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This weekend Blizzard is hosting its Worldwide Invitational Conference in Paris.

Blizzard will be streaming all of the Conferences events on the WWI website. The full schedule of events can be found found at http://eu.blizzard.c...i08/streams.xml.

Some of the streams we think you may be interested in are the Opening Ceremony as well as the WoW Arena Tournament.

The Opening Ceremonies will begin at 11:45 AM CEST/Paris (5:45 AM EST) on Saturday and are expected to run until 1:00 PM CEST/Paris (7:00 AM EST). We expect they will talk about the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion, Starcraft 2, and the enigmatic splash screens first showed up on Blizzard sites earlier this week. It is largely expected to be the announcement of a new game. If you haven't been keeping up with it throughout the week a nice summary of this week's puzzle can be found over at World of Raids. We're keeping our fingers crossed for Diablo 3.

The WoW Arena Tournament's Schedule is as follows:
  • Tournament Stage: Saturday, June 28 2:30 PM CEST/Paris (8:30 AM EST) - 5:30 PM CEST/Paris (11:30 AM EST)
  • Tournament Stage: Saturday, June 28 8:30 PM CEST/Paris (2:30 PM EST) - 10:00 PM CEST/Paris (4:00 PM EST)
  • Main Stage: Sunday, June 29 2:45 PM CEST/Paris (8:45 AM EST) - 4:30 PM CEST/Paris (10:30 AM EST)

Be sure to check the Schedule for the full listing of events that will be streamed live from WWI.

Update: Diablo 3
Back of the shirt hints at what it could be. Along with all the other rumors and theory crafting, we will hopefully get to hear about Diablo 3 tomorrow :)
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Realms should be starting to come back up from weekly maintenance shortly. This ushers in the start of Arena Season Four. (Season Four on EU realms will begin tomorrow). We're very excited to see whats in store for Season Four. Let the 2200 rating race begin!

In conclusion to Season Three: We know lots of you were working very hard to achieve the title of Gladiator. We wish you the best of luck on having a Netherdrake in your mailbox next week!

Here is a recap on Items and Item requirements for the new S4 Gear:

Season 4 Item Requirements

Official Blizzard Quote:

While Season 3 is still going strong, we wanted to announce ahead of time the rating requirements that will be present for arena items once Season 4 begins. We also wanted to give everyone a heads up to some changes that will be in an upcoming patch, altering how points are gained and players are matched in the arena system. The patch with these changes is scheduled to release before the start of Season 4.

First though, the rating requirement changes:

When Season 4 begins, Season 3 items will be reduced in personal and team arena rating requirement to:

Shoulders: 1950
Weapon: 1800

The new Season 4 items will have the below personal and team arena rating requirements:

Shoulders: 2200
Weapon: 2050
Head: 1700
Chest: 1600
Legs: 1550
Gloves: none
Off-hand: none

In addition, some of the Season 4 quality items that will be purchasable with honor will also carry a personal and team arena rating requirement:

Boots: 1700
Ring: 1650
Bracers: 1575
Belt: none
Necklace: none
Trinket: none

The Season 2 items, which will move to the honor system when Season 4 begins, will continue to have no rating requirement.


Season 4 Arena Rewards

Posted Image Feral Druid S4 Gear

Posted Image Restoration Druid S4 Gear

Posted Image Balance Druid S4 Gear

Posted Image Hunter S4 Gear

Posted Image Mage S4 Gear

Posted Image Holy Paladin S4 Gear

Posted Image Retribution Paladin S4 Gear

Posted Image Spell Damage Paladin S4 Gear

Posted Image Discipline/Holy Priest S4 Gear

Posted Image Shadow Priest S4 Gear

Posted Image Rogue S4 Gear

Posted Image Enhancement Shaman S4 Gear

Posted Image Elemental Shaman S4 Gear

Posted Image Restoration Shaman S4 Gear

Posted Image Warrior S4 Gear

Posted Image Felweave Warlock S4 Gear

Posted Image Dreadweave Warlock S4 Gear

Season 4 Quality Honor Gear

Boots - Rating Requirement: 1700

Rings - Rating Requirement: 1650

Bracers - Rating Requirement:1575

Belts - Rating Requirement: None

Necklaces - Rating Requirement: None

Trinkets - Rating Requirement: None

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WoW added to the ESL - http://www.esl-world...ers/news/58791/

ESL announced that WoW will be replacing Warcraft 3 in the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters 3 tournament. The prize money for everything will be $750,000. I'm not sure how much will be allocated for WoW, but with an amount that large I am sure no one will be disappointed. They will be announcing further details soon.


The third season of the Intel Extreme Masters unlocks a new level of eSports and entertainment. The Intel Extreme Masters Season III features events on three continents: Asia, America and Europe. The world's best eSport clans will be playing on highest performing Intel Extreme Processors on Alienware Systems from Dell's Gaming group competing for a prize money of 750,000USD. Counter-Strike 1.6 and World of Warcraft are the disciplines.

Intel Extreme Masters Website

750,000USD Prize Money for Counter-Strike 1.6 and World of Warcraft

For the previous seasons of the Intel Extreme Masters the games Counter-Strike 1.6 and Warcraft 3 were the two main disciplines. For the third season we are exchanging one game. Instead of Warcraft 3, the world's most popular MMORPG, played by more than 10 million players, will be the second title: World of Warcraft. At the Blizzard and Intel Warcraft Weekend in Hamburg and at the Intel Extreme Masters at DreamHack the ESL presented two major tournaments that introduced WoW to the eSports audience. We are looking forward to see World of Warcraft as a part of the Intel Extreme Masters.

Tournaments around the world

After two exciting seasons of Intel Extreme Masters featuring several events in Europe and the Global Challenge in Los Angeles it is time to take the next step: The third season of world's greatest eSports tournament is featuring events in Asia, America and Europe. The American and European continental league seasons will culminate in continental finals. Individual country finals will be hosted in Peoples Republic of China and the Republic of South Korea. The start of the third season will be at Games Convention 2008. In early 2009 the world finals will determine the world’s best teams at CeBIT 2009!

Further information about the play mode, the qualification system and of course the events will be announced on the Intel Extreme Masters website soon!
Epic Gems for Arena Points - http://www.worldofra...m/news/153.html

Also, epic gems will be purchasable with arena points for 800 points per gem. They are not unique equip, but they are soulbound.

Gems that can be purchased:

Bold Ornate Ruby
Inscribed Ornate Topaz
Gleaming Ornate Dawnstone
Smooth Ornate Dawnstone
Runed Ornate Ruby
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