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We just rolled out a new version of our Arena Points Calculator that should make it much more useful when pricing arena gear.

The new version calculates both arena points and honor as well as displays the rating required for each item. As with the previous version we automatically fill in your current ratings as well as your current arena points. Soon, we will begin updating your honor points as well to make the calculator as simple and require as little user input as possible.

Additional features since launch:

  • Item rating accounted for when determining if an item can be purchased
  • Arena Points to Team Rating calculator added
  • Clicking an item determines what team ratings you will need to purchase that item this week.

Please let us know if the calculator isn't working correctly for you or if you have any suggestions to make it more useful.

Enjoy. Back to Top

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Today, ESLTV, with hosts James "2GD" Harding and Matt "Zalmah" Rider are kicking off the first week of their 5 week Invitational tournament.

They have invited 16 of the top arena teams from Europe to participate in the tournament. The tournament is organized into double elimination brackets. On Week 5 the winners from each week will play each other to determine the champion of the first ever ESLTV Invitational Cup.

Teams are competing in this tournament purely for the love of the game and your viewing pleasure as there is no prize money, just the prestige of taking the title as being ESLTV Champion. So be sure to tune in and watch on our ESLTV Page.

Good luck to all the teams competing. This should be a fun one!

Week 1, May 20, 4PM EST or 2200CET:

This week's lineup:

  • Ensidia
    • :priest: Hydra
    • :rogue: Kalimist
    • :mage: Redhot

  • Tera Gaming
    • :warrior: Yunisha
    • :warlock: Instance
    • :paladin: Selcuk

  • Lemonparty
    • :druid: Icematik
    • :warrior: Blade
    • :deathknight: Hadessx

  • eDawgs
    • :priest: Stg
    • :mage: Flyn
    • :rogue: Raeli

Week 1 Results and Video

Check out Week 2 of the Tournament: http://www.arenajunk...ead.php?t=88192 Back to Top

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The trolling ends here. One infraction is a warning, the next is a ban. The infractions last for 6 months. If you accumulate too many, you will find yourself permanently banned. Here is the updated punishment chart.

1 : Warning
2: One Day Ban + Access Review
3: Three Day Ban + Access Review
4: One Week Ban + Access Review
5+: Permanent Ban

Basically, I don't care who threw the first insult, if you take part in it you will find yourself banned. It is as simple as that. If someone posts something you think is inappropriate, please report it instead of continuing to derail the thread even worse. Back to Top