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Looks like the regional finals for Taiwan are this weekend. It looks like it could be very exciting considering how many different comps they will be running (no paladins of course :P)

UPDATE: The live stream can be found here: http://www.efun.name/live/. We won't be covering the results due to the language barrier, but you should still watch it as it is entertaining.

The teams involved are as follows:

1) :druid::priest::warrior: Made In Taiwan
2) :mage::priest::rogue: 小嵐洛
3) :druid::rogue::warrior: 黑貓是白目
4) :druid::rogue::warlock: 十粒�*�明一切
5) :priest::shaman::warlock: 我們來娛樂的
6) :druid::priest::warrior: 豐原�*客 小德撲會玩
7) :hunter::priest::rogue: �*�*�英雄大爺集團代表隊
8) :priest::rogue::rogue: Cydonia

Here is the official Blizzard announcement. Thanks to Grombringal for the heads up. See you on vent this weekend :)

Official Blizzard Quote:

The 2008 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament Taiwan Regional Final will be taking place this weekend, August 2-3, at the World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan. This event will feature the top eight teams who advanced from the online qualifiers. The eight teams that will be competing are:

- Made In Taiwan (priest, warrior, druid)
- 小嵐洛 (priest, rogue, mage)
- 黑貓是白目 (warrior, rogue, druid)
- 十粒�*�明一切 (rogue, warlock, druid)
- 我們來娛樂的 (shaman, priest, warlock)
- 豐原�*客 小德撲會玩 (warrior, priest, druid)
- �*�*�英雄大爺集團代表隊 (rogue, hunter, priest)
- Cydonia (priest, rogue, rogue)

Be sure to follow the action at http://www.wowtaiwan...dex.html#over05

The event is set to run during the following times:
Friday, August 1, 7:30pm PDT to 3:00am PDT
Saturday, August 2, 7:30pm PDT to 10:00pm PDT
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We are excited to bring to you an exclusive interview with  the famous Druid, Hafu.

Alphatier, a long time mod here, had the opportunity to interview Hafu, the Druid of Orz. Hafu, along with Glick and Rhaegyn made a big splash earlier this month at MLG Orlando when they went undefeated to win the tournament from the 18th seed.

We want to thank Alphatier for bringing us this interview. Also, many thanks to Hafu for taking the time to bring us her perspective on professional WoW PVP. We hope to bring you many more interviews in the future. Enjoy.

AJ: First, please introduce yourself quickly
Hafu: Hey, I'm Hafu. My real name is Rumay, although most people call me Maymay (like the month, twice). I'm 17 years young, and am going into my senior year of high school.

AJ: Where does the team name Orz originate from?
Hafu: Orz is a picture of a man bending over. The 'O' is his head, the 'r' is his arm, and the 'z' is his leg and butt. A chinese gold farmer explained it to me when I was leveling my first WoW character (Vendetta, a gnome mage on Kalecgos).

AJ: Have you already been approached by any sponsor(s) after your recent win at MLG?
Hafu: Vinny, our old manager, assured us with cockiness that no other sponsor would take us. However, four different sponsors have contacted us since MLG Orlando, most with better offers than the one we received from MoB. We'll be signing with one of them shortly, but I'm not at liberty to say any more than that.

AJ: How do you think WLD will do at future tournaments? Are there any compositions you find near impossible to beat?
Hafu: I think WLD is the composition to beat right now. It's rounded nature allows us to stand a chance versus just about any setup. Shadow Play (Shadow Priest/ UA Warlock / Resto Shaman) should still be able to beat us most of the time.

AJ: You played the last tournament before the fel armor change, how do you think it will affect your future performance?
Hafu: It will certainly help us against cleave teams whose strategy revolves solely around zerging down the warlock. Priest/Mage/Rogue will also be much easier to heal through, as they mainly just stick on the warlock while spamming dispel.

