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As requested, we now have the listing of all KR and TW servers. The site language is still English though so please refrain from posting in other languages so that everyone can understand and respond to your questions.

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We went ahead and upgraded the forums and hosting so hopefully your experience here will be a lot more enjoyable.

New Features:

Auto Access - Upon registering, if you meet the requirements for access, you will automatically be granted access. All users will get a PM on register with their access status. We will be doing daily scrapes and automatically adding you to the allowed posters usergroup when you qualify. NOTE: If you need to update your character/server, please PM an admin and it can be done for you.

User Profile - Next to every users post you will be able to see their class, spec, race, teams, etc. Links to the armory are there as well.

Report Posts - Works just like reporting posts does on WoW forums. Please take advantage of this tool to help us do a better job moderating.

Ignore Users - Everyone has an ignore list now. If you get sick of reading what someone has to say, just put them on ignore.

Ask a Gladiator - Users who create topics can now reply to their topic. No more needing to edit the original post!

We hope everyone like the new look and feel. Please continue to give us feedback as all these changes came as a result of your feedback.

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