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We are trying out a new advertising network that will hopefully allow us to purchase a dedicated machine for armory parsing and upgrade our hosting to a dedicated cluster. It is also possible that there may be fewer flash ads which is something we know some of you were hoping for.

It is more beneficial for the site if we have more targeted ads and the system to help make that work is an anonymous survey that takes about a minute (I just tested to make sure). This is by no means required, and as always, your entire profile is kept private and separate from this survey.

If you have a spare minute, help us out and take the quick survey.

Tyveris Back to Top

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Here are links to the videos from the Semifinals, Loser's Bracket Finals, and Finals. If anyone knows of where the rest can be found, please let me.

Finals - Pandemic vs MoB TurtleForce

First Match
1) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....jNBk0gsejSRb8U=
2) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....ffU3b590R6Vl4o=
3) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....F4qY_QqWB5B1SQ=
4) Ruins - http://www.gametube....4Yiu8QdEMlT5gs=
5) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....8BIN5W32n7i3Ug=

Second Match

1) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....1hIYPrpaQNTWIE=
2) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....jf4YlmEqpTLAuI=
3) Nagrand - http://www.gametube....auyWFXpbk2E7wM=
4) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....6FRyt16xJzLkHs=
5) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....5dsdAc88HoxTSA=

Semifinals - MoB TurtleForce vs MoB TurtlePower
1) Ruins - http://www.gametube....180CA5B1kWfXKY=
2) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....n7I8ZAfU16hMPM=
3) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....VggXmUY6mh3A5Q=

Loser's Bracket Finals - Insurrection vs Pandemic
1) Ruins - http://www.gametube....mAbov0sj79lab0=
2) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....33NLW3h2_swK3M=
3) Blade's Edge - http://www.gametube....QEseiBk26ZfTBw=
4) Nagrand - http://www.gametube....x8LHTObTtgL2x8=
5) Nagrand - http://www.gametube....yCDhwdqqpFR3rA= Back to Top

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Arena Points Calculator - http://www.arenajunkies.com/points/

I am sure you all find yourself in the same position we are in. It finally matters how many points per week you are getting. We added a point calculator that lets you see the costs and shows you how far away you are from the items you need. It is done in javascript so it should be very quick and easy to use.

Once the armory gets fixed, we will auto fill the rating and current point fields based on your armory data for members. If you have any other ideas for what you would like it to do, please let us know in the site feedback section. Back to Top