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Arena Points Calculator - http://www.arenajunkies.com/points/

I am sure you all find yourself in the same position we are in. It finally matters how many points per week you are getting. We added a point calculator that lets you see the costs and shows you how far away you are from the items you need. It is done in javascript so it should be very quick and easy to use.

Once the armory gets fixed, we will auto fill the rating and current point fields based on your armory data for members. If you have any other ideas for what you would like it to do, please let us know in the site feedback section. Back to Top

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Day two has already begun and only four teams remain. Here is an update of how things have played out so far.


MoB Turtleforce - Pandemic

Round Five:

Loser's Bracket:
Pandemic (3) - MoB Turtlepower (0)

Round Four:

Loser's Bracket:
Pandemic (3) - fnatic.Insurrection (2)

Round Three:

Winner's Bracket:
MoB Turtlepower (0) - MoB Turtleforce (3)

Loser's Bracket:
fnatic.Insurrection(3) - Team EG (0)
Pandemic (3) - SK-Gaming (0)

Round Two:

Winner's Bracket:
Pandemic (2) - MoB Turtlepower (3)
MoB Turtleforce (3) - fnatic.Insurrection(2)

Loser's Bracket:
Team EG (3)
- MYM (1)
SK-Gaming (3) - Fnatic (0)

Round One:

Pandemic (3) - MYM (1)
MoB Turtlepower (3) - Team EG (0)
MoB Turtleforce (3) - Fnatic (2)
SK-Gaming (0) - fnatic.Insurrection (3)

Current Bracket: http://www.esl-world...ge_dh/rankings/
Free Live Stream: http://tv.esl.eu/de/esltv_stream/dh07 Back to Top

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We added a new content section tonight, reorganized the forums a bit, and even decorated for the holidays.

In an attempt to help answer commonly asked questions, we have added a new talent section to the site. You can see the format by browsing to the class of your choosing. Unfortunately, we don't know all talent specs and why certain talents are important or skipped. We would love your help trying to help fill these pages out with descriptions and comprehensive lists of the popular PvP builds. As little as one description or a full on build review will be extremely helpful in getting the information in one place.

The forums have been moved around a bit to explicitly show where different users are able to post. We also tried to push the more popular forums towards the top and move forums into logical groups.

We also added a forum called The Waiting Room where users who don't quite have access yet can chat. Since it may be a few weeks until ratings start pushing 2k+ again, we want you to have a place to hang out :) The main forums for the site will always remain restricted, but as we add new content, we want everyone to be able to participate in some capacity.

Thanks for bearing with the changes, we have some really cool features coming up soon. As always, if you hate it or love it, please let us know in the Site Feedback forum. Back to Top