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We have given the site a face lift which we feel is a vast improvement over the look and feel of the old site.

We have added a new content section: Macros. As with everything here on Arena Junkies we need your feedback and suggestions to make the best that it can be so if you have macros or feedback on the macros please post them in the new forum Macros. We have more content sections on the way but wanted to start letting everyone use the new site. If you have any suggestions for content you would like to see please post in Site Feedback.

You have also probably noticed a couple more ads. It is terrific seeing Arena Junkies becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately it comes at the cost of bandwidth and server space, so we have added a few more ads to help cover costs and keep the site up and running smoothly. If you would would like to disable the ads you can now sign up for the new Premium Membership. Along with disabling the ads you will get to preview and discuss features before the general public, access to the premium members forum, and 500 private messages. Premium membership is a way to help us keep the site up and running as well as allow us to spend more time developing new features. In addition, it will allow us to upgrade our servers, do more armory crawling, and hopefully start arena contests for season three. We want to spice up this next season a bit so that there is a reason to play in case Blizzard drops the ball again.

Let us know what you think of the new changes in the Site Feedback forum. Back to Top

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Because the season is now coming to a close, we are under the assumption that everyone is on at least one of their regular teams. We believe that now seems like a reasonable time to reevaluate current access as players with access at the end of the season will maintain it for approximately the first three weeks after the season starts.

In the interest of keeping the content in the forums as excellent as possible, we ran our armory update scripts removing access from those who no longer meet requirements. If you believe this to be an error, please PM with any details on why you should not have lost access.

Please do not take this personally as it is just an attempt to help keep the forums functioning in the way they were originally intended. This will be a semi-regular thing until the end of the season, after which we will be testing a new heuristic to help determine forum access.

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The calculator has been updated to take into account inactive teams.


Here is the explanation that can also be found on the page:

Note: This is a living document and will continue to update these numbers nightly until the season ends.

After sampling some of smaller BGs for inactive teams and comparing it to samples from the larger BGs, I have found a what I believe to be a safe and accurate approximation for the percentage of inactive teams. When comparing the new numbers with the last year hallf of fame, it seems to be a slight increase, but not massive which is what one would expect. To see the discussion on this, feel free to check this thread.

Inactive Team Estimations:
2v2: 40%
3v3: 45%
5v5: 50%

Here is how the tables below are generated:
First, apply the estimates estimate to the total number of teams to find how many gladiators and duelists there will be.
Next, scan through the active teams until those numbers are reached and record their rank and rating.
This gives us the estimated rank and rating cutoffs for those titles.

If anyone can post a similar thread to this on the EU, KR, and TW boards I would appreciate it.
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