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The logo contest is now officially closed to new submissions. Its now  time to choose one. We have chosen what we feel are the top 10  submissions that we can legally use. Help us by choosing your favorite  logo by voting here. The polls will be open for 48 hours  and during that time you can change your vote as often as you like - but  at the end of voting your last vote will be the one that counts. We will  announce a winner Wednesday.

It has been really exciting for us to see all of your submissions. Thank  you to everyone who participated - your artistic abilities far surpass  ours. Good luck to everyone that made it on to the ballot! Now go  fulfill your social responsibility and vote on your favorite logo!

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This Sunday from 12-3 PM PST they are having a practice tourney on the TTR. The results from the tourney will be posted to tournament realm forum. Should be interesting to see how this stress test goes. See you there :)

Blizzard said:

Are you ready to take on the world in the arenas? The World of Warcraft team will be testing the WoW Arena Tournament on the Tournament Test Realm, and you are invited to be a part of the action. Players in all regions will access the same realm, so the call is going out to all PvPers in North America, Europe, and Korea to log into the Arena Tournament Test Realm and participate in all-out PvP action!

The Worldwide Arena Battle will take place this Sunday between 12PM to 3PM PST, and members of the Community and Development teams will join in the fray, including a head to head match between community managers from around the world for world dominance. The results will also be posted on the Tournament forum!

No character copies will be needed for this unique event as you will get access to the character and gear of your choice just by logging in. The 2.4 PTR patch will provide access to the Tournament realm so download it soon and we’ll see you on the battlefield!"
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Kalgan posted these numbers earlier and said they help guide Blizzard in their balancing decisions. "We aren't slaves to the charts, they just help inform our decisions.  =]"

All these numbers come from 2200+ arena. 100% is where they expect class representation to be.

[FONT=Courier New]Class		2v2		3v3	   5v5

Druid	  276.0%	 184.0%	 80.5%
Hunter	  43.0%	  50.2%	 43.0%
Mage		 8.7%	  96.0%	 96.0%
Paladin	 19.7%	  29.5%	147.4%
Priest	 113.3%	 164.8%	185.4%
Shaman	  37.8%	  50.4%	138.6%
Rogue	  144.2%	 175.1%	 61.8%
Warlock	149.2%	  93.2%	111.9%
Warrior	130.4%	  90.7%	 79.3%[/FONT]
All these numbers come from 1850+ arena. 100% is where they expect class representation to be.
[FONT=Courier New]
Class		2v2		3v3	   5v5

Druid	  184.0%	 138.0%	 92.0%
Hunter	  50.2%	  50.2%	 50.2%
Mage		61.1%	  87.3%	 87.3%
Paladin	 68.8%	  88.4%	137.6%
Priest	 133.9%	 133.9%	154.5%
Shaman	  75.6%	  88.2%	138.6%
Rogue	  154.5%	 154.5%	 82.4%
Warlock	121.2%	 102.5%	102.5%
Warrior	 90.7%	  85.0%	 85.0%
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