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Since the release of Wrath we have been working hard to make sure we are ready for Level 80 arena. We are really excited to see arena start up again in what is essentially a new game.

Arena Junkies is viewing it as a fresh start as well. The site was created on the premise that it would be an intellectual exchange between experts and a place less experienced players could ask questions and improve their game. In keeping with this we will be reverting all Junkie's who have not received Gladiator in a previous season back to Member status.

We feel that over the past 4 seasons there have been too many chances for users to slip in due to buying PR/Shoulders, dramatically long seasons, or win trading. As always - everyone in the Member user group are welcomed participants in the discussion and encouraged to post in the Ask a Gladiator forum and the forums for both Members & Junkies. Having your Junkie access removed does not mean you can never be a Junkie or post in those sections again, it simply means you have to meet the 2K+ rating or Gladiator requirement in Season 5.

We are doing a comprehensive update of our user base and want to make sure people weren't inappropriately tagged as inactive and we want to give any users time to fix their previous Gladiator status.

How should you prepare?
1) Please update your accounts if you have transferred or changed your character recently. We need to know as we can't track these changes automatically.
2) If you received Gladiator in a previous season but it is not noted on your account please PM me with a link to the Hall of Fame. If it is S3 Gladiator send a screenshot showing your mount and the achievement.

We will be making these changes before S5 arrives. Should you have any questions about what the different user groups are please refer to this post: Forum Rules. Back to Top

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Well, those of us on the East coast have started opening our copies. Hope everyone gets a chance to get theirs soon. We're looking forward to getting to 80 to start doing arena again. Hopefully it will have that same feel and draw that arena did when it first came out. New comps, new strats, etc. We will be updating the site to reflect all the changes in WotLK as time goes on. First things first.

Talent Guides

We will be putting up a sticky post in each class forum. If you get a chance, please post the pvp build you are looking to spec at 80 along with any comments about the build or about any of the individual talents. We will be adding these to the new talent section and crediting everyone appropriately. Thanks in advance for all your help getting this information together. This time around we will be having a contribution recognition system in place to thank those who are constantly help keep the information on this site exceptional. More info on the contribution system will be released later.

Thanks to all, and enjoy the new expansion. Back to Top

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Here is the information that we have gathered for people who have wrongly lost their titles from transferring. This only applies to people who transferred after they first awarded titles and then lost it when Blizzard redid the titles. If you transferred before the first round of title rewards then it seems that you are out of luck.

It appears that the best course of action is to submit a petition. If we find out any more info to help we will let you know.

Here are some blue responses on the EU customer service forums.
How to submit:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Yes, a little bit of news.

We may be able to assist you. However, to have it looked into, please submit a ticket with the following information:

- Your original name and realm
- The name of the Arena team you earned the title from
- Your new name and realm, and when you transferred

This only applies to players who lost an already awarded Season 4 Gladiator title after a character transfer.
Whether or not you are qualified:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Hi guys,

I'd like to chip in with the procedure the support team is following at the moment to address this issue.

If you were entitled to an Arena title this season, and it either has been lost after transfer or was not awarded at all after transfer, then you should contact us in-game regarding this. We will then pass this onto our technical team for action, and if it is verified that your title loss was due to an unintentional problem then you will be awarded your title as soon as we can run the script to do so.

Please note that if our tech team establish that you are not entitled to a title, that this decision is final, and the Game Master team cannot offer any further assistance.
Here is an email Redundant got after submitting his petition.

"Blizzard Customer Service" said:


Thank you for submitting your petition regarding your arena title issue.

At this time, we would like to provide you with an update regarding your
petition.  We have confirmed an issue where characters transferred between
10/21/08 and 10/28/08 may have lost their Arena Season 4 end of season rewards.
While we are actively working on a resolution, the details of that resolution
are not currently available. We have recorded your information and will contact
you via email once those details are confirmed.

In this situation, we wanted to offer a personal and sincere apology for this
issue.  Please understand that we do recognize your accomplishments in Season 4
and will continue to work diligently on your behalf to restore the rewards.  If
you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at
[email protected]; however, further inquiries regarding this
issue will not expedite any resolution.  We do not yet have an estimated time of
completion, but we will keep you immediately informed of any progress.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this situation.


Account Administration
Blizzard Entertainment
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