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The last couple of days we have had trouble connecting to the armory to do our regular updates. Unfortunately, this means your teams/spec will be a couple days out of date until things start working again. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will keep you posted once things start working again.

New users will default with the posting restrictions of a "General Member", and once it updates your profile information will show up. If you qualify for Junkie access, you will receive a PM once it has updated.

Note: Even if the armory might be up for you, what matters is whether or not our server can connect to it.

UPDATE: EU seems to be working again and looks like the blues have been notified of the "Server is busy" issue that we are experiencing. Hopefully fixes soon :)
Source: http://forums.worldo...icId=4976277729

UPDATE 2: Seems to be working again. After a few hours our updating should be back to normal. Let us know if you get out of date after that or your character still hasn't updated (could mean you are invalid). Back to Top

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At the request of various people, we had made forums for each BG... kinda. The way it works is that there is one forum containing a thread for every BG/Bracket combination. The threads all will be titled REGION-BGNAME-BRACKET, making it possible to have a quick way for you to find your BG forum by typing in the name.

Example: http://www.arenajunk.../Bloodlust/5v5/ will take you to the thread for Bloodlust 5v5. If no thread exists, it will take you to the main BG forum category where you should create a thread titled REGION-BGNAME-BRACKET.

If you look at your nav bar, there are quick links for you to get to all of your BG forums.

Hope this helps you schedule times to play and talk to our people in your BG. If you have any other suggestions for how this should work, please feel free to let me know. Back to Top

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10,000 Members:

Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for sticking with us so long. Tonight we celebrate the milestone of 10,000 registered users. We're very excited with how much the site has grown, and we hope to continue to bring you great new features as time goes on.

Logo Design Contest:

We are announcing the first of hopefully many contests. As we revamp the look a bit, we are finding ourselves in need of a new logo. If you are artistically gifted and would like to help the site and win some prizes in the process, please check out the logo contest here. If we decide to use your logo you will receive the following:

1) 60-Day World of Warcraft Game Card
2) Arena Junkies T-Shirt featuring your logo.
3) Premium Subscription
4) A Front Page News Article to show off your incredible skills and link to your website (blog, guild page, personal site, etc.). Back to Top