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We have enabled the reputation system in an attempt to help make the best information as easily accessible as possible and weed out players who constantly give bad advice. Here is how it works.

Posted Image - This image should be in the upper right hand side of every post. When you click on it, it should pop open a menu allowing you to rate the post up or down and optionally leave a comment. We will keep an eye on posts that are rated down and users that have many negative posts. On the positive side, we will come up with something to show for users who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

We haven't decided yet how we want to display this information because we want to see how well it works first after a few days. If it seems to be helping, we will keep it enabled. Please do not attempt to abuse it, we will take action against anyone who is spam down rating people for no good reason.

Posted Image - This image should also be in the top right corner. By clicking this, it will allow you to report a post for sticky, or for deletion. Please use the report button to let us know if people are being unnecessarily hostile or trolling instead of replying to their baiting. Reported posts are handled very quickly with the appropriate actions taken against the user.

Thanks everyone for helping make the forums a great place. Hopefully utilizing these features will only make it better :) Back to Top

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In the new Blizzard Tournament forums, a blue responded to the tournament queue issues we are all facing. Hopefully this includes not only the strange extended queue bugs, but also the fact that the queues are so long in the first place.

Official Blizzard Quote:

We are currently looking into the reason behind the long queue times, and will report back as soon as we get more information.
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A couple fixes have been pushed through that should hopefully make these more accurate.  The most important fix is that if you change guilds, it should now be updated properly. Remember that the armory has to first update a guild change before we will notice it. It may take up to 24 hours before the fixes fully propagate through as we need to get your latest guild information again.

Also, just a heads up for those who aren't aware. The Armory seems to be having issues updating arena teams. If this is affecting your access, please shoot me a PM with a screenshot of your character tab. Based on that and your gear information, we can usually manually grant you access. Back to Top