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We have the leaderboard up for the olympic competition now. The list is generated automatically once we find your team 2k+ on the armory.

Rules: http://www.arenajunkies.com/olympics/
Qualified 2v2 Teams: http://www.arenajunk...m/olympics/2v2/
Qualified 3v3 Teams: http://www.arenajunk...m/olympics/3v3/

Congrats to the 8 2v2 teams currently qualified. They all are from the EU, so my guess is that the US armory is currently slow to update.

If your team doesn't appear after 24 hours after it has been reflected on the armory, please post in this thread to let us know something could be wrong. Once your team appears at the rating you expect, you should be safe to disband it and create new teams normally. Please be careful though as the armory can be crazy. Back to Top

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We are very excited to announce that in the spirit of the Summer Olympics we will be hosting a competition of our very own.

From the start of the Olympics (Today) to the end of the Olympics (August 24th) we will have a 2v2 and 3v3 Arena Competition. Teams will be competing for 5 Wrath of the Lich King Beta Keys and 20 WWI Paris 2008 Cards. Yes - These are the extremely rare and coveted cards that award Tyrael's Hilt which summons a mini Tyrael pet along with a WoTLK beta key.

Competition Format:
Now that we have your attention. Here is how you can compete. Teams wanting to participate will form a new 2v2 or 3v3 team with a team name including the phrase "AJOlympics". Your team will then compete for the duration of the Bejing Olympics - August 9 - August 24.

All teams that completed the competition with a rating of 2,000+ will be entered into a raffle. The number of times your team is entered into the raffle will depend on your team's rating:

  • 2000-2049 - 1 Entry
  • 2050-2099 - 3 Entries
  • 2100-2149 - 5 Entries
  • 2150-2199 - 10 Entries
  • 2200+ - 25 Entries

Winning teams will then be drawn at random. Five 2v2 teams and Five 3v3 teams will be drawn as winners. Each member of the first 4 teams drawn from each bracket will receive a WWI 2008 Card. The members of remaining winning 2v2 and 3v3 teams will win a WoTLK Beta Key.

Competition starts now! So get going and have fun. Also - Be sure to thoroughly read the full competition rules below.

Official Rules:
  • Teams must compete on a United States (US) or European (EU) Server.
  • Your team name MUST contain the exact text 'AJOlympics' somewhere in it. Examples: 'AJOlympics', 'AJOlympics21', 'abcAJOlympics', or 'abcAJOlympics21'
  • To be eligible to win you must have competed in at least 70% of the games played, or be within 100 PR. (Exceptions may be made if deemed necessary by the judges, but at least one member must meet the requirements or the team will be thrown out under the assumption it has been purchased.)
  • Teams may only compete in the 2v2 or 3v3 bracket.
  • Submission for teams will be automatic. Once your AJOlympics team breaks a rating of 2000 it will automatically be entered into the competition. We will have an Olympics page listing the teams currently in the competition and their statistics. *NOTE* If your team has broken a 2k rating and it has not appeared on the Olympics page within 24 hours, please post in this thread with your Armory link to be safe! Teams' ratings will be locked in at 12:00 Midnight EST, August 24th, 2008. More info will follow regarding the Olympics Page.
  • Curse, Inc. employees and network affiliates are not eligible for entry.
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Looks like the regional finals for Taiwan are this weekend. It looks like it could be very exciting considering how many different comps they will be running (no paladins of course :P)

UPDATE: The live stream can be found here: http://www.efun.name/live/. We won't be covering the results due to the language barrier, but you should still watch it as it is entertaining.

The teams involved are as follows:

1) :druid::priest::warrior: Made In Taiwan
2) :mage::priest::rogue: 小嵐洛
3) :druid::rogue::warrior: 黑貓是白目
4) :druid::rogue::warlock: 十粒�*�明一切
5) :priest::shaman::warlock: 我們來娛樂的
6) :druid::priest::warrior: 豐原�*客 小德撲會玩
7) :hunter::priest::rogue: �*�*�英雄大爺集團代表隊
8) :priest::rogue::rogue: Cydonia

Here is the official Blizzard announcement. Thanks to Grombringal for the heads up. See you on vent this weekend :)

Official Blizzard Quote:

The 2008 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament Taiwan Regional Final will be taking place this weekend, August 2-3, at the World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan. This event will feature the top eight teams who advanced from the online qualifiers. The eight teams that will be competing are:

- Made In Taiwan (priest, warrior, druid)
- 小嵐洛 (priest, rogue, mage)
- 黑貓是白目 (warrior, rogue, druid)
- 十粒�*�明一切 (rogue, warlock, druid)
- 我們來娛樂的 (shaman, priest, warlock)
- 豐原�*客 小德撲會玩 (warrior, priest, druid)
- �*�*�英雄大爺集團代表隊 (rogue, hunter, priest)
- Cydonia (priest, rogue, rogue)

Be sure to follow the action at http://www.wowtaiwan...dex.html#over05

The event is set to run during the following times:
Friday, August 1, 7:30pm PDT to 3:00am PDT
Saturday, August 2, 7:30pm PDT to 10:00pm PDT
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