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Just a reminder that there is still one more week remaining to submit your logo for the logo contest. It has been a week since it started, and we have been amazed by what has been submitted so far. There are a lot of talented people who browse our site.

We wanted to give everyone some feedback on the logos thus far. We evaluated the logos on the following criteria:

1) Logo - This is first and foremost a logo contest, so we want make sure the logo works outside of the header it is presented in.
2) Legality - We want to be able to brand the site with the winning logo, so anything that Blizzard has the rights to won't be suitable outside of the header. Ultimately, the winning submission will have to meet this criterion.
3) Aesthetics - Does it look good?
4) Concept - Do we like the idea behind the logo? Does it fit the site?
5) Bonus Points: Header - We gave a small amount of bonus points for those who were able to fit it in the header. It is not required to put it in a header for us, but it helps give us context for the logo on the website.

Here are the current front runners (in no particular order) based on the criteria above:

Pro - Looks really nice with a creative layout.
Con - Legality issues concerning the use of Blizzard source material.
Posted Image

Pro - Unique artwork, looks nice.
Cons - Not sold on the font.
Posted Image

Pro - Unique Design that emphasizes "AJ" branding.
Con - Visuals don't tie into what the site stands for.
Posted Image

Pro - Really like the concept.
Con - Could be cleaned up a bit, potentially some color scheme variations. Would also like to see it as an unique interpretation and not exactly in likeness to the original Colosseum)
Posted Image

Pro - Recognizable and fits the site.
Con - Too similar to WoW logo.
Posted Image

If you would like feedback on your submission, feel free to shoot me a PM and we can give you a more detailed explanation of what it would take to make your submission win. Again, great job so far everyone :) Back to Top

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The notes haven't been updated yet, but heres some info based on what could be gathered from blue feedback.  I will keep the thread updated with more info as it comes in today.


- EM/NS change has been reverted.
-- Hortus  - The patch notes have not been updated with this change yet.]
- Flametongue now has 5 sec Mortal Strike Debuff that refreshes every hit.
- Toughness: 5/5 = 50% duration reduction on movement impairing effects.
- Flametongue Totem damage effects now also reduce healing done to the target by 50% and lasts 5 seconds.

- Mind Vision is being changed to no longer work in the arenas next patch.
-- Nethaera  - Mind Vision will not currently work in Arenas with patch 2.4.0. Back to Top

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The last couple of days we have had trouble connecting to the armory to do our regular updates. Unfortunately, this means your teams/spec will be a couple days out of date until things start working again. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will keep you posted once things start working again.

New users will default with the posting restrictions of a "General Member", and once it updates your profile information will show up. If you qualify for Junkie access, you will receive a PM once it has updated.

Note: Even if the armory might be up for you, what matters is whether or not our server can connect to it.

UPDATE: EU seems to be working again and looks like the blues have been notified of the "Server is busy" issue that we are experiencing. Hopefully fixes soon :)
Source: http://forums.worldo...icId=4976277729

UPDATE 2: Seems to be working again. After a few hours our updating should be back to normal. Let us know if you get out of date after that or your character still hasn't updated (could mean you are invalid). Back to Top