AJ: Does anyone of you play another class at a very high level, or do you feel that trying to counter-comp isn't any good in the end?
Hafu: Our warlock, Glick, can play a Retribution Paladin very well, giving us the composition Ret Pally/Warrior/Druid to counter cleave teams. We ran this setup versus SK-Gaming at MLG and won 3-0. We're not sure if we're going to utilize this setup any longer though, as I feel that our WLD setup will be able to stand a chance against cleave teams.

AJ: Did you play better because the Godfather wasn't standing behind you shouting?
Hafu: Hahaha. Vinny, or "The Godfather" wasn't standing behind us shouting at San Diego. He's "unable" to attend all MLGs.

AJ: You said you hadn't played together between the MLGs, what do you think made the difference this time around?
Hafu: After arriving in Orlando sponsor-less with less practice than ever, and then taking a look at our awful seed, I really thought that we had close to no chance of winning. Because of this pessimistic mindset, I played calmly, and played well throughout the tournament because of it.

AJ: Does anyone of you have a WotLK beta key?
Hafu: No! What's up with that :(

AJ: What do you think about the changes, do you have any personal highlights?
Hafu: I haven't taken a good look to be honest, but I have glanced. Feral charge is now a 21 point talent, which means you reallly have to make a choice between the good resto talents and having that survivability from the feral tree.

AJ: What are your opinions on the new proposed Wrath of the Lich King arenas?
Hafu: Again, I haven't taken too much time to look at WotLK, but from what I've heard, I don't think dynamic line of sight objects will be a good thing.

AJ: Did you already spend any of your prize money, and on what if you did?
Hafu: We haven't even gotten our prize money yet, but I have bought myself a Nintendo DS Lite!

AJ: How much time do you devote to WoW per week?
Hafu: Now that the Tournament Realms are done, probably about 10-15 hours a week. I don't raid or battleground, I just log on to arena =)

AJ: How have you found the competition on your new Battlegroup thus far, compared to BG9?
Hafu: Well we haven't played some of the best that Ruin has to offer yet, like Veex's team, Innate and Rhoz, Noxn, etc. We'll have to see!

AJ: Do you hope for a permanent tournament server in the future, or do you prefer the community of a realm pool?
Hafu: Eh, the last tournament was run poorly. However, it would probably still be more fun than live servers, where gearing up is a butt to do.

AJ: Any shout-outs?
Hafu: My teammates Glick and Rhaegyn, <Orz> on Tichondrius, Thinktanklol of Mannoroth, Hellacopter of Bleeding Hollow and Influenza the best Moonkin in the world

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AJ Vent Server

Hey guys, as promised we now have a vent server up and running. It has a 100 person limit (which we will up if the demand is there). Right now, we created a bunch of generic channels. If you have any ideas for new channels, or would like to request a personal channel, please let us know (Personal channels will be created based on user contributions to the site such as posting, content submissions, etc.). Expect the rules and setup to change as we sort through the issues as we have never tried to run a vent server this big.

Here is how access works. We will have a script continually adding new users based on the order the request access. You must be registered here to get a vent account, and you must request access to get in the queue. This page will allow you to request access, find your initial password, and see where you stand in the queue. The script is only about 95% automated, so if it says Account Creation: Paused, it means new accounts are not being created at the moment. They will be created at a pace of 1 per ~5 seconds, so expect your wait time based on that.

Also, once you have access, if you are interested in helping moderate the vent server, please respond in this thread. People who abuse the vent server can expect action to be taken against their account here.

EDIT: Any feedback on the codec would be greatly appreciated. Is it clear enough, too bandwidth intensive, etc.?

Beta Guild
A few of us are now in beta, and we know from the threads many of you are as well. We created a guild, if you are interested in joining just do a /who ArenaJunkies and ask for an invite. We are currently on the Horde PvP Server, but if someone wants to get an Ally guild going, please feel free. We figured this might aid in testing new content and testing the pvp more effectively. Back to Top