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I went ahead and did an overhaul of the armory update system. Here is how it now works:

1) You should no longer lose your title or spec when the armory is on the fritz. If you lost yours, the next update should resolve it.

2) Your information now should never get more than 24 hours out of date. We will be doing updates constantly throughout the day, and we are time stamping your last update to ensure that we process every user.

3) Upon gaining full access to the forums as a Junkie, you will receive another PM letting you know that you now have access.

4) You can see when you were last updated. Click on your profile (now in the nav menu) and under your armory information in the bottom left, it will say the last update date. This should never be more than one day behind. If it is, now you can prove it to me :)

5) If your character information has become invalid, we will eventually send you a private message letting you know that you that it needs to be updated. You can request a character update in the name change forum.

Hopefully this will make life better for everyone including myself :) Back to Top

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Just wanted to let you guys know that this has been fixed. Both the rankings and strategy pages should be working properly.

Our server move completed last night, and it appears the new server had different settings than the old. This caused the rankings script to break when it was narrowed down on a very specific team. The strategy pages happen to run that same code to find a very specific team.

Regardless, all fixed, sorry for the inconvenience! Back to Top

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We updated the strategy section today with quite a few new guides, thanks to our authors. Hopefully the author section is more prominent and gives better credit where credit is due. Just step one of our goal to make it easier to be a contributor here and to thank you for your hard work.

We also have some new features on the strategy pages:

Comment System:
Comments can be left on the main strategy page as well as on the individual matchup level. Hopefully through this, even more information about the matchups will be available. We will also use this to update the strategies and credit people as necessary.

Better Sorting:
All the matchup and strategy lists are now sorted by class which should make it easier to find what you are looking for.

We will continue to help improve these sections as we develop new features. If you would like to see anything else or have any feedback, please let us know. Back to Top