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This weekend, eight teams will be competing for $15,000, three computers, and a chance to qualify for the MLG finals. You should be able to catch the streams on gotfrag.com and mmo-champion.com.

The schedule can be found below. Please keep all discussion related to the tournament here.

FRIDAY (All times in CST)

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Pre-Game Show

7:00 PM - 7:35 PM Round Robin: SK vs. x6tence
7:35 PM - 8:10 PM Round Robin: eMg vs. Fnatic
8:10 PM - 8:45 PM Round Robin: HoN vs. Gravitas
8:45 PM - 9:20 PM Round Robin: aAa vs. Complexity

9:20 PM - 9:45 PM - FRIDAY Wrap-up and SATURDAY Preview

SATURDAY  (All times in CST)

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM - SATURDAY Pre-game Show

10:00 AM - 10:35 AM Round Robin: x6tence vs. Fnatic
10:35 AM - 11:10 AM Round Robin: HoN vs. Complexity
11:10 AM - 11:45 AM Round Robin: SK vs. Fnatic
11:45 AM - 12:20 PM Round Robin: Gravitas vs. aAa

12:20 PM - 1:00 PM - Lunch Break

1:00 PM - 1:35 PM Round Robin: SK vs. eMg
1:35 PM - 2:10 PM Round Robin: HoN vs. aAa
2:10 PM - 2:45 PM Round Robin: x6tence vs. eMg
2:45 PM - 3:20 PM Round Robin: Gravitas vs. Complexity
3:20 PM - 3:55 PM Round Robin: SK vs. HoN
3:55 PM - 4:30 PM Round Robin: x6tence vs. Gravitas
4:30 PM - 5:05 PM Round Robin: eMg vs. aAa

5:05 PM - 6:00 PM - Dinner Break

6:00 PM - 6:35 PM Round Robin: Fnatic vs. Complexity
6:35 PM - 7:10 PM Round Robin: SK vs. Gravitas
7:10 PM - 7:45 PM Round Robin: Fnatic vs. aAa
7:45 PM - 8:20 PM Round Robin: eMg vs. Complexity
8:20 PM - 8:55 PM Round Robin: x6tence vs. HoN
8:55 PM - 9:30 PM Round Robin: SK vs. aAa
9:30 PM - 10:05 PM Round Robin: x6tence vs. Complexity

10:05 PM - 10:30 PM - SATURDAY Wrap-up and SUNDAY Preview

SUNDAY  (All times in CST)

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM - SUNDAY Pre-game Show

10:00 AM - 10:35 AM Round Robin: Fnatic vs. Gravitas
10:35 AM - 11:10 AM Round Robin: SK vs. Complexity
11:10 AM - 11:45 AM Round Robin: eMg vs. HoN
11:45 AM - 12:20 PM Round Robin: x6tence vs. aAa
12:20 PM - 12:55 PM Round Robin: eMg vs. Gravitas
12:55 PM - 1:30 PM Round Robin: Fnatic vs. Hon

1:30PM - 2:00PM - Lunch Break

2:00 PM - 2:35 PM Bracket: Winners Round 1A
2:35 PM - 3:10 PM Bracket: Winners Round 1B
3:10 PM - 3:45 PM Bracket: Losers Round 1
3:45 PM - 4:20 PM Bracket: Winners Finals
4:20 PM - 5:05 PM Bracket: Losers Finals

5:05 PM - 5:15 PM - Finals Preview
5:15 PM - 6:00 PM Bracket: Finals
6:00 PM - 6:30 PM - Wrap-up Show Back to Top

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We just got out of the Press open Q&A with Jay Wilson, Diablo 3's lead designed and J. Allen Brack, lead producer of World of Warcraft. It's a mix of questions on both Diablo and WoW.

Here are our notes from the panel:

Q:Guild Hosing in WoW:
A:Discussed for this expansion, but not currently part of the plan for cataclysm.

Q:Mobile phone app development?
A:Very cool, excited about it. Not currently planning on any games.

