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We don't have a lot of information on how this new rating system will work, but hopefully it will allow you to play with friends and team hop a bit more. We will keep you updated as more news on this system is released.

Official Blizzard Quote:

There will be a new, persistent rating system that should keep top-rated players facing other top-rated players, regardless of the bracket in which their current team sits. We'll have more information to come on this soon.
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Looks like they changed their mind. There won't be a honor reset for WotLK after all. Back to the BGS :)

Official Blizzard Quote:

We had hoped that the introduction of some new Honor rewards in the upcoming patch would give players a great opportunity to spend any of their remaining Honor. However, many players would still be surprised by an Honor and token reset as it isn’t something we’ve done in the past. As such, we've decided to not reset Honor or tokens upon the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Players who save their Honor will be able to spend it on level 80 rewards, although those rewards will be significantly more expensive than their level 70 counterparts.
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Hey guys, we are getting the calculator running again to start estimating for season four. Please add any low teams you know to the list.

The second purpose of this thread is to figure out how to take into account inactivity this season. We are still in the dark from last season with no hall of fame, so there is no way to tell if the low rating cutoff was because they discarded a lot of players because they had been accused of win trading, or if they didn't take inactivity into account at all.

Right now, we just want to gather the lowest teams while we all try to figure out the best way to estimate inactivity, if at all. Back to Top

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