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Here was the systems panel discussion related to guild leveling and experience.

Guild Leveling
- Guilds have experience up to level 20
- Level increases from gaining reputation, killing bosses, rated BGs, rated Arena, and profession ranks
- Top 20 earners for the day contribute to guild experience
- Guild experience also converts to guild currency

Guild Talent Tree
- Guilds will have a talent tree that applies to all members in the guild
- Examples are raid summon, more gold earned, guild resurrect, etc.
- You can respec your talent tree using guild currency

Guild Currency
- Respec guild talent tree
- Buy guild rewards, mounts, and vanity items
- Buy guild heirloom recipes
- Buy guild profession crafting items

Guild Items
- Guild Crafters will be able to create guild only items
- Guild Only Items are returned to the guild bank if someone leaves the guild
- Can be the same as regular items but with less or new reagents
- Guild currency will allow you to buy some of the components for crafting guild items

Guild Achievements
- Earn achievements as a guild and as sum of individuals in the guild
- Need ~75% (not final) for credit when killing bosses
- Example: Completed a Legendary Item
- Example: Grandmaster in all Professions
- Example: Exalted in all Factions

Guild Features
- Recruiting system - guild type, weekend or weekday, hardcore or casual, and notes
- Guild news feed and revamp of UI
- Guild RSS to armory
- Members can look at all other guild members profession info
- Guild bonus - Addition gold looted goes to the guild bank (ex: monster drops 10 gold, 50s to bank - not tax, additional)
- Invite other guilds to guild events Back to Top

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A lot of exciting information about Diablo III coming out of BlizzCon this year.  I was just at the Open Q&A Panel: Here is what went down at the Panel:

Q: What efforts for Diablo III hacking prevention are going to be in place?
A: Item duplication was a big problem in D2. Learning from D2 and the successes in WoW to make D3 as hack free as possible.

Q: Tyrael such a fan favorite. How is he coming into D3 and how much player interaction?
A: Play and find out.

Q: How is the PVP system going to be implemented, different than D2?
A: No announced specifically. Not supporting the go hostile at any time play from previous games. Feel that it hurts coop game too much. Will support PVP and support it better than any of the other products previously did. More direct PVP system

Q: Battle.net and how it will be set up for game selection. Different game types (PVP/TRADE/ETC)?
A: Not a lot of Battle.net design. Focused on SC2 atm. Intention to give something much more verbose than the D2 listings and specific matchmaking. Join friends instantly wherever they are.

Q: Synergies in the D3 talent trees?
A: Did great things in 1.10 in D2 for the skill system that was in D2. But in D3 the skill system isn't necessary in the skill system for D3 where synergies should not be necessary. But players still need a breadth of options, so looking at different, more direct way to do something like synergies.

Q: More varieties of quests?
A: Big area to grow. Trying lots of new game play mechanics to vary experience and deliver interesting events.

Q: Monk - said a classic fighter feel. Easter egg Hadouken?
A: Don't discount anything, but can't say.

Q: How will you handle re-playability?
A: Randomized environment, random bosses, random items, NEW random events. Issue from D2, the path of least resistance to the best items was very repetitive (Pindle/Meph runs with MF Sorc). They intend to fix these problems. Larger zones and quests that get you to move around the environment. Progression should be the MOST fun way.

Q: Lore question. Necro probably the MOST developed faction in the Diablo universe. No necro to play, but will it be in the game.
A: Make the world feel living. Will you see Zayl? Maybe? No definitive answer. Don't want to ruin a surprise and don't know. Necro in the demo on the floor.

Q: D2 patch 1.13. Any transition content to D3?
A: Can't answer that or speak for the team that does the D2 patches.

Q: Is there going to be a Paladin in D3? As lore.
A: Show the classes we have played in previous games in the world. Don't discount the fact that you will encounter a paladin. There are long term plans for the old playable characters - something to be done.

Q: Hardcode mode. Any additional features for hardcore players
A: We do want Hardcore mode again. No specific additional features. Open to ideas, hit the forums.