Q:New Battle.net and how it's going to work into D3.
A:Involved in all the planning, Social networking, instant messaging, etc any feature set in SC2, going to put in D3 when applicable. See it as a place for players to find games and places to play. Find a guy, press a button and you're in a game right next to him, ready to do what you need to do. Still very early for D3.

Q:Is there an ending point for the game? A final level cap?
A:Nothing like this at all.

Q:With the level cap rising, are there going to be options to start any character at a higher level?
A:Discussed, but still don't want to change the amount of time to level from start to end level.

Q:Expansions without a level cap hike?
A:Sure, could make a theoretical expansion without raising the level cap.

Q:Will there be a dungeon to bridge the gap between cataclysm and the next xpac?
A:No. Deathwing will be the final boss.

Q:Replays for Diablo 3? Like for SC2?
A:It's something that has been discussed. Interested in what the fans would like to see.

Q:Modding for D3?
A:No. The random content creation does not lend itself to modability.

Q:Preventing selling of level 80 characters?
A:Discussed a great deal and what are the rules for merging your account to a battle.net account. Decided to let players play. Think the Battle.net feature set is strong enough now to discourage selling of accounts.

Q:Plans for new instances for Cataclysm?
A:No, next content patch is Icecrown. Will have the 10 and 25 man raid for Arthas. Last content patch before Cataclysm.

Q:Considered increasing the skill cap of individual skills? (Now at 5)? Change graphical representation of skills based on skill point investment?
A:5 is not the cap, wanted players to diversify  in normal difficulty by making the cap 5. Get an item to raise skill caps. As far as changing the graphics for a skill based on skill, runes will certainly do that and enhance the skill graphics.

Q:When will the WoW character models be updated?
A:Discussed extensively. May or may not happen for Cataclysm. Do small graphical changes to ease people into the change. Talked about having an option for having new or old models.

Q:Heroes from D2 involved in D3 as NPC's?
A:No all heroes, do plan to put in at least 1. Whenever we can we want to put them in.

Tyveris:A lot of players feel like WotLK made arena more casual friendly, but with Cataclysm bringing rated BGs, will we see arena return to what it was like in BC, more like chess?
A:Felt BC arena's were more casual. Getting welfare epics. WoTLK arenas are far more hardcore, participants are far less than in BC. Feel it's because the matchmaking system is so much better and you have to play against teams that are going to beat you.

Q:Battle.net mod distribution system for charging for SC2 mods. Why can't we charge for WoW mods and distribute them through BNet
A:Not something they are doing right now, but may consider going forward.

Q:Happy with raid content for WoTLK? Did you expect it to be cleared so quickly? What direction are you going?
A:People thought C'thun was too easy - not a new complaint. Happy how things turned out. Happy with heroic modes and want to do more with the "soul crushing" hard modes. That theme will continue for every single boss going forward.

Q:Multiple cities per act. Same structure of Acts as D2?
A:Structure of the game a little different. Want each act to have it's own tone and theme. Nice bookmarks for cut scenes and story progress. Yes, probably multiple cities, but might not be the same purpose for each on.

Q:Announcement of Cataclysm not exactly a surprise for anyone? How did the studio react to the leaked information? Any changes internally?
A:5 Stages of grief. Anger to happy that people are excited about the game. Hard not to have the initial irritation. Ongoing investigation about it.

Q:Lore - how closely related are the Warcraft novels and the Warcraft movie?
A:Script not finished for the movie. The goal is for it to be a great story first, and a great experience that is enjoyable and consistent with what is going on. Goal for it to be a great movie, even for people who aren't into WoW.

Q:Development cycle for D3. Do you get people in from SC2 to D3 once SC2 ships? Will you get an influx of people developing it?
A:If they need them. Loan one or 2 for shipping a product from one team to another. Not a lot shifting over. 60-70 people on the D3 team who are dedicated to that project.

Q:Female artwork on the monk?
A:Not too far off. Hopefully not "next Blizzcon".

Q:How important are the lower skills in the tree?
A:Use the runes to amplify the effect of low end skills to make them great end game skills. Some early game skills are designed as early game skills. Late game skills are there so that they can be better than early game skills. Allowing players to respec so you can feel free to invest a low level and then invest those points into high end skills as they become available.

