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The ESLTV Invitational Cup continues today with 4 more heavy hitting teams competing in Week 4 of the competition. This week will be the final qualification week. Next week we'll have the grand finals.

If you missed last week's excitement, check out the matches, results, discussion  right here.

Tournament Format:
ESLTV has invited 16 of the top arena teams from Europe to participate in the tournament. The tournament is organized into double elimination brackets. On Week 5 the winners from each week will play each other to determine the champion of the first ever ESLTV Invitational Cup.

Teams are competing in this tournament purely for the love of the game and your viewing pleasure as there is no prize money, just the prestige of taking the title as being ESLTV Champion. So be sure to tune in every Wednesday and watch on our ESLTV Page.

Week 4, June 10, 4PM EST or 2200CET:

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This week's lineup:

    • :priest: Phenomenon
    • :rogue: Desis
    • :mage: Coold

  • Woah
    • :warlock: Inflame
    • :warrior: Ocelote
    • :druid: Kae

  • Raging Gradon
    • :hunter: Kettu
    • :shaman: Lilshocker
    • :paladin: Haukkis

  • Low Dmg
    • :warrior: Moldran
    • :warlock: Mixu
    • :druid: Fraki

This week will kick off with a lengthy interview with Inflame you can post questions for him on tv.esl.eu, so be sure and tune in, right here on Arena Junkies. Good luck to all the teams this week! Back to Top

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We had a lot of fun seeing what you guys came up with and once again we're really impressed. People broke out everything from Paint to 3D rendering software. Great job guys.

Vote Here

Now it's time to vote and send 3 people to this year's Blizzcon. But we're going to sweeten the deal for people who can't go or didn't submit an arena design by giving everyone who votes for one of the winning arenas a chance to win a Blizzard Authenticator. After the polls close we'll randomly choose 5 people who voted for one of the winners to give Authenticators.

So go vote! All votes must be in by Sunday, June 14th at 5 PM EST.

If you missed the competition, you can check out the original thread with all its banter  here. Back to Top

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We're pleased to announce that we have moved to a new hosting platform onto our own in-house dedicated servers.

Hopefully downtime was minimal for you and withdrawal didn't kick in. The new servers are worth it.

Everything should be functioning as usual, just faster. But, since we are still in a bit of a transition period, please let us know if you notice anything unusual while you browse Arena Junkies.

Enjoy. Back to Top