know by now that Blizzard posted a Class Feedback thread for all classes in the official forums. A couple players started threads on our forums to see what players here posted without having to dig through hundreds of posts on the WoW forums.

We started a thread for all the classes that didn't already have one going and they can be found below. If there is a large amount on participation in these threads, we will send a compilation to Blizzard explaining to them that these are the thoughts of top PvPers.

Druid - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5605
Hunter - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5606
Mage - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5046
Paladin - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5608
Priest - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5609
Rogue - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5610
Shaman - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5611
Warlock - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5390
Warrior - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5612

Thanks Haet and Optimuus for the idea of getting this started. Back to Top