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Blizzard just recently addressed the new matchmaking system that has been the source of much debate. Without further ado, here is the official word on the intention and state of the system:

Official Blizzard Quote:

We recently introduced a new Arena matchmaking system with the intent of better matching up players against opponents of similar skill level, and to address potential abuses under the old system. We realize that many players have questions regarding the new system, and as such, we would like to provide more insight into the new matchmaking system.

    * First and foremost, the primary goal of the new Arena matchmaking system is to match players against opponents of similar skill, regardless of your or your opponents’ team rating. This means that once an estimated skill level is determined, you will more likely be matched against other players of a similar skill level. Please note that the estimated skill level is constantly being evaluated and will adjust based on each team’s continual performance. Ratings that are won or lost also take into account skill level, so that you will not suffer a high penalty if you lose against a team that is much better than their actual team rating.

    * Another important aspect of this new Arena matchmaking system is a smaller range of maximum rating that can be won or lost. Because of the differences between how the new system assigns rating points at the end of a match, we are still tweaking rating gain versus loss per match to improve the experience.

    * If you were previously ranked with a high skill level and decide to create a new team, it should now be much easier to reach your team’s correct rating. This ensures that players will not feel penalized for moving between teams, and high ranked teams will not feel penalized for trying out new players without much risk to the team rating itself.

    * Finally, the core and fundamental reason for the new Arena matchmaking system is for players to participate in Arena games that are fun. We feel that with this new system, higher ranked players will most likely find the challenges that they seek, newer players will no longer feel that that Arenas are closed to them, and players will not feel as penalized for trying new things in the Arenas.

We like the way that matchmaking works in the new system and feel that it is working as expected. However, we acknowledge that there are some aspects of the way rating is calculated under the new system that could use some tweaking. As with all things, your enjoyment of the game and its systems are very important us, and this system was implemented in an effort to further promote the enjoyment of the Arenas. As always, we welcome your feedback and would constantly be striving to make this system even better.

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In the past we have gotten some feedback that our header might be, somewhat dull, lacking pop, or even boring. We hope our new header image adds a little pizazz to your daily browsing.

Frst, our resident, freelance artist, created the header to freshen the place up a bit. We think he did a great job - many thanks!

What we really love about running this community is that we get to get feedback and ideas from tons of users. It never ceases to amaze us how creative you guys can be. So keep the Feedback coming, we can't do it without you!

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Even though it is early in the season, this seems like a very important issue to address. As you can tell from browsing the forums for a couple of minutes, and even by Blizzard's own admission, damage is out of control at the moment. What I'd like to do is compile a list of suggestions, examples, and any constructive feedback that you think would help Blizzard address the issue. We will pass it on to them and hopefully our suggestions can help them fix the issue before its too late.

Please post your thoughts in this thread and feel free to link to your blog, other forum posts, etc. We just want to gather as much helpful information as we can so that we can consolidate it and pass it along to Blizzard.

Here is an example of the kind of thing we are looking for. You do 50% less damage and 25% less healing in PvP combat. Special thanks to our mods Duckers and Slappy who came up with the idea. Back to Top

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