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We are very pleased to announce a brand new feature, Recruitment. Quite simply, Recruitment is a place where teams can look for new members and players can look for new teams.

This new tool should makes finding new teams or teammates easier than ever. We have designed it to allow you to easily manage your own recruitment posts as well as filter posts so you only see teams that are right for you.

A few details about it:
  • Recruitment listings expire after a week by default. You can easily refresh your own listings if they are not filling within that time frame.
  • Junkies, members that we have verified to have competed on a 2,000 rated team or above, will have the option of restricting potential team mates to anyone else who has 2k+ experience as well.
  • We fill out lots of the fields with information we already know about your character. You can however change the information to an alt you may have and we will link it to your current Arena Junkies profile.

We will be leaving the recruitment forums open for a few more days so that people can wrap up any unfinished business they may have there. After that everyone will be using the new recruitment system.

We hope everyone finds this to be a useful tool. As always, let us know what you think by replying in this thread.

Enjoy. Back to Top

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Here is the class breakdown for gladiators across the past three seasons. This is the gladiator data we have gathered from the users registered on our site, not the hall of fame. Once the hall of fame includes season three, we will do a more accurate listing. This still should be representative of the whole considering how large of a sample size we have here. Thanks again Pigvomit/Hoove for the request.

Season One Gladiator:
:warlock: Warlock: 88 - 17.96%
:priest: Priest: 69 - 14.08%
:warrior: Warrior: 68 - 13.88%
:paladin: Paladin: 62 - 12.65%
:rogue: Rogue: 56 - 11.43%
:mage: Mage: 50 - 10.20%
:druid: Druid: 37 - 7.55%
:shaman: Shaman: 33 - 6.73%
:hunter: Hunter: 27 - 5.51%

Season Two Gladiator:
:warlock: Warlock: 352 - 16.67%
:priest: Priest: 320 - 15.15%
:warrior: Warrior: 316 - 14.96%
:rogue: Rogue: 311 - 14.73%
:druid: Druid: 215 - 10.18%
:mage: Mage: 195 - 9.23%
:paladin: Paladin: 189 - 8.95%
:shaman: Shaman: 129 - 6.11%
:hunter: Hunter: 85 - 4.02%

Season Three Gladiator:
:rogue: Rogue: 687 - 18.00%
:druid: Druid: 622 - 16.30%
:warrior: Warrior: 592 - 15.51%
:priest: Priest: 489 - 12.81%
:warlock: Warlock: 399 - 10.46%
:mage: Mage: 333 - 8.73%
:shaman: Shaman: 265 - 6.94%
:paladin: Paladin: 216 - 5.66%
:hunter: Hunter: 213 - 5.58%

Gladiator Two of Three Seasons:
:warrior: Warrior: 171 - 16.35%
:rogue: Rogue: 163 - 15.58%
:priest: Priest: 159 - 15.20%
:warlock: Warlock: 158 - 15.11%
:druid: Druid: 107 - 10.23%
:mage: Mage: 101 - 9.66%
:shaman: Shaman: 74 - 7.07%
:paladin: Paladin: 66 - 6.31%
:hunter: Hunter: 47 - 4.49%

Gladiator All Three Seasons:
:warlock: Warlock: 25 - 16.23%
:rogue: Rogue: 24 - 15.58%
:priest: Priest: 22 - 14.29%
:warrior: Warrior: 22 - 14.29%
:paladin: Paladin: 19 - 12.34%
:mage: Mage: 19 - 12.34%
:druid: Druid: 12 - 7.79%
:hunter: Hunter: 6 - 3.90%
:shaman: Shaman: 5 - 3.25% Back to Top

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First, good news, the armory is updating again and the lists are filling out. If your team doesn't show up within 24 hours of it appearing on the armory, please reply in this thread.

Just a few updates and clarification based on the common questions we have received:

1) If you break 2200, and we have it recorded, you will receive max tickets even if you dip below again. So once you have 2200, you can continue to play the team as normal. Don't continue to play until you are sure we have it if you are worried.

2) We have lowered the restriction to > 70% of the games played to be eligible. This should still make sure only the main competitors get credit while relaxing the restriction a bad to take into account DCs, someone leaving, etc. New rule: To be eligible to win you must have competed in at least 70% of the games played, or be within 100 PR. (Exceptions may be made if deemed necessary by the judges, but at least one member must meet the requirements or the team will be throw out under the assumption it has been purchased.)

3) You can be on one team per bracket per character. The caveat being, you can only win one prize.

4) If you participate with someone who competes on another team, we will treat all those members as if they were on one larger team then randomly pick someone within the team to get the prize. Example: Druid + Rogue play, same Druid + Warrior play. Druid + Rogue + Warrior are one team with one entry, and only 2 of the 3 will get a prize. Summary: Don't compete on more than one team in the same bracket.

Any other questions, please feel free to let us know. We are glad to see such great participation and look forward to doing more future events. Back to Top