Q:Have you done any play testing by watching people play the demos here at Blizzcon?
A: For D3: Yes, spend hours watching people play here and internally. Big thing they have found - when you get 4 players on the screen and a lot of mobs, it becomes a soup of effects. While it's cool, it makes it unplayable and game play always comes first.

For WoW: Interesting to see how many people choose Worgen over goblin. Has an instant appeal to people. Think the 1-5 Goblin experience is awesome so the problem will solve itself.

Q:What is the 1-5 experience?
A:Both paths are known and planned. Worgen's start as a human, get the curse and transform into Worgen.

Q:Non Blizzard games they find inspirational or fun?
A:Jay Wilson - Favorite game of all time: XCom (1994), Doom - got his start making doom levels. Little Big Planet and hopeful for Champions Online. Fall from heaven mod for Civ4 - try it out.
J. Allen Brack - Battlefield 1943 a lot of fun recently, Halo Wars demo. Plants vs Zombies.

Q:Everquest hit it's 10 year anniversary and wow is almost half way there. Where do you see WoW 10 years after it's launch?
A:WoW 2? Why would we even discuss that. Work on about 2 things at a time on the WoW team at a time. Current expansion and next expansion is about as far ahead as they look ahead. Looking further is not a good use of time because after then next expansion they will learn so much that plans would change entirely based on that learning.

Q:What happens to brand new players to WoW. Will they be able to see classic content after Cataclysm?
A:Whenever the Cataclysm happens, you will be in the post Cataclysm world. You can't revisit the old old content. Pushing the content forward and improving on it.

Q:Battle.net integration between new games and the legacy games (D2)
A:A goal, but not sure. Will be able to play D3 and chat with a buddy playing WoW or SC2.

Q:"The NextGen MMO" How will it impact WoW, cannibalize the user base? How do you see the interaction between the two.
A:Moving on to the next question...

Q:Guild System
A:Point is to make you able to play with your friends even more. Players love achievements and goals. Point is to add shared goals

Q:How are you handling cinematics for D3?
A:Using them to the same level as D2. Trying show the player the world in a way that the game could never do. Lots of story driven inside of quests and scripted dialog? No class specific cinematics.

Q:How is trading going to work in D3?
A:Not decided yet. Going into a chat channel and spaming is not how it will work. Creating trade games that get lost in an endless list is not how it will work. Some system, may be an Auction house or may be a system for trading over BNet. D3 is centered around trading - best items gotten through trading, so they are going to get a GREAT system in.

Q:How can you have a female monk? What would it look like?
A:It's our game and universe so we can do what we want. Leaning away from a bald head. She'll look sexy and hot.

Q:Diablo 2 felt quite linear in level design. Does D3 intend to add more branching?
A:Focusing on a more linear game. Give the feeling of non-linear play by giving choices to dive into a random dungeon or how to explore a random map.

That's all for our BlizzCon coverage this year. Hope you've enjoyed it. Back to Top

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Here are the highlights about talents and mastery from the Systems Panel.

Passive Talents
- Goal to make all talents more active and fun without required passive talents
- Removing passive talents from the tree like Spell Power, Fire and Brimstone, and Cruelty
- Keeping passive talents like Body and Soul, Lightning Overload, and Juggernaut
- Instead, you get passive increases just by putting points in a tree
- Three types of passive tree increases
- 1) Increased damage, healing, or tanking
- 2) Statlike increase like haste or crit
- 3) Unique per spec mastery bonuses

- You get the mastery bonus for the tree you have the most points in
- Gear will have bonus to mastery so that it applies to any spec
- Examples: Assassination gains +Poison Damage, Subtlety gains reduced energy cost, etc.

Ancient Glyphs
- New type of progression at max level
- This new type of glyph is completely separate mechanic
- You have up to 10 ranks to achieve with different choices of glyphs at each rank
- They will unlock more glyphs as time goes on
- They will unlock more ranks as time goes on (example started with 5, up to 10)
- Eventually you get them all, but hardcore might get them faster
- They might cap progress per week, and will also have catchup mechanics. Back to Top