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We're getting very excited about BlizzCon this year and luckily we have been given the opportunity to give away 4 BlizzCon Passes to you guys! That means its time for another competition.

This time around you will be competing for a pass to the sold out BlizzCon 2008 in Anaheim, California! BlizzCon will be October the 10th-11th.

Here is how you enter:
1) Make sure you can come.
2) Reply to this thread with the question you would ask at the WoW PVP Panel. We will randomly select 4 question posters as winners of the passes (with the caveat that sarcastic, nonsensical, or otherwise nonconstructive questions will be thrown out automatically).

This is a fast competition and will only last One Day! So, Read the rules completely before competing and good luck! If you have any questions about BlizzCon times, location, Goody Bags (Polar Bear Mount anyone?), etc., please check out the Official BlizzCon FAQ.

Important Rules!
  • If you enter the competition by posting a question, you MUST be able and willing to attend BlizzCon. The invites are not transferable and will be waiting at the convention center with YOUR name on them.
  • All questions must be in by  Midnight Eastern Time on September 10.
  • You Must Be Older than 13 to goto BlizzCon on your own.
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This Saturday and Sunday, the North American and European finals for tournament will be taking place. Both are live events and free to go watch live.

Please try and keep the discussion to this thread.

North American Finals - http://www.worldofwa...nament/news.xml
The North American finals will be at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, MA, doors opening at 9:30 AM. Match replays are available here: http://www.esportstv...aft Finals 2008

US Champion:  :druid::warlock::warrior: Fnatic Orz

The eight teams that qualified are as follows:

1. :priest::shaman::warlock: Dude I got it on FRAPS
2. :mage::priest::rogue: Duelists Going For Glad
3. :druid::rogue::warlock: Frag Dominant
4. :druid::warlock::warrior: Fnatic Orz
5. :druid::warlock::warrior: GOT GAME DOT COM
6. :druid::warlock::warrior: Selective Queuers
7. :druid::warlock::warrior: Magical Muffin Factory
8. :mage::priest::rogue: Team FocaL dot org

European Finals - http://tv.esl.eu/de/esltv_stream/
The European finals will be at the Salon de columnas in Madrid, Spain, doors opening at 10:30 AM.  Match replays are available here: http://eu.blizzard.c...rackets-wow.xml

EU Champion: :druid::priest::warrior: x6tence

The eight teams that qualified are as follows:
1. :druid::mage::rogue: Mousesports
2. :druid::priest::warrior: x6tence
3. :mage::priest::rogue: Pure Cartoons
4. :druid::priest::warrior: aAa Agita
5. :druid::warrior::warlock: Nihilum Plasma
6. :mage::priest::rogue: Team Alternate
7.  :druid::warrior::warlock: Triple Threat
8. :druid::priest::warrior: Sik Back to Top

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Tonight we're very pleased to announce the winners of the Arena Junkies Olympic Competition.

A total of 460 2v2 teams and 146 3v3 teams entered the competition. Its been a blast seeing all the teams reform and rocket into the 2k range. Great work everyone!

During the competition we have had some Armory update troubles, but we have gone through everyone's screen shots and links and updated the entries accordingly.

Teams were competing for the rare World Wide Invitational 08 Card that award a Tyrael pet and WotLK beta key or a Wrath of the Lich King Beta key. Now, without further ado here are the winners!

2v2 Winners:

3v3 Winners:

Winners for each bracket are now displayed in the Olympic Brackets [2v2] and [3v3]

Thanks to everyone who competed. Special congratulations to those of you who won. We have sent a member of each winning team a private message. We are giving the winners one week to claim their prize before it will be forfeit to another randomly selected player.

We've had a fantastic time hosting this and hope to have more competitions like it in the future.

Hope everyone has a great labor day weekend. Back to Top

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