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"While testing continues and a delay could possibly change these dates, we are currently planning to start Season 3 on November 20 once the realms come back up from their weekly maintenance. This means that Season 2 will come to a close when the realms come down for maintenance on November 20. During that maintenance the final standings are taken and the end of season rewards are distributed.

The start date for Season 3 is purposefully planned to be one week later than the release of patch 2.3, which is currently scheduled for November 13. We will be closely monitoring the testing of the 2.3 patch, and if it looks like it won’t make the November 13 date, we will announce a delay."


I will try to keep this FAQ updated as the blue post updates. Thanks for the find Pharaun.


Q: Can I keep my title from Season 1 even if I haven’t participated in Season 2?
A: No, the seasonal titles are intended to be a reward for performance in the previous season. Similar to a sports title or award, it’s handed off or moved to different players/teams as their performance rises or declines throughout the seasons.

Q: What happens to my Nether Drake?
A: You will keep your Swift Nether Drake, and a new visually distinguishable Swift Nether Drake will be given to the top 0.5% of teams for their efforts in Season 2.

Q: So I’ve heard something about items having rating requirements?
A: Yes, the Season 3 weapons will have a personal rating requirement of 1850, and the shoulders will have a personal rating requirement of 2000.

Q: What is a “Personal Rating”?
A: We’re introducing an additional rating system with the start of Season 3 that will only track your personal games played, which you’ll be able to see through the in-game PvP interface. This rating will be used to determine the ability to buy specific items, and also to determine eligibility for the end of season rewards. The personal rating rises and declines using the same formula as the arena team rating, but only in games that you participate in. If you switch teams the rating will be reset to a default 1500. The personal rating is only used for the initial purchase of specific items, and isn't required that you maintain a rating to use them.

Q: What happens to the Season 1 and 2 items?
A: The Season 2 items will be priced the same as Season 1 is now, and the Season 1 items are moving to the honor system, purchasable with honor points and Battleground marks.

Q: What happens to my rating when Season 2 ends?
A: Ratings for all teams are reset to the default 1500 for the new season. You still keep your arena points though, they aren’t diminished or removed.

Q: When does Season 2 officially end?
A: Barring a delay, when the realms come down for maintenance on November 20.

Q: How sure are you that 2.3 will make a November 13 release?
A: Pretty sure, but there’s always the possibility for a delay. Due to the upcoming holidays any necessary delays to the release of the patch may require us to delay Season 3 into the start of December. We’re trying very hard to avoid that.

Q: Why isn’t Season 3 beginning with the release of the patch?
A: To help us focus on both a major content patch release, and start of a new season, we’re separating them by one week. Back to Top

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Hello All,

It has been a long time since the last site news update, but we are rolling out some new stuff tonight. As you can see, we revamped the look a bit which has hopefully made it easier to browse the site. A lot of our changes come from your feedback so please continue to give us your feedback in the Site Feedback Forum.

Quick Armory

When I want to look up an opposing teams makeup to see if the 5th is a druid or rogue, the lock is UA or SL/SL, etc., I usually hit the armory. Unfortunately, if WoW is running, the armory is incredibly slow for me. Because of this, the quick armory was born.


This allows you to see the player's spec, important stats, and other members of the player's arena teams. Most importantly, it loads really fast and pulls data straight from the armory so it should always be up to date. This is the first iteration of the tool so if you have any suggestions, please post feedback in the quick armory thread http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=2340.

EDIT: Thanks to your feedback, quick armory no longer takes a server. When you enter a name it will match all level 70s in your battlegroup and prompt you to click one or display the character if only one exists.

Name Changes and Server Transfers

Name Change/Character Transfer

We have created a forum where you can post to have your name/server changed in the case that you have transfered or changed your name. Please post here if the character name and/or server in your profile is not up to date.

Inactive Teams and the Title Calculator

A blue post earlier this week revealed that Blizzard will be using a new system to determine end of season titles and rewards. This does make predicting titles more challenging, however we are working on a system that takes these new requirements into account. Updating the calculator with teams is still the best way to keep it as accurate as possible; however, it should be noted that as always the calculator only gives its best prediction for what title you will receive.

Strategy, Class, and Talent Reviews

Focus On Strategy

We added a new section to the forums where we want to have very focused discussion. We will seed it with some existing strategy guides that players have already written and hopefully new guides that you provide as well. When a topic has been sufficiently discussed, we will move it to an official Arena Junkies strategy page where the the author(s) will be credited for their hard work. The topics can range from general class strategies and roles in the different brackets to how the common teams match up against each other and strategies against them. Example guides might be "4 dps vs 2345", "Warrior: Staying Effective while Focused in 5v5", "Mage/Rogue: Matchup Evaluations"). These will be living documents as the game is continuously changing, so keep in mind some of the changes coming just around the corner (we hope) with 2.3.

In addition, we also want to try and discuss more of the common PvP specs and the variations among them. With this information we will be putting together a tool that will change the way you plan your talents :) That is all I can say for now until we finish it, but the sooner we can put together a comprehensive list of the common PvP builds and what talents are important the better.

Moderation, Infractions, and the Rant Room

The infraction system is our primary form of moderation. Just in case some of you are unaware of how the infraction system works, here is a quick explanation of how it is used on Arena Junkies. There are no automatic bans. Infractions just give us an easy way to take care of a post and let the user know why it doesn't fit the theme of our site. You don't need to be worried about getting an infraction unless you find yourself getting them quite frequently. We will warn you if there is any form of punishment coming your way. Please remember that the infraction system is in palce to help us make the forums a more enjoyable place for you to visit.

Also, please remember how the Rant Room works. If you need to vent about WoW related issues, feel free to post them there. That is why that sub forum exists. The Rant Room should not be used to circumvent the normal posting rules. Ex: If you have site feedback, use that forum. The Rant Room has been seen as a fun place to get things off our chests and we don't want to lose that due to the abuses of few.

Racial slurs, pornography, illegal activites, etc. (you get the idea) are strictly prohibited. We will be moderating the rant room slightly just to make sure that the content does not violate the previously mentioned rules.

Looking For Moderators

We are looking for moderators. As everyone knows, Arena Junkies' primary goal is to provide the highest quality content and discussion to its members. To ensure this level of quality we need good, committed moderators. We are now accepting moderator applications. Please PM me if you are interested in becoming a moderator with a quick blurb on why you would like to moderate at Arena Junkies.

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our newest moderators: Shadowborne and Alphatier.

News Contribution

Finally, if anyone is interested in contributing news items for the front page PM me so we can discuss it further. Back to Top

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As requested, we now have the listing of all KR and TW servers. The site language is still English though so please refrain from posting in other languages so that everyone can understand and respond to your questions.

Thanks! Back to Top