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New Rating Rules:
1) If a character’s personal rating is more than 150 points below the team rating, they will earn points based on their personal rating instead of the team rating. This means that a player cannot join a highly rated team and begin earning points based purely on the pre-established rating of the team before they joined it. They'll need to compete, improve, and gain a personal rating worthy of the points they would receive.

2) If the average personal rating of the players queuing for a game is more than 150 points below the team’s rating, the team will be queued against an opponent matching or similar to the average personal rating. This means that players cannot join a highly rated team and immediately face highly rated opponents, easily and quickly bringing their personal rating up. Instead they'll need to again compete, improve, and earn their rating.

3) UPDATE: If a team does not enter an arena match that is starting they will lose points equal to the amount that would have been deducted if they had played and lost. This change makes it less viable to participate in illegitimate team match-ups by requiring every game be played; not just those that are against a team's desired opponent.

Season 4 Arena Gear:
Shoulders: 2200
Weapon: 2050
Head: 1700
Chest: 1600
Legs: 1550
Gloves: None
Offhand: None

Season 4 Honor Gear:
Boots: 1700
Ring: 1650
Bracers: 1575
Belt: None
Neck: None
Trinket: None

Old Season 3 Arena Gear:
Shoulders: 1950
Weapons: 1800

Reason for the Changes:
The changes to the rating requirements for these items reflect the nature of the items, their power, and the relative difficulty that should be had when attempting to obtain them. These items are comparable to those found in the newest 25 person raid zone, Sunwell Plateau, and should therefore also feel very challenging to obtain.

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Since there has been some interest in the past about buying Arena Junkies shirts, we placed an order a couple weeks ago and it looks like it will finally be ready tomorrow. You can order from our store page: http://www.arenajunkies.com/store/

We will be shipping them out as fast as possible starting tomorrow. Depending on how quickly they go, this may be the only order so if you want one, get it quickly.

Where to Order
Store: http://www.arenajunkies.com/store/
If you have any problems with it let me know, I just finished testing it a few minutes ago. Also, we don't keep any of your payment information, all that runs through paypal so it should be 100% secure.

Basically, the price changes as it costs us more to make them. XXL and black shirts cost more than smaller sizes and white shirts, so the price reflects that.
White - $15 (+2 for XL)
Black - $17 (+2 for XL)

Shipping and Taxes
US Shipping - $5 + $1 per additional shirt.
International Shipping - $8 + $4 per additional shirt.
Residents of US-Georgia have to pay sales tax. (Sorry, but at least that means you live in an awesome state like us :P) Back to Top

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In an interview Tom Chilton had with Gamespy, the question of point selling came up. The response is that it will be fixed once and for all in a patch that is a few weeks away. Here is a snippet from an interview containing the relevant information.

GameSpy: Have you looked internally at the distribution of players doing arenas on the live realm, separating those who are playing competitively with those selling teams or just tanking games to get gear?
Tom Chilton: We don't really have any way of knowing that. We can't distinguish what the intent of a given player is, whether they consider themselves to be competitive or whether they're just doing it for the gear or whatever. Certainly as far as players who are trying to exploit the system through loopholes, we have some changes coming in a patch just a few weeks away where we'll close a lot of those loopholes.

GameSpy: Are you able to talk about those changes yet?
Tom Chilton: Not just yet.

GameSpy: But we can expect the changes will be targeted at the point-selling teams.
Tom Chilton: Point selling, personal rating selling.

GameSpy: The two big things that players seem like they're against are the point-selling teams, since you can face highly skilled and geared players at even the low ratings, and those who bring alts or friends on a team to tank a team so that they can then get a high personal rating on the real team.
Tom Chilton: Exactly, that's what we'll be addressing.

You can read the full interview here: http://uk.pc.gamespy...t/866456p1.html Back to Top