Q: D2 Tyrael emerge as a renegade angel. How do the high heavens play about his actions?
A: Not going to reveal any details. Address lots of issues that the questions is about. The high heavens probably aren't pleased with his actions...laugh...shouldn't say anymore.

Q: Higher emphasis on geography in the world? Does this serve something?
A: Create a real world feel as you run around in the levels. Make the town and areas feel more real and make you more locationally aware. Blow out the cultures, nations, etc.

Q: Will D3 support UI addons?
A: No. No plans for addons. Diablo works because of the simplicity and the straight forward game play. Don't want to do that with D3.

Q: Monsters blow up into a river of blood. Felt busy.
A: Usually big big fans of blood (applause). Something they have been thinking about with effects. Anything that impedes game play we're going to tweak. But want to deliver satisfaction from fighting.

Q: Text in game. Pulls you out of immersion. Toggles for this?
A: Gameplay over all else. No other way to communicate necessary events. The game has to be playable and easy to understand what is going on. Nothing else is more important than the game play.

Q: New economy system? In D2 gold had low value.
A: Lots of lessons from D2 as well as WoW. Lots of ideas in mind like for the gold currency to be meaningful and a means of exchange between players.

Q: How are the items going to be? Cookie cutter? Or everyone have a unique set.
A: Randomly generated items are the heart of the diablo game. The desire that the random yellows have the potential to be better than uniques. Tricky balance issue. Key is to look at other roles that unique items could fill - maybe better at combining properties or armor on amulets. Like to see randomly generated items be prominent.

Q: Party system.
A: Important to easily get into games with friends. Making that integrated part of the experience. Exploring lots of other avenues to get other people together to make good gaming experiences. Don't want to have people randomly hopping into your games to ruin your game play. But want to have PVP and Hardcore modes as well.

Q: How are you doing town portals or way points? Instant transport?
A: Waypoint system is probably going to return very similarly to how it was in D2. Town portals - trying to figure out if they can completely remove them. Don't like how they effect combat. Meant to be transportation, not escape from unpleasant situations. Don't think duriel would have ever existed without town portals (Makes for sloppy development). Working on lots of systems with the checkpoint system and player resurrection, exits to dungeons all meant to reduce transportation time. Don't want transportation time as a feature of the game.

Q: Wizard in the demo seemed slow paced?
A: Symptom of the skills we selected for the demo. Other attack spells are a LOT faster so you can spec to adapt to your play style. Focus on items that increase cast speed or run speed.

Q: Last year's build with the Witch Doctor build - with setting the zombie dogs on fire or poisoning. What happened?
A: Problem with the zombie dogs - why would I choose to plague or light my dog on fire? Certain situations for both? Game play turned into keeping the dog on fire or plagued. Readability issue on the screen. Want to keep customizing the dog in different ways either through skills or the rune system which isn't even being shown right now.

Q: Some ideas, phrased as questions. Phasing, would it be cool to change the environment based on your quest or class specific quests?
A: Phasing, very cool in WoW. Currently D3 doesn't have technology like that - not a persistent world like an MMO. Story more linear in D3. Won't expore something like that until it there is an obvious benefit.

Expand the story of the heroes. A lot more dialog for the heros, participate in conversations. Class quests sounds like a great idea.

Q: Frustrating part of D2 is to fight bosses and have someone else loot all your gear.
A: All items are dropped on a per player basis. All monsters that die have a chance to drop loot for each player in the game. Can't see each others. Pick up any items you see on the ground - it's for you. *CHEERS!*

Q: Trading items between accounts system.
A: There will be a way to transfer items between your characters. Have no decided what method will be used yet. Absolutely will be in the game.

Q: Game play format more new player friendly?
A: Tutorial system and lots of time put into making it all simple and easy to get into. Feel like it is an easy game to play, but want to make it AS easy as possible to get into and understand.

Q: Creatures have skeleton, skill, muscle all separate - will we see flesh and bones flying off creatures? Will Runes be making a reappearance.  
A: Pretty good change you will see chunks of flesh flying off during combat. RUNES: Runewords will not be in the game. Runes are the new SKILL customization system. Will we have crafting? No comment yet, read into that what you will.

Q: Music? Will each zone have it's own feel like D2.
A: Sound always a little behind, but some really specific stuff. Will release very little until the game is out.

Q: Projectiles - pretty sure the last class will be a ranged class. In D2, those things seems slow. New system for how projectiles moved and tracked mobs?
A: No different system. Weakness of projectiles is they don't always hit. It's the mechanic. Possibly a system that had extremely fast projectiles. Decisions you will have to make according to your play style. Rune customizations can help tailor this experience. In terms of the last class - no comment at all until it's announced.

Q: Skill trees - skills seemed reflective of PVE skills. Will there be skill builds with dueling and PVP in mind?
A: Don't talk a lot about PVP. Part of supporting it better is developing characters as both PVE and PVP characters. PVE the focus for balance, but PVP options, runes, and customizations will be there. Yes we think about PVP when designing the skills.

Q: Level design: Confined or open world level design?
A: Not choosing either direction. The zone in the demo is wide open - seeing what people thought. The environment will depend on the story and the direction of a level area or dungeon.

Q: Will there be a client side map editor?
A: No. The environments are all randomly generated and the authoring for them is very difficult and doesn't cater to a map creation. Use Maya for most of the map creation.

Q: Bringing back the Horadric cube? And how the hell is Diablo STILL alive?
A: horadric Cube - liked the way you can take items and combine them. Interesting mechanic. Not happy with the exact way it was done. Want to keep the essence of the mechanic but the implementation will be different. We have NOT yet said that Diablo will be appearing in this game.

Q: Gambling again a part of item gathering?
A: Issue with gambling is understanding how it works - kind of a black box. Understanding how gambling works is important. Want to have ways to get items in addition to going on runs - but the diablo 2 method is probably going to go through revisions.

Q: Love sound effects and fan of old D1 SFX? Will you bring back sounds from old games?
A: Plan to pay respect to the older versions of the game with throwback sounds here and there.

Q: Class specific items: where is it going compared to D2?
A: Intention to add class specific items that are unique to the class. Make them really cool signature items. Don't want it to be like a belt...want it to be big showy items. Are they going to be required for a class though? Not exclusive, but useful for certain builds to add diversity to the itemization of a character.

Q: What bosses might come back?
A: Not talking about it, but don't count anyone out. *Maybe a sitcom starring all the bosses*

Q: Monster recoil - hit a monster in D2 and the monster recoils and feels good like you are hitting them. Will this be in D3?
A: Every creature does have recoil already in the demo on a percentage chance that is almost identical to D2's. Surprised to hear a question about it, continue to work on it if it's not tuned correctly.

That's all the time they had for questions. Tyveris and I have been playing the demo they have on the floor and can say that it's straight up AWESOME and is looking great. That's it for now. Back to Top

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Here was the systems panel discussion related to PvP.

Rated Battlegrounds
- Earn arena points in battlegrounds
- Featured weekly battleground will be the same as the weekend battleground

How Rated Battlegrounds work
- Queue with any group, doesn't have to be the same group each time
- You will have a Personal Rating and Matchmaking Rating
- Win the BG, you gain rating and arena points as soon as the game is complete
- Lose the BG, you will not lose rating
- There will be a lifetime history of wins and losses across the different BGs
- Arena will be changed to also win arena points as you win games
- There will be a weekly limit on how many points you can get

Rated Battleground Rewards
- Classic Honor Titles are back
- Epic Ground Mounts
- Arena Points
- Guild Achievements and Levels

Tal Barad
- Combination of Wintergrasp and Isle of Quel'Danas
- While active, it plays like Wintergrasp capturing control points
- While inactive, plays like Isle of Quel'Danas
- Bosses give Marks of Honor Back to Top