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You have probably already noticed, but we wanted to take a minute to point out the new external link security feature on AJ. We added this in response to malicious users posting links on AJ to their key loggers. Now, every time you click a link on AJ that navigates you away from arenajunkies.com you will be asked to examine the link before clicking it. If it looks seedy or is to a website you aren't sure of, don't continue down that rabbit hole.

As always we recommend you use good common sense when browsing the web and as a backup to your common sense, run good, updated Anti-virus software.

Along this line we wanted to give everyone a heads up about a vulnerability in the Adobe Flash Player, as we know key loggers are a very real concern for WoW players. Here is a description of the exploit from Curse.com. Arena Junkies has NOT been effected by this exploit, but all the same we want you to browse as safely as possible.

"Curse.Com" said:

Recently there were a number of websites (NOT including ArenaJunkies) compromised due to an Adobe flash player vulnerability. This vulnerability allowed the injection of flash scripts that download keyloggers onto unsuspecting visitors' computers, opening up the potential for the player to be hacked and lose their video game account.

Thursday Adobe released an update, and it's important for everyone who has Adobe flash player installed to download this patch. If you do not, your computer and video game accounts are at risk.

Find out about the update, or download it and start installing it as soon as you can. You can also use the auto update feature within the flash player if you desire updating through that method.

Please, do this as soon as you can. This vulnerability is very real, and there are people attempting to steal accounts this very moment. Any website you visit until you've updated may be a potential threat to your computer's security.
As an extra precaution, please make sure to run virus scans on your computers to ensure they're clean of threats. The known keylogger files circulating related to this are:

  • a.exe
  • b.exe
  • c.exe
  • 6to4ex.dll

There may be variations of these files we don't know about yet, so please if you detect anything else let us know.

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Blizzard wanted us to pass the word along about this. If you're interested in supporting an art museum or just need a last minute way to get a ticket to BlizzCon, this is your opportunity.

Official Blizzard Quote:

From July 17 through 19, you will have the opportunity to enter a drawing to purchase tickets for the Laguna Art Museum’s 2009 VIP Benefit Dinner. The Laguna Art Museum is a non-profit American art museum with a focus on the art of California. Its current exhibit is WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon. There will be 200 tickets available at $500.00 each, with a limit of two tickets per person.

In appreciation for your donation, you will receive:
  ·[FONT="]         [/FONT]Dinner and an opportunity to converse with the curator of the exhibit as well as executives, artists, developers, and community managers from Blizzard Entertainment
  [FONT=Symbol]·[FONT="]         [/FONT][/FONT]1 BlizzCon ticket.
  [FONT=Symbol]·[FONT="]         [/FONT][/FONT]1 signed print of Blizzard Entertainment art.
  Please visit the WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon page to find out more about the exhibit now showing at the Laguna Art Museum.
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The development team over at our parent website, Curse.com, have been working hard to update and pack in the features to the Curse Client. It's come a really long way.

Curse has given Crunch Gear a sneak peak of the newest alpha client, 4.0. So, be sure to head over there to check out their initial review.

It's been entirely rewritten to optimize performance, speed, and usability. Of course it's going to pack in some new features as well. It's only in Alpha so we can only share this screen shot of the updated UI. Slick